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  1. EDIT: Regarding my issue of the sound not working, I think I have determined the problem to be using Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer. Whenever I use those programs, and sound plays on the PC with the headset plugged into it, it seems to bypass the headset and sound comes to my PC accessing the remote PC. Going back to my PC with the headset plugged in (and closing CRD and TV completely), that is when no sound comes out and I have to unplug the USB control box and plug it back in for it to start giving sound. I do not intend to stop using either of those programs, so unless I find a fix, I am OK with having to do this. I will not knock a few points from this headset that I already think is an awesome product; as it is an issue with a program and not the headset itself and as such I will change my rating from 4 *’s to 5 *’s. These have also been great for long periods of gaming and streaming. No headaches or sore spots on my head from wearing these, even with glasses on. My voice from my stream and recordings sound great, and playing Alien: Isolation is truly a terrifying thing when these are cranking up the noises and you hear metal clanking from the alien like it is right there above you! Things sound crisp and clear to me, like voices, even in movies and YouTube videos. END EDITI bought these several weeks ago from Amazon Warehouse, thought I would save $5. I know $5 might not seem that much, but having just spent $1400 on new PC parts for my build, every dollar counts! Anyway, I am new to PC gaming, been with consoles for years. I wanted to find a good headset that would give me good sound, good mic, good fit, good build quality, and cheap. I found these actually by accident, as I was searching for Logitech’s headset, initially.Now, these things are awesome… (The following is updated with my edit above) When they function, which to be honest is quite often. However, sometimes when I go to use these, they sometimes stop outputting sound. I go into my playback devices and I see that it is registering them active and that sound is being transmitted, except nothing comes out of the speakers. I have to unplug the USB control box from my PC and plug it back in for them to get back to working. I also have quite a bit of trouble getting these to work consistently with my HTC M8 (more so than with my PC). I sometimes have to reset my phone for these to work and I am not sure why that is. I am not sure if it is these that are just not very compatible, as I have earbuds that work every single time. That leads me to believe that these are defective in some way. It could be that by trying to save $5, these may have just been defective from the start.The mic is pretty good too. I like that it is detachable and flexible enough to get out of the way if I need it to be. You can hear yourself when you speak, you just need to make sure that, in your recording devices, you set it to listen. I really don’t like this though. There is quite a big delay (maybe around 1/2 second) in you talking to hearing yourself from the speakers. The first time I tried this, I gave myself a headache. Just try to talk, expecting to hear your voice, and as you are saying one thing you are hearing what you just said, it gets very confusing for the senses! My speech became confusing, something my brain couldn’t reconcile, which led to my headache (yes, an actual headache!). I am not sure if this is something that is expected when you have to do this, but I would not recommend doing this (of course, your experience may vary). There is a little rubber piece that goes over the exposed port of the mic when you detach it, from the headset, that I see being lost quite quickly. It is a nice touch to be able to cover that port, I just wish that it could have somehow been kept on the headset, so it wouldn’t get lost. I still do have mine, and I keep it in the bag that comes with this headset (more on that below) so maybe I just need to keep it there unless I use these on a trip or something.The fit on these things are one of the best things about this. Very snug, very comfortable and when I have my glasses on, they don’t press those into my head. You can either use the leather ones or the velour. I prefer the velour, they just feel very cozy and warm and plush!The build of these things, to me, do not seem to equate to a $100 price tag. That is a good thing, as these things feel like I am stealing something from Kingston! I would honestly expect to pay quite a bit more for how well these things are built. ‘How can Kingston sell these for what I paid?’ I keep asking myself every time I put them on! They are built with metal along the top, padded underneath to rest comfortably on your head. With several hours of gaming, they don’t feel heavy on my head. The stitching in these things is fantastic, it is a nice detail, that while it may not improve the functionality, it just proves my reasoning of thinking I am stealing something from this company, but I am glad I am not! The cord quality is great, it is braided so it doesn’t tangle or get easily caught on something. The cord is standard length, from the headset to the end, which can plug into many things to be used for listening. However, it is short for having it just plugged into your PC (this is not using the USB control box). If you do use the control box, which I recommend, then it adds a lot of length, letting you sit quite a distance from your machine. The control box has a clip on the back that allows you to attach it to your pants pocket, shirt, anything else, really. This is nice cos now I don’t have to figure out where my controls are when I quickly need to mute, decrease/increase volume/mic, enable/disable 7.1 virtual. So with these things not functioning properly for me at times, I am not sure if it is the control box, or the headset in general (like I said earlier, I have problems getting this to work properly on my phone too. This could all be due to the fact that I ordered from Amazon Warehouse instead of brand new). I need the control box to add the extra length as my PC sits farther away than some might have theirs. The carry bag that comes with this looks to be great quality too. I expect to use it for the first time in a couple days when I go on a trip and bring these along. It is large for these to fit and keep everything that comes with it, all in one space.Now onto the 7.1. I cannot comment on how well this works. Let me give you some background information. I have a hearing disability. 95% of my left ear is not working and I need a hearing aid in my right ear, which is around 70% deaf. I use these things with and without my hearing aid. I cannot use the functionality of the 7.1, which is not that big of a deal for me as I have come to terms with not being able to hear very well in general. It does, however, seem to increase the volume, which sometimes I need when I listen to movies or TV shows on my PC. So read what others have to say about that, I’m sorry I cannot do this in this review. I will say though that these things can get LOUD. Which is why sometimes I use these without my hearing aid. They really do deliver a lot of sound to my ear that works. There is an audible tone when you push the controls and it is different when you reach the max and minimum. This is a nice touch as well.Finally. I am writing this review for the product I purchased from Amazon Warehouse a couple of weeks ago. Last night (3/24/15) I initiated a return for these. Do you want know what I did after that? I purchased a brand new set of these, for the original price I was trying to avoid weeks ago! That should tell you what I think of them, flaws and all, that I actually want these again. If the new pair doesn’t work correctly, or like these things did, yes I will be disappointed, but it will be a minor issue for me because all of the other benefits of these things! Plus, having looked over the reviews, I see quite often that Kingston will reach out to those who aren’t satisfied with this and offer help. Not many companies care once they have your money. But when I see a company go this far for those who buy their products, being a small business owner myself, I greatly appreciate this large company for acting the way they do, even if the issue isn’t resolved. It speaks volumes to those who love the products of a company and to those who may not be aware of what a company offers. But offering great customer service is another great feature of this product, and one you may not find from many others.Now keep in mind, all of these things are coming from someone who just got into PC gaming, there may be others out there, others that are better, cheaper, more expensive, whatever… But I am glad I stumbled on these when I did, cos I don’t really want to go to another product, I love these things!One last thing, Amazon is amazing! I contacted them about these and when I order the new pair last night, they offered one day shipping free! There are a lot of bad companies out there, but Kingston and Amazon are among the elite in my opinion!

