Top 7 Alternatives to BGMI or PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile 8 Top 7 Alternatives to BGMI or PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile and BGMI were the most popular games in India before they were banned due to regulatory deviations. These games are no longer officially available in India so if you are looking for some alternatives that can offer you a similar kind of gameplay and environment, you can refer to the list given below.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 games that are alternatives to PUBG Mobile or BGMI and they are as follows:


Fortnite is the biggest battle royale game in the world which shifted the focus of the gaming world back in the days when it was launched. This game is quite unique and difficult to play on mobile so if you are looking for a challenge, this game is for you.

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is a very fast-paced game with dynamics similar to PUBG. 49 players drop into a map for a quick match of 10 minutes. Free-Fire is comparable to BGMI and the advanced version of this game, Free Fire MAX, is available in India right now.

COD Mobile

If you are a hardcore first-person shooter (FPS) games lover, you already know about this game. Call of Duty: Mobile was launched on 30th September last year and has been gaining traction with the Indian audience. Its core gameplay is similar to its PC and console counterparts and maybe is a part of your childhood games too.

Rules of Survival

This game is released by Netease and is one of the competitors to PUBG Mobile in the gaming market right now. Although it has a simpler game style, one can enjoy this game in the absence of BGMI.

Knives Out

Knives Out is again a similar game to PUBG Mobile and being made in Japan, one can explore some anime-like features and textures in the game.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a miniature version of Fortnite that is toned down to suit the mobile gaming audience. You can try this game out to explore more possibilities of how a mobile BR can be.

Battlelands Royale

BattleLands Royale is a casual and fun game to play. It is not very complicated, has easy controls, and is short and enjoyable for players looking for a very fast game style. 32 players battle out in a very fast-paced manner and the match ends in 3 to 5 minutes.

These are the seven simple alternatives to PUBG Mobile and BGMI and you can explore the lesser-known games to have a refreshing start to your journey.

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