  2. UPDATE (03/16/17): I ended up giving my pair of Cloud II’s to my son for his birthday. I now had to make a decision whether to purchase another pair of Cloud II’s or try something else. SO, I ended up buying the Beyerdynamic DT770, Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. I bought all four from Amazon and sat down and tested all of them over a period of 4 months. First off, what I love in headphones is a full sounding, deep bass and some ambient surround sound. I like hearing the boom of a grenade or thump of a stealth take-down of a long-neck in Horizon Zero Dawn.First off, Don’t believe in the 7.1 surround sound hype you get from any “GAMING” headphones under $200. I have now tried 3 different actual gaming headsets and all of them gave the directional sound but at a cost… These gaming headphones that declare 7.1 surround achieve this by diminishing the sound levels of other ambient sounds. I’m not a audiophile or pro so bare with me… The Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds all sounded tinny and the mid-range seemed distant. It hyped up the surround but in order to achieve that it lowered the other sounds to make it happen, including bass. For example, in Horizon Zero Dawn, when Aloy shoots an arrow it sounds like it’s far away, when it shouldn’t because she’s directly in front of you and if you shot off that arrow it should sound like the release happened in your face. It doesn’t. It sounds like your Aloy let go of the bow about 20 yards from where you are standing. If that makes sense. YES, the gaming headphones with 7.1 do give you directional but it just lowers everything else. Which is why I assume pro gamers love them because they want to hear if someone is sneaking up on them.FOR ME though… I’m not a pro gamer. I want bass, a thud. I want a overall strong sound that makes me feel like I’m right there. SO, I did more research online and youtube and came across the Beyerdynamic DT770’s. They are not gaming headphones but many claim the bass is awesome and the sound in games is even better. I just received these today and within 30 minutes I packaged them back up and returning them. Although, I will give them this much. The directional sound was WAY better than any gaming headphones, Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. No joke, the directional sound was dead on with these. The low bass was also good but wasn’t enough and the mid-range sounded distant just like the Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. If you want directional sound that mimicks 7.1, with a low bass that isn’t overwhelming I would buy the Beyerdynamic’s.SO saying all of that. I know this sounds funny but I’m basing this all down to shooting an arrow. I switched back and forth between the Beyer’s and the Clouds II’s in Horizon Zero Dawn. I would shoot an arrow at a grazer (metal animal) and the Cloud II’s sounded like I shot that arrow from my shoulder next to my ear. It also enough bass to where you felt like you actually shot an arrow. The Beyer’s and the Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds all felt Aloy (character in game) was 20 yards away shooting an arrow. Only way I know how to describe it. The Cloud II’s also have way more base then the one’s I’ve mentioned. It’s punchy and you feel it. Felt good when I slammed the ground with my spear. The Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds and Beyer all felt weak. When I slammed the ground with my spear it again, felt distant. Not really immersive.I stood on top of a Long Neck. When a Long Neck walks around the map it’s feet create a ground thump that should sound heavy. SO I stood on top of a Long Neck and switched back and forth between the Beyer and Cloud II’s. The Beyer again felt like the sounds were distant and didn’t feel the Long Neck walking very much. The Cloud II’s at the same sound level I could feel the Long Neck walking, it felt like I was right there on top of the Long Neck and could feel every step it took.Also, the Cloud II’s do have directional sound … So if you walk up to someone talking and swing your camera around in a 360, the voice will swing around your head as it should. Is it true surround, no. Does it do the trick, yet. Now in the Beyer and Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds, the surround does sound more ambient and sounds around you but again, it diminishes the bass and mid-range it feels like.So saying all that, I’m a casual gamer that wants good bass, I want to feel like I get hit rather than hear someone walking up behind me. I want to feel the game. The Cloud II’s in my opinion after trying all the headphones are awesome. I can honestly say that and feel comfortable suggesting you pick up a pair over any other’s I’ve suggested. They really are good.I can also attest to the 7.1 feature the Cloud II’s do provide with the packaging. You can plug it into your PS4 and your controller and I can honestly say it does provide 7.1 BUT it then turns into the Beyer and Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds and diminishes the mid-range and bass.I don’t plug my Cloud II’s into my controller. I purchased a two speaker with sub-woofer sound system for my desk that comes with a volume control and headphone output. I plug my Cloud II’s into this setup which allows me to turn it up as loud as I want and in a way acts as a amp to push out even more bass and volume. You can’t get that by just plugging into the PS4 controller, it can only pump out so much volume and your maxed out. Not very loud going directly through the controller.By a desktop sound system with subwoofer and volume control with headphone output…. Trust me it changes the sound output and bass levels.SO there’s my updated review. Other’s will probably disagree with my review but this is COMING from someone who doesn’t need 7.1 or games heavily online in COD or Battlefield 1. I love games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us, Dying Light, Metal Gear Solid 5, Just Cause 3, Nioh, Dark Souls, BloodBorne, Evil Within, Dishonored, etc. I should also mention I’ve also owned the X12’s, PX24’s.Previous Review: OKAY, SO FINALLY, after buying the X12, PX24, TB 500p, Sony Gold Wireless and returning all of them, I purchased the Cloud II. Before I bought the Cloud II, I was almost going to settle with the X12’s or PX24. The 500p and Gold Wireless you’d think are superior BUT THEY ARE NOT. The surround sound on the expensive gamer headphones are just a gimick. Most of the surround sound gamer headphones are made for gamers who primarily play FPS. It tones down quite a few sounds including bass and other environmental sounds to pump up footsteps and reloads. This allows the FPS gamer to hear what’s around him. Sounds cool, YEA BUT, again, it drowns out other sounds to make that possible.Saying that, I’m a casual gamer and I love bass. I love feeling the thump of the explosions and gun fire. The 500p and Gold Wireless sucked at this. IN fact, the 500p did have good bass but ONLY when I switched it to the mode called, “Bass & Treble”. Great right? NO, because that’s basically what the X12’s and PX24’s do. Even the x12’s simulate surround sound. I’ve had a pair of x12’s for 5 years and I can honestly say they simulated surround just as good as the 500p and Gold’s but kept the bass and overall depth of sound. More balanced.This is where the Cloud II comes in… Very skeptical and was almost ready to return them before I got them. Was just tired of buying and returning. Before I begin, a few disclaimers… 1. I game on a PS4 and I don’t plug my headphones into my controller or through USB. I actually bought a device online that allows me to plug in my toslink directly from the output on the PS4 to the adapter which is where I plug my headphones into. This gives it way more depth and power then plugging into the controller or via USB on the front of the console.2. The 7.1 on this particular headset doesn’t really work with PS4. Saying that, it actually works but doesn’t. Bare with me on this… In order to get it to work, you have to plug it into the front of the PS4 via a USB. Then you plug the headset into the 7.1 mixer. I tried it with and without and quite honestly it sound MUCH better without the 7.1. Mainly because the 7.1 mixer is designed for PC and MAC. It wasn’t designed to use with the PS4 even though you can get it to turn on. SO, I actually don’t use the 7.1 mixer. I put it back in the box.3. DONT plug the headset into your controller or via the USB. A lot of people don’t realize they can buy a very cheap setup that allows you to use the toslink which pumps out the 7.1. I’ll do my best to link my set up below. I’ve been using it for years and won’t go back. Only because when I plug these into the controller it loses something, can’t put a finger on it but it doesn’t sound as good. Same with using the mixer.I highly recommend the Cloud II. It has really good deep base, the mid’s are clear and sharp and the high’s as well. It’s a very well balanced sound, as well as, it does simulate surround sound even without the 7.1. I switched back and forth between the Gold’s and these while playing NO Man’s Sky, Dying Light, Dark Souls 3, BloodBorne, Just Cause 3 and these really sounded good and very good balance of sound.Best part, I own a Nvidia Shield and plug the headset into the controller that comes with the shield and watched a couple movies with it and it blew me away. Awesome sound and even simulated surround sound.FINALLY satisfied with a headphone purchase after using my x12’s for 5 years. Both my sons are sold on them as well comparing them to other headsets they’ve owned. Worth the purchase in my opinion.OH, they are comfortable!!! Although, be aware… It comes with a leather or fake leather material and it comes with a replacement that is cloth. I noticed a huge difference in sound when I used the leather over the cloth. Mainly because the leather is air tight and keeps all the sound in and out. The cloth I noticed I could hear outside sound more and it leaked the sound coming from the headphones. Wasn’t a big deal but the bass felt deeper and stronger with the leather padding. Both are awesome and sound good though.USE THIS DEVICE to hook up your headphones using the Toslink output on the PS4. I’ve used these for the past 3-5 years and they work great and pump out way better sound then plugging into the controller or using the USB on the front of the PS4. A lot of people don’t realize you can use this with any headphones whether they are made for Xbox or PS4 or PC. It’s makes it to where you can use any headphone and uses the Dolby surround from Toslink.PORTTA PETDTAP DIGITAL COAX AND OPTICAL TOSLINK TO ANALOG AUDIO CONVERTER: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005DIRI6I/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  3. Erst einmal vorweg: Ich habe jetzt über 15 Jahre Erfahrung was Headsets angeht (Privat) und war lange Zeit in einem Computer-Fachhandel tätig.Ich habe verschiedenste Produkte aus den verschiedensten Häusern (Logitech, Roccat, Teufel, Sennheiser oder günstigere Marken wie Hama, Trust, ASUS, Speedlink etc. getestet).Nun bin ich kein Experte was Musik angeht, da ich selber nur höre anstatt zu produzieren, doch ich denke, dass ich mit meiner Erfahrung und meinem Wissen einiges berichten kann.Mein vorheriges Headset war das Logitech G230, welches einige Mängel hatte. Vor diesem hatte ich das Logitech G930, welches mein persönliches Highlight war.Kurzfassung:Wer ein Headset sucht, welches möglichst lange angenehm auf dem Kopf liegt und zudem eine gute Mikrofon- und Klangqualität bietet, ist mit dem Kingston HyperX Cloud II BESTENS beraten!Hinzu kommt ein klasse Lieferumfang und eine überzeugende Verarbeitung sowie Haptik.Was nicht 100%ig überzeugt, ist das 7.1 System… Warum? Weil es eine günstige und einfache Lösung ist, welche nicht in allen Bereichen überzeugt. Dazu weiter unten mehr.Warum habe ich mir ausgerechnet dieses Headset zugelegt?Das Headset hat tolle Bewertungen bekommen, sowohl von Nutzern als auch von Experten. Es bot genau das, was ich suche und brauche – nicht mehr und nicht weniger! Ich brauche aufgrund meiner Arbeit sowie Freizeitbeschäftigungen ein Headset, welches ich stundenlang auf dem Kopf tragen kann, ohne dass es lästig wird. Außerdem sollte es ein vernünftiges Mikrofon besitzen, welches nicht starr ist, sondern sich bewegen lässt und zudem unabhängig von den Windows-Einstellungen Geräusche wie Wind, Atmen, leichtes räuspern etc. filtert.Das klappt wunderbar! Sollte man dennoch nicht zufrieden sein, lassen sich in den Windows-Soundeinstellungen weitere Einstellungen vornehmen – in meinem Fall brauchte ich das gar nicht!7.1 war kein Muss, jedoch ein brauchbares Feature in Videospielen.Ansonsten sollte die Verarbeitung vernünftig sein und nicht alles aus Kunststoff.Verarbeitung, Optik & Haptik:Anders als man vielleicht auf den ersten Blick vermutet, ist das Headset nicht vollständig aus Metall. Nur die Halter und das ovale Emblem an den Seiten der Hörer sind aus Metall, der Rest ist auf Stoff, Kunststoff oder Kunstleder. Das bedeutet, dass auch der Bügel aus Kunststoff ist, das sieht man zwar nicht, aber man hört / fühlt es, wenn man den Hügel leicht biegt – da besteht also Bruchgefahr!Abgesehen davon fühlt sich das Headset extrem hochwertig an, liegt gut an und sieht gut aus! Die Ohrmuscheln sind aus Leder, es liegt aber auch ein Paar aus Stoff bei – sehr angenehm. Man kann es locker mehrere Stunden am Stück tragen.Der Kunststoff ist nicht minderwertig, fühlt sich auch gut an. Es ist diese “samtige” Art von Kunststoff, wie man ihn auch unter anderem von Computer-Mäusen kennt. Nichts knackt, nichts knarzt, nichts wackelt – so wie es sein muss!Das Mikrofon ist optional und muss nicht zwingen angeschlossen sein, lässt sich einfach in die gewünschte Position biegen und ist mit Stoff ummantelt. Das Kabel ist extrem lang, ebenfalls mit Stoff ummantelt und ziemlich dick, dadurch robust.Features, Tasten etc.Das Headset hat am Kabel wie nahezu jedes Headset ein kleines Bedienelement. In diesem Fall ist es gar nicht so klein und bietet praktische Möglichkeiten. So lassen sich Lautstärke sowie Mikrofon-Pegel lauter oder leiser stellen, an der Seite ist ein kleiner Schalter zum muten (Mikrofon aus) und auch das bereits erwähnte 7.1 lässt sich hier an und ausschalten – das funktioniert schnell und ohne Probleme. Natürlich ist auch eine kleine Klemme an dem Bedienelement z.B. für das T-Shirt.Das Headset selbst hat weder Tasten noch Beleuchtung, lässt sich aber beliebig in der Größe einstellen.Mikrofon lässt sich wie schon geschrieben abnehmen. Ohrmuscheln ebenfalls zum Reinigen oder Austauschen.Sound- und Mikrofonqualität:Der wohl wichtigste Punkt für die Meisten.Man muss bei diesem Headset zwischen Stereo und 7.1 unterscheiden. Da 7.1 hier nur simuliert wird, kann man natürlich keine unglaublichen Tonerlebnisse wie im Studio erwarten. Allerdings war ich doch überrascht… 7.1 kommt besonders in Videospielen (wofür es in diesem Falle ja auch gedacht ist) zur Geltung und verleiht bestimmten Musik-Richtungen wie Electro, House, Techno etc. und in vielen Fällen auch Rock & Metal einen neuen, positiven Klang! Manche Lieder klingen mit eingeschaltetem 7.1 tatsächlich besser. Andere Songs, besonders ältere oder von minderer Qualität (Aufnahme) klingen hingegen schlecht, kratzig oder der Gesang ist einfach zu leise und nahezu unhörbar.Da man 7.1 einfach hin- und herschalten kann, hat man aber viele Möglichkeiten zu variieren.Insgesamt ist der Sound sowohl bei Musik als auch in Videospielen sehr gut, Bass ist sehr angenehm und die Höhen und Tiefen sind meinen Ohren nach optimal. Natürlich kann man auch hier wieder in den Einstellungen rumspielen.Das Mikrofon filtert wie erhofft alle unerwünschten Geräusche, sitze gerade im Sommer neben einem Ventilator – davon bekommen die Gesprächspartner nichts mit. Die Qualität ist überdurchschnittlich gut. Wer z.B. ein RØDE Mikrofon besitzt, kann dank des abnehmbaren Mikrofons dieses benutzen.Lieferumfang & Verpackung:Über den Lieferumfang hatte ich mich nicht informiert, einfach weil es mir nicht wichtig war. Doch auch hier wurde ich abermals positiv überrascht!Die Verpackung ist unglaublich hochwertig, besonders wenn man die dünne Umverpackung abmacht. Kann man sich sogar ins Regal stellen! ;-)Neben dem Headset bekommen wir außerdem 1 Paar Ohrpolster, 1 Tasche, ein Adapter (siehe Bilder) und den üblichen Papierkram.Viel Inhalt für dieses Budget! Zudem sind alle Teile, besonders die Tasche extrem hochwertig und stinken nicht chemisch.Fazit:Ein für 60-70€ unglaublich gutes und hochwertiges Headset aus dem Hause Kingston. Ja, Kingston. Nicht Logitech und Co.Mit viel Lieferumfang und toller Qualität. Kleinen Mängeln, über die man hinwegsehen kann oder für die man eine Lösung findet!

  4. Créanme cuando les digo que pasé medio día viendo top 5 y reviews de MUCHOS audífonos gamer, pero no me ayudó a decidir bien cuál escoger, porque las opiniones estaban muy parejas y por muy pequeños detalles ganaban unos.De repente me encontré con una review de estos Audífonos, quedé impresionado (No soy fan de corsair, es mi primer producto de ellos). Tiene todo lo que los demás audífonos tenían y lo que les faltaba! aparte llegaron mucho antes de lo esperado. Aquí el resumen para que no tengan que perder tiempo viendo videos.-Sonido 7.1-Tienen esponja con memoria en los oídos-Tienen Luces RGB personalizable en el micro y en los costados (le añade algo en el estilo)-Su micrófono suena profesional (Mucho más con el modo alámbrico), claro y con tonos bien ajustados-Tiene modo inalámbrico y alámbrico (con cables) Y ES LO MEJOR, inalámbrico suena perfecto todo, pude ir al baño sin que se corte la señal, buena calidad de microfono, repito, muy buena (en comparación a microfonos de audifonos el mismo precio, o incluso más caros)-El modo alámbrico mejora el audio en más del doble (40000 hertz a 96000, aunque es poca la diferencia cuando lo escuchas), también mejora el microfono, tiene cable para celular también (aunque no tienen bluetooth)-MUY cómodos y estables (no se te caen)-Se puede quitar el micrófono-Botones útiles en los costados-Ecualizador (en el software iCue)-Batería de 20 horas (en lo que lo he usado no se me ha descargado usándolos, los dejo cargando en la noche)El sistema no es lo mejor, y tiene algunos bugs con windows y el software, pero eso se resuelve fácilmente (al menos yo si lo resolví)Valen mucho, pero sinceramente valen cada maldito centavo, es el mejor headset que puedes comprar al mismo o ligeramente mayor precio. Las únicas quejas que he visto son de software, fuera de eso, no te vas a quejar.Es una reseña personal pero basado en MUCHAS opiniones, así que yo creo que vale la pena comprarlos

  5. Firstly, I AM an audiophile (at least, your crowd would consider me to be). I have owned several pairs of really good headphones, my favorite being a pair of $300 Argon modded T50RPs. And I think this headset is really good for the price. I have this review organized into different parts, so you can just to a particular section if you want, but I recommend reading the entire review (not just for mine, but for all reviews).-PACKAGING AND STUFF-The headphone comes in a foam sleeve for protection, which you can just slip off. It comes with two cables, a longer braided cable with a volume wheel and a mic mute button, and a slightly shorter rubber cable with a button meant for phone use. It also comes with a y-splitter which is for compatibility purposes with some PCs, but you won’t be using this because you’ll be using the USB dongle it comes with to use that Blue Voice technology. It also comes with a very nice carrying bag made with a similar material to some sweat pants, and an alternate pair of velour ear pads (velour is a soft and breathable material).-BUILD/COMFORT/ISOLATION-This headphone is really well built, with hard plastic cups and a metal headband covered with pleather. The cups also have a protruding machined metal circular G logo that reflect in the light, which you’ll either love or hate. The headband could use a bit softer padding, but it isn’t terrible. The ear pads fit over my ears perfectly, and seal very well. The good seal comes from the tighter clamping force of this headphone. Clamping force is just how tight the headphone is on you, and the nice thing about having a metal headband is that you can always bend the top of the headband back a few times to alleviate the clamping force (while still being careful) if it’s too tight and uncomfortable for you. The pads are soft and thick enough to provide standard comfort for us audio nerds, but if you’re used to crappy and uncomfortable headphones then this will be a a godsend for you. A quick note about the “noise cancelling” Amazon is asking me to review: this are not noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling (also called active noise cancelling, ANC) is when the headphones emit a frequency that tries to negate long and consistent sounds, such as airplane noise. These do have fantastic noise isolation, which is when the headphones have such a good seal that it’s harder to hear outside noises, even with nothing’s playing. That’s why I gave the “Noise Cancelling” 3 stars, because that’s not what this has.-MIC-To be clear; I’m a headphone guy, not a mic guy. That being said, while this definitely won’t compare to an expensive $150+ XLR mic setup, the mic on this headphone sounds really good, and I can’t imagine any headset around this price having as good of a mic. At least, that’s what I got from all of the comparison videos and reviews I watched before buying these. But where this shines is the software, allowing you to tweak the sound of your mic on the Logitech G Hub software. Like many others, I personally like the preset “Broadcaster 2”, but there are other presets too, including ones for people with high pitched loud voices or high pitched soft voices (as well as low pitched voice equivalents). Basically, there are a lot of presets to choose from and you can further tweak the settings if you want, creating the best sound profile for your voice.-SOUND QUALITY-REALLY good for the price. The sound overall is smoother and more natural than a pair of $150 headphones I own (AKG K552 MK2). While I have’t tested the sound extensively and compared it to all of my headphones, from what I can tell the sound signature is mostly neutral. This means that you won’t have higher or lower frequencies that are much louder than others (Beats headphones, for example, have much louder bass than everything else). This is generally good in a headphone, but if you wanted to boost the bass (or any other frequency) you can change the EQ in the G Hub Software. The soundstage isn’t very big, which means that it sounds like everything is in a small room with you rather than a few rows back in a concert hall like it would if there was a big soundstage. While most people would prefer having a large soundstage when playing games, it really comes down to personal preference. The stereo imaging is very good on these headphones too. Nothing game changing or absolutely amazing, but it does what it’s supposed to and doesn’t have any weird quirks like a pair of headphones I listened to at one point.This is really important though: please don’t click “Enable Surround Sound” in the G Hub Software. This enables virtual surround sound, which doesn’t really do anything when it comes to positional audio, but it does decrease audio quality by a little bit. Virtual surround sound is basically a scam, even the ones that do change the sound only over-exaggerate the imaging to unrealistic proportions, and will require you to get used to the new exaggerated sound. Games already have their own positional audio system, and exaggeration done by software is an alteration not intended by the sound team for that game. Headphones with “real” surround sound that have multiple drivers per cup will pretty much always sound worse compared to similarly priced headphones with one driver per cup (stereo headphones), because each driver will be and sound cheaper, and doesn’t help positional audio because they’re all in the same cup anyways. Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.

  6. So I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying out the Arctis Pro and now the Arctis Pro Wireless. Here’s how it went.Major Points:- Audio’s good after some tuning.- Microphone is clear and excellent.- Management software doesn’t feel sluggish.- Build quality is world-class.- Not intended for large heads, but can be adjusted.- Some inconsequential hardware choices are weird.First comment is that the overall elastic / steel band is not super friendly to very large noggins. On both headsets, I’ve had to flex the band pretty heavily outward to get it to not pinch me to death (in addition to obviously adjusting the velcro patch on the band to barely grabbing on by a single hook or two). On the bright side, the build quality is fantastic — on both Arctis Pros, the build feels and looks sturdy. Even the base stations are made of quality components, nothing feels flimsy or thrown together.The audio quality out of the box is just meh. After adjusting the settings in the SteelSeries Engine, the audio gets MUCH better — I tend to listen to music a lot, and while I wouldn’t use these as studio monitors, they are more than acceptable.Regardless of interesting marketing points regarding Hi-Res audio, the audio configuration I settled on was a Cinema “surround profile” with a custom equalizer setting that that amps the high end and reduces the low-mid (2, -4, 2, 2, 8 if you want to know), along with Low dialogue enhancement and no bass enhancement. Interestingly and strangely, on either setting, the Stereo Profile caused substantial signal clipping (that fuzzy sound at the top and bottom of the range…there’s a more technical explanation, but I’ll refrain) not present on the default setting. I would not recommend enabling this setting.As a final point on the cross-cutting management software — the SteelSeries Engine 3 — it is the least ornate and shiny software I’ve used from a major gaming hardware manufacturer. However, it is also the least sluggish and buggy. I will gladly trade ornamentation for crisp functionality, which really seems to be a theme of the overall headset series. I like it.Initially I thought the “Arctis Pro” was itself RF wireless (a la G930/G950 — I am replacing the G935s) while the “Arctis Pro Wireless” added bluetooth. This is incorrect. The “Arctis Pro” is *only* a USB or 3.5mm (and another proprietary cable) wired headset. “Arctis Pro Wireless” has both whatever RF proprietary standard SteelSeries uses, Bluetooth, and *also* the potential to be a wired headset for some consoles and handhelds. Curse of reading too fast, I suppose. Whatever, made a mistake, I’ll give the wired headset a fair shot, and here’s what I learned.Two major observations came from trialing the wired headset (the just “Arctis Pro”).First, the connector between the base station and the headset itself is proprietary. It most closely resembles a USB Mini-b 4-pin, but it’s more rounded instead of chamfered. This is strange, because the plug itself is certainly of a size that could accept a micro- or C-type USB connector. This persists on the wireless model for the mobile audio cable. Y’all. It’s 2020. Get with it. This is a premium headset, we don’t do funky connectors.Second, The rubberized cable connecting to the base station both feels really bad under my arms or touching anything, and also has a tendency to coil up into something a third its overall length. This leaves you slowly leaning further and further towards wherever your base station is. Who needs good posture?Last comment is that the Pro _Wireless_ base station uses a USB Mini-b 5-pin connector (the one with the squashed-T cross-section), which I haven’t seen in…a while now. Not sure why they didn’t use the vastly more common Micro-USB B connector, which also has 5 pins? Maybe the proprietary connector actually is Mini-b 4-pin? Who knows? Not consequential for operation, just an interesting hardware choice.Wireless is largely the same as the wired headset. I enjoy the swappable battery approach, and the audio quality is consistent with the quality from the wired headset. No blinking lights, which doesn’t particularly matter, but some folks really enjoy the lights, so there’s that.Note: For some reason, Amazon is asking me how this headset does for noise cancellation. It does no noise cancellation at all. If you want noise cancellation, get the Sony bluetooth headset.

  7. **Please note that this review is for PS4 users; I’m not sure of the headset’s quality/specifics for PC or Xbox.**I work in the TV industry, so I’ve worked a lot with audio and sound design — I mention that because I’ve used a large variety of $200+ high-end headphones from leading manufacturers (e.g. Bose, Sony, JBL, Jabra, etc.), and for the price, I have to say this is a really solid, decently comparable headset. I can’t speak in comparison towards pro gaming headsets like Turtle Beach or SteelSeries, but for any average person/gamer, these really do the job.If you’re a bit of an audiophile like me, you won’t be in love with the sound quality because it is a little lacking in the mids and lower ends, but again, if you’re just a casual gamer, these are a 10/10. For anyone who’s big into really crisp, high quality sound, I’d put it at around a 7/10. Still, some cheap headphones I’ve used which are clearly China-made have had that annoyingly thin, tinny sound, and this does not have that whatsoever. Just impressive all around for the price.The headset is easy to connect; the cable does split in two, but you just need to plug the jack right into the controller port. Activating the lights is a bit weird in my opinion, as it only lights up via a USB cable (hence the split cable) so you’ll need to plug it into the actual PS4 console to activate the lights, which is a slight inconvenience. But if you want to keep it plugged in, the lights work great for me; I’ve had it for a little over a month now with no hiccups. Like others have mentioned, the cable is also quite long and can get tangled if you don’t manage it, but it comes with a little velcro strap – just wind up the cable neatly in a circle to make it shorter and then tie it off with the velcro, and it shouldn’t be as much of a bother anymore.As for the mic, it seems to sound just fine. I played some multiplayer games with friends from all around the U.S., and they could all hear me well with no annoying interference like some have mentioned (could be a different story for PC or Xbox though). It’s not -super- crisp audio, but again, that might just be because I’m a little bit of an audiophile haha. I tested it in the PS4 microphone testing menu, and it sounded clear enough. I like that you can also turn the mic on and off with a switch right on the cable, as well as bend it closer or further from your mouth.Comfort-wise, these are equally impressive. The ear cushion is soft enough that I can play for hours on end without any ear ache, and that’s a huge plus. I’ve had problems with that even for high end headphones, so that’s saying something.My only real criticisms are that the headset is a little on the big and bulky side (and I think I have a big head, so that’s saying something, but it seems like most gaming headsets are bulky anyway), the build is clearly just basic plastic (not flimsy or anything, just a little less solid than professional grade material), and the noise cancelling is… well, subpar — to be honest, it really only slightly muffles background noise — but all in all, those weren’t things that bothered me so much that I felt like I needed to shave a star off.TL;DR: If you’re a casual gamer who needs a solid headset for a -really- decent price, these are a no brainer.

  8. I have owned the Corsair Virtuoso headset for over 6 months. Previously, I owned a G935 and made a G935 review after having many issues with it. However, I was left feeling like I wanted more, and I decided to double down on my efforts for finding a headset that suits me. Anything the G935 did, it just feels like the Corsair Virtuoso did better. And I’ve owned many wireless headsets, including, but not limited to: Steelseries Arctis 7, G935, Stealth 520, Sony Gold, Elite 800, and some other wired headsets. Before I officially start this review, I want to say this headset beats all of them. For now, I will be comparing the Virtuoso to more relevant competition like the Arctis 7 and the G935.First of all, I want to target what I do NOT like about the headset, as I find that is usually more useful to most people than hearing about how good it is. This headset deserves the 5 star review I gave it, despite the problems I’ve had.Software and the iCue service: iCue is the software Corsair uses for all of their products, and it’s… better than most softwares, I suppose. Certainly better than G-Hub. I find that in very specific cases the software does not meet my needs and almost always the answer to fixing the problem is to restart my PC. I’m sure you can understand how frustrating that can be.A full list of problems I’ve encountered:If the headset runs out of charge, the software will not recognize the headset’s wireless feature again until you restart the PC. Sorry, there is no fix for this, however it is not a consistent problem.Discord doesn’t play nice with this headset, despite being a Discord verified headset. Ironic, however I have found that the discord app noises (ex, joining a call, or muting yourself through discord) all have a distinct delay to the sound ques they make. Also, when reconnecting the device, Discord also doesn’t recognize the device and switch to it, you must do that manually. (this is an ongoing issue)If you go out of range, there is no guarantee the headset will reconnect unless you reset the headset.Sometimes, while charging the headset and using the wireless function, the device will randomly tell you it is charging, sometimes twice in a row. I do not disconnect the charging cable and it isn’t loose.The mute button sometimes does not work. And sometimes I have muted myself, the light on the microphone turned red, and people could still hear me.Now onto good things.Sound: The sound on this headset is, without a doubt, among the best. And I get the clearest and fullest sounds from my games. I’d say this more neutral sounding than the G935 (G935 is more bass heavy) and on par with how good the Arctis 7 sounds. The surround sound is full, and is what I use day to day as I have become accustomed to how surround sound sounds from other headsets. The presets of sound profiles make a difference, and I appreciate them, however I do not use them and keep the default sound on, as it sounds the most natural.Battery: I do not use the RGB on the headset, so the battery easily lasts over 20 hours. The charge times are quick, too, using a USB-C cable you also don’t have to worry about which way the USB is plugging in and you can easily plug in the headset while it’s on your head. I do find the charge port to be in a bit of a peculiar position, as it is more facing your left shoulder than straight down. Unsure if that was an oversight or there wasn’t enough room on the headset to accommodate the charging port to be there. Either way, a very minor issue.Comfort: This is the biggest indicator for myself of whether or not I like a headset, as I do not find this to be the absolute best comfort headphones, those would have to go for the G935, I do have to say they are quite comfortable, and seemingly can fit a lot of head sizes with the adjustable earmuffs. The leatherette feels good, and has yet to see any sign of deterioration yet. I do have to say, on occasion I do have to adjust them on my head as it can get a bit awkward on the same place of my ears, but I do not find it annoying by any means. I would suggest these over the older models of the Arctis 7.Microphone: Easily one of the best sounding headset microphones. I have had people ask me if I was using something like a Blue Yeti or another type of high end microphone. For the price point, I would expect a good microphone, and the Virtuoso delivers. The microphone sidetone is handled well, for those who like to hear themselves when they talk. It can be adjusted and turned off and on. Also, the microphone is removable, and as a non gaming headset, this headset looks like it would fit the bill. The microphone is also very good at removing any unwanted sound while also consistently delivering what you want it to communicate. Very impressive, I’ve yet to see it done this well by any other headset.Durability: Metal, finally a headset that uses metal in places where the headset is most prone to fail. I’m not just talking metal in the bands, I’m talking metal where the bands meet the cups, too. The headset feels premium, like it’s meant to last many, many years. And with this type of durability and a removable microphone in case your current microphone breaks, this headset definitely seems to have been built with some longevity in mind. If you want a headset just for durability alone, I cannot recommend this headset enough.Controls: There is a switch that isn’t exactly like an on and off switch. It’s a USB or Wireless switch. You can imagine how sometimes this might be annoying, but it works very well, surprisingly. There is a 3.5mm jack, for when you need that. USB-C charging port. Volume scroller that feels very secure. And a mute button on the removable microphone itself. The headset is also adjustable to fit your head.Conclusion: I do my research on headsets, and I can say the Corsair Virtuoso is among the best. In the upper echelon of gaming headsets, the competition gets fierce, and the prices get high. I want to call this headset no compromise, but the software would need to be better for it to be called that in my book. And maybe the battery could be longer. But this headset carries the torch for many other headsets to strive to be as good as it. If you’re thinking about spending this much money on a headset, you already know you want a headset that is going to do everything, and this is there.

  9. Good set of headphones sound is nice and you hear everything, I feel that at the moment of writing the i am yet to find any Negative go write about them.

  10. Using it for work and videos online. Works well and it does cancel noise around you pretty well. Good quality sound and little fancy with the lights on each side.

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    Leandro Nascimento 12/21/2020 at 12:00 am

    Perfeito para jogos, não recomendo pra sair com ele ouvindo música no dia a dia. A qualidade de áudio é ótima mas o microfone não é removível, então se você não quiser sair na rua igual o Galvão Bueno, use apenas pra jogos, a estrutura não é tão frágil quanto parece, se você não for um ogro. Vai servir perfeitamente. Qualidade e custo benefício.

  12. It is a great product however beware that I does not seem to work on xbox as it has a usb port and even with an adapter I does not seem to work. However it is a good pair of high quality headphones. The padding around the ears is soft and blocks most sounds but not all. The microphone works great and the audio quality is pristine. Definitely would reccomend

  13. Update 5 months after having returned the Arctis 9, and using the Arctis Pro. The Arctis Pro has proved to be more reliable – still working with no issues. If you can tolerate the higher price and the disadvantages I listed below, I would recommend the Arctis Pro instead of the Arctis 9.1 further update to the disadvantage list for the arctis pro, is that it does have a major issue in the firmware that makes the bluetooth volume mute then increase whenever your phone switches audio device (eg. Changing from Music to phone call). Some apps that don’t keep the audio running (Duolingo as an example) are basically unusable. I had a lengthy exchange with Steelseries and they passed it to the dev team but they have yet to confirm they will address it. I therefore cannot recommend the Pro for people who use bluetooth. If you plan to use bluetooth a lot I would suggest trying the Arctis 9 and hope that your set is more reliable than mine. Or look to another brand.——–Update after 5 months (Feb):I’ve lowered the rating from 4/5 to 3/5For the following reasons:- with further use, I liked the headphones more and more, so I would’ve put the score up if it wasn’t for the next points. I just generally found they were really useful for my life, so I would take them everywhere – using them at home and at work. I found myself using the dual wireless/bluetooth input all the time.- In the past 5 months, I’ve had 2 units fail.– The first one, it was a mechanical failure of the power button. It stopped making the click sound when you press it, and also apparently stopped making electrical contact. As a result I was unable to switch the headphones on. I returned them to Amazon for a replacement (that experience was very good, I had my replacement the next day).– The 2nd one failed in 2 ways. Firstly, it stopped switching on – instead flashing red as if the battery was flat. If I plugged it in then it would switch on, but it was a struggle to get it to pair with the dongle. If I unplugged the power, then it would unpair and switch off immediately. HOWEVER. If I switch it on and then connect with bluetooth, it would pair fine and I could unplug the power and use it as normal. Also, while connected to bluetooth, it was seemingly impossible to pair with the PC. The 2nd failure was a mechanical failure, whereby one of the ear cups became detached from the headband. I’m again returning it to Amazon, though this time they only offered a refund.Despite the 2 failures, I was seriously considering giving these headphones another try, as I really love them and they generally review well and there wasn’t an obvious alternative at a similar price point. In the end I decided it would be better to try another set, so topped up the refund money and got the Arctis Wireless Pro headphones instead.For people who are wondering whether to get these ones or Arctis Pro, I’d say it’s not a clear no-brainer about which headphones are better. In general I’d say both are really great and I enjoy them both. Here is a quick comparison of the 2. Note that at the time of this writing I’ve only had 1 day with the Arctis Pro.Things I prefer about Arctis 9:- seem to be a bit more comfortable for me – Actis Pro seem a bit tighter- it has 2 separate volume control wheels – one main and one chatmix. Arctis Pro has a single “smart wheel”. Personally I prefer my controls to have a single purpose so there’s no brain power needed.- when on bluetooth, the volume control is separate from the device bluetooth volume, meaning it’s instantaneous. Artis Pro controls the device volume which (for my phone) has a bit of lag to it- the USB dongle is much smaller, which is more friendly for laptop/travel- the positioning of the volume wheel and mic mute button seem more natural to me. Maybe it’s muscle memory but I have a much easier time finding them on the Arctis 9.- the price! They’re about half the price of the Arctis Pro- The dongle seems to be more reliable at staying “connected” to the PC. I use Voicemeeter, and I’ve had 1 occasion where it lost connection to the Arctis Pro base station – meaning I had to restart the voicemeeter engine. I haven’t had such issue with the Actis 9 dongle.- the 3.5 mm input on the dongle is an extra input (I think). With the Actis Pro, you have to choose to enable the aux input, and it steals one of the USB devices presented to the PC (ie. you can have 2 USB sound devices, or 1 aux + 1 USB sound device)Things I prefer about Arctis Pro:- You can connect a cable to the headphones to use a 3.5mm jack- the USB dongle (base station?) doesn’t need a PC to function properly. You can connect it to a USB power supply and the 3.5mm aux input works. On the Arctis 9, the 3.5mm input doesn’t work unless you have it connected to a PC.- It’s quite nice being able to change some of the settings from the base station rather than have to use the steel series software- it comes with 2 changeable batteries, and the base station is also the battery charger. It’s really nice that you never have to connect the headphones to a charge- the fact that these headphones control the bluetooth device volume means you can independantly control the bluetooth and USB volumes. On arctis 9, you just have a master headphone volume and the chat mix. Meaning from the arctis 9 headphones it’s not possible to turn down the PC sound and keep the bluetooth sound.- I like that the “smart wheel” volume control is configurable. It always will be able to set volume, but you can press it to toggle to other controls – chat mix, source selection, EQ and possibly something else. Personally I think having everything is too complicated if you can’t see the screen, so I was glad I could change it to just volume and chat mix- There is a red light on the microphone to tell you when it’s muted. I like on the actis pro you can dim or turn off this light. on the arctis 9 I found it was too bright and normally put a bit of tape over it.- You can dim the screen and make it turn off after a timeout to make it less annoying in the dark. The Arctis 9 dongle has a light that’s either always on or blinking. In the dark it’s too bright really.Which would I choose? Ignoring the reliability issue, I would say I actually prefer it even if price wasn’t a factor. As a laptop user, the massive base station is almost a deal-breaker. There are definite benefits to the Actis Pro that I do like (I love the changeable batteries and the better support for 3.5mm inputs) but for me it’s not a clear winner – and for a set of headphones that are twice the price they really should be better in every possible way to justify it. For non-laptop users I could see that the base station wouldn’t be such a negative, possibly even a positive for those who like that sort of thing.For me both are 9/10 headphones which I generally love but have some niggles. The choice between them isn’t a clear thing and would come down to your personal preferences and budget.As for the reliability question – I will have to reserve judgement until I’ve had more time with the Actis Pro to see if they are any better.———–Original ReviewThis is my first time buying a decent set of headphones so I couldn’t compare to other similar products. Compared to the cheap ones I’ve been using in the past, these are lightyears ahead. In general, I’m really happy with the headphones, but there are some minor niggles, which is why I say they’re 9/10 headphones for me.What I like:- sound quality is pretty good. I’m not an audiophile, but I don’t notice anything wrong with the sound.- I like having the volume control wheel- It presents as 2 audio devices, so you can have sound from 2 sources and individually control the volume. The cross-fade wheel on the headset for this is quite nice. The manual describes this as for game and chat, but for me I’ll probably use it for game and youtube, since I like to watch youtube while playing some games and only sometimes turn up the game audio.- retractable mic with a hardware mute button. When muted, the button is raised and the mic is lit up red so you know.- wireless with PC and bluetooth to phone works at the same time.- range seems decent – at least within my flat I haven’t lost signal- comfort is ok- sound from microphone seems decent enough- plugging in the charging cable doesn’t switch them off (I’ve had a set of headphones where they did)What I don’t like:- high price – tbh, for this sort of price I would expect them to be almost perfect in the execution of the features it has.- the crossfade wheel doesn’t affect bluetooth audio & the software doesn’t allow this to be configured. There’s also no way to adjust the bluetooth volume separately, only the master volume and the crossfade of the other sources.- they’re quite warm on the ears- the analogue audio input is on the USB dongle rather than the headset itself, so you can’t use a 3.5mm jack without USB power- the USB dongle is pretty big and on a long cable. Fine if you’re on a desk, but not so good with a laptop.- I installed the steel series software and found it was missing the 1 feature I installed it for: to decide which audio inputs are affected by the crossfade and which is which.What I haven’t tried yet:- moving the dongle to another PC – I would hope there wouldn’t be a need to re-pair them- connecting to a 2nd bluetooth device – how is the experience swapping over, etc? can it remember both devices at the same time? or do we need to re-pair each time we want to switch?- noise cancelling on the mic – in one of the promo videos it looks pretty good, but I’ve yet to try.- battery life/charging timeSo would I recommend these headphones? Maybe – if you’re ok with the price and it meets your needs. I suspect there may be better deals out there though. Saying that, I am happy with them and will keep them without regret.Edit:I’ve tested: – the noise cancellation on the mic in the car. It’s not as good as I expected from the promo video. You could hear my voice fine, but you can also hear a lot of the sounds from driving. – switching the USB dongle to another PC. it was pretty seamless and I didn’t have to pair it again

  14. I put 4 stars because the cable with the “y” connection was faulty. Fortunately comes with two cables and the one with the straight conection was good so we had to buy a “y” extension and it was perfect.Even though the item said everything was in good condition there was this problem. I believe that the returned products should be better tested before re selling them saying they are working 100%.The product itself is real good. Good quality, good sound, good microphone, good isolation.

  15. As you’d expect from Sennheiser, the sound quality is very solid – great detail and a reasonably wide sound stage, thanks to the open design. As other reviews mentioned, the open design also comes at the cost of reduced isolation: you’ll hear more of the background noise in the room (if you’re somewhere noisy), and also people around you will hear what you’re listening to (it’s not too bad, but not perfectly quiet either, like you’d get with closed-back headphones).I use this primarily with my PS5, plugged into the controller, and it works really well. One thing to note is that the cable comes with a L-shaped plug, which is not the most convenient when plugged into the controller, but it’s not a big deal.In terms of comfort, I have a head that’s on the larger side, and these fit me well without putting too much pressure on. They are also fairly light, so you’ll barely notice they are there, even during longer gaming sessions. One thing to point out is that the ear cups are on the smaller side – while they do just about fit around my ears, when they shift even a little my ears get caught under them. Again, not a big deal, just something to look out for.

  16. Short mobile cable for controllers and a split cable for PC LAN gaming is nice. The inline volume control and mute is well made unlike others.The sound quality for closed cans is perfect and the mic noise cancellation works with a barking dog in the next room with the door open.Yes they are expensive, but the build and sound quality justifies the price. If your main use case is a quiet room then use open cans for a better sound though.

  17. Gonna focus on a few things in this review; build quality, audio quality and ergonomics/design.Build quality: This is just as important to me as the audio quality. I’ve had solely Turtle Beach headsets (lastly the Atlas Aero – which is a £150 headset, or was anyway), and I can’t even describe to you how utterly disappointing the build quality of those were. After 6 months – a year of solid use (I work from home and am required to be in a call 7.5 hours a night), the earcup connectors (that connect the main headband to the earcups themselves) broke. Not just on one headset, but on both TB headsets prior. Ridiculous. Anyway, I decided to step away from said brand and give Corsair a go as I’ve been loyal to just about everything else they’ve made. My initial impressions are that the build quality itself is second to none. Honestly. It reeks of premium quality. No squeaks. Barely any plastic around the earcup area. Corsair have done a fine job of creating a headset that feels like a £160 headset – very rare in this economy where most are littered with plastic that becomes fragile after consistent use. The aluminium supports that connect the headband to the earcups almost feel bullet proof.Audio quality: Now, I saw a lot of (for better words) bitter reviews on here about the sound quality. How tinny it was? No bass? In some instances, too bass-ey? So, I plugged the headset in to my PC initially (through the USB C connection) and the audio quality wasn’t as bad as most reviews made it out to be, by a long shot… It might have been more set up for FPS games out of the box, which at the end of the day, it is a gaming headset. It was definitely treble heavy. When connected to your PC, and you have iCUE downloaded (Corsair’s proprietary software that allows you to adjust RGB, fan speeds, audio for headsets etc) I was greeted by a bunch of presets and the option to create my own. The stock presets are a bit naff not gonna lie. They’re catered for specific instances of gaming and whilst probably useful to some, not really me. Instead, I created my own preset (see image attached) and honestly, these things are incredible. I listen to a lot of music, so whilst I don’t like my lows too low, I like it balanced somewhere in-between. Honestly though, I have a £200 pair of Sennheiser’s which I use for music production, and this Corsair headset blows them out of the water in almost all regards.Gaming audio with my preset you might ask? Perfect. I can hear footsteps in COD. It’s honestly, to me, what I consider a perfect mix.Ergonomics/Design: Another aspect which Corsair seem to have absolutely nailed. I’m more used to having a headset with a little more support/cushioning under the headband, but these aren’t uncomfortable by any means. In fact, they cradle my ears perfectly. The ear cushions are incredible. If I was to recommend one thing to Corsair, it would only be to beef up the cushioning under the headband, as after 8 hours of use a night, it can (at times) become a little uncomfortable. But, I’m a special case in this scenario as most won’t be using them as extensively as myself.To sum up:Amazing build qualityTop notch audio qualityVery comfy and well designed headsetIgnore all the reviews that complain about audio quality as they haven’t even bothered to adjust anything in Corsair’s software. I did, and it was the best purchase of 2022 I’ve made so far!

  18. I’ve been looking for a good headset, preferably wireless, for use with video conferencing and call center telephony work on two different computers. This was my fifth attempt of both wired and wireless, all the others fell short for one or more reasons. And I think I finally have a winner. I’ve had these for two and a half days.I’m not a gamer, but all the headsets I saw advertised for more general use or conferencing-specific fell short of a couple critical needs for me. My home office has an AC in the window this time of year, and there is an active passenger and freight rail maybe ~100 feet from my window and the horns blow right across from me. So I need something that provides both sound isolation for my ears and noise cancellation for the mic. So that means over-ear, not on-ear, and not a cheap set.These are not lightweight. But they are well balanced across the top of the head and the grip force around the ears is firm but not tight. Which is doubly good because I wear glasses. I’d call these glasses friendly. Unlike one of the others I tested, the buttons are placed that I do not hit them when putting on/taking off the headset, so they’re intelligently placed in that regard. That said, the buttons could be placed better. Charging port should be on the right can with the power button, then the mute and volume controls moved down on the left, closer to the mic. Speaking of the mic, I wish it was a flip-up mic rather than a fixed-placement plug-in with a gooseneck. Flip out of the way IMO is superior to unplug out of the way.Sound quality is very good in, and so far no complaints on the outbound audio (one 8 hour call center shift). Audio was tested with voice, music and YouTube prior to use with work. Don’t ask me for a frequency range comparison, I’m a middle aged guy who used to play Led Zep, AC.DC and ZZ Top too loud when younger, plus motorcycles… (no hearing aids, but my hearing has suffered.)I did not rate the noise cancelation function because I don’t know how good it is, if it’s even there with the iCue software not running.About that iCue software… imo that’s the worst thing about this. I get it that for some functions it’s needed, such as the virtual 7.1 surround, EQ, and a couple others. But other settings should be either on the headset or accessible within the regular drivers, such as the idle timer. Fortunately, it turns out that for my use I don’t actually need the iCue software; I can’t install it on the laptop I use for work. I was therefore concerned about the idle timer turning the headset off when not in active use, but it appears to be not a full power off, but rather a low-power standby as when I tested prior to actual use after letting it sit idle for an extended period of time I got sound within less than a half second vs no delay when in active use. And on my own PC the iCue software really, REALLY bogged things down after the post-install restart.

  19. This is exclusively a PC review, so keep that in mind. Your mileage may vary depending on your console. That said, most of this will hold true regardless of platform.This is the first Hyper X product I’ve owned, and I’ve got to say I’m very impressed. Even at this price point, the sound quality beats out much more expensive Logitech headsets I’ve bought in the past.These aren’t ANC headphones, so there will be some audio bleed from the outside world, though at higher volumes this issue rapidly dissipates. Bass is on the heavier side, as it is with most gaming headsets, while mids and highs are well represented and not over saturated.I don’t use the mic much for anything (online gaming tends to be pretty toxic) but in the minor tests I’ve done with it, it sounds OK; it’s not good, but it’s not bad. I did however have an issue where the mic was extremely quiet, even at 30+db boost. I suspect this a Windows issue, but I could never figure out how to resolve it. I didn’t test it on my PS4, but I assume from watching other reviews that its a serviceable, if unimpressive mic. Having to flip the mic boom up and down to mute yourself will become a little annoying, however, as there are no in-line controls for this beyond a volume slider on the right ear cup.Knocking off a star for both the PC mic issues as the muting mechanism.There is a DTS Headphone X two-year trial that comes with it and I strongly encourage folks to use it; it changes the sound stage of these headphones in a stellar way and everything from music, to movies, to games sounds better and has better positional audio. It’s stupid that DTS X is a licensed program rather than a buy once and be done like Dolby Atmos, but that’s not Kingston’s fault.For PC users, the extension cable is garbage. Either I got a faulty unit, or they just plain aren’t good. When plugging in the headset to the extension cable, my volume drops dramatically and there appears to be a faulty connection between the cable and the 3.5mm jack on the headset itself, as if the connection isn’t strong enough. I’ve fiddled with the wires and can’t see anything specifically wrong. When plugging the headset directly into my front audio jack, everything sounds fantastic and DTS works as it should. There is a small chance that this could be a motherboard driver issue on my end, however, so take it with a grain of salt. I’m not taking a star off for this as I very rarely, if ever, will use the mic; however, for other PC users that use one frequently, you might want to consider either a different headset, or, the better option, buying a standalone mic (headset mics are often subpar, no matter what the price point).Finally, this thing is lightweight, but not cheap feeling. It’s all plastic construction minus the metal sliders, but it’s very lightweight to the point of almost being unnoticeable on your head, even during long sessions. The memory foam ear cups are good, though the pleather exterior will heat up after a while and you may need to give your ears a cool off. This kind of cheap material is expected at this price point, but it still grates.Overall, they Hyper X Cloud Stinger is a great entry level headset for $50. At the $30 I got it on sale for, and the price that it is at the time of writing this, it’s an absolute steal and there’s nothing else at all in that range that will even come close to this.

  20. I play a lot of video games and my last headset is on its way out, so I decided to invest in a new one. After a lot of review reading and trying a different headset and then returning it, I decided this Corsair one sounded like what I was looking for – I have a Corsair keyboard and love it, so I already am familiar with the brand and like their products.The headset itself is fine, it does what it states on the tin. I wanted a headset with decent mic quality, which this has, and was wireless, which it is. However, I have a wide head and I found that the design of the headband was uncomfortable; there’s no way to adjust the headband itself, there’s just a velcro strap inside that you can move, so if the actual headset is too small then you’re out of luck. Because of this, the earcups rested on my ears themselves and over time the pressure hurts – so it’s either you have comfortable ears and your head hurts, or your head is fine and your ears hurt.Because of the earcups not sitting over my ears entirely either I found a lot of outside noises bleeding in as I was listening to music/playing games etc. I know the headset isn’t designed to be noise cancelling, so perhaps a minor complaint, but I was somewhat disappointed because the ear cushions are so plush they should be fine at muffling most distractions, provided they’re not too loud.Set up was super simple pretty much straight out of the box – so simple I thought I was missing an instruction manual or I misunderstood what I was reading! I like the idea of being able to flip the mic up and down to mute yourself, and it beeps to let you know when it’s actually been flipped up enough to be muted; I don’t use push-to-talk so this was pretty convenient.I’m going to return this headset as it doesn’t fit what I’m looking for, but I can’t fault Corsair for my humongous head. If you’re looking for a decent headset at a decent price then you’ve found it.

  21. ive had these for just under a year and the on board volume wheel is now making a crackling noise in the right and left ear every time I use it and can also sometimes cut the audio off in the left ear completely i have attempted to contact sennheiser about this and no reply thus far we shall see if this issue can be resolved if not id recommend them but be weary this could also happen to you.

  22. Se arruinaron rapido

  23. Overall a great headset. Comfortable to wear over long gaming sessions, battery life is really good, great sound quality for both input and output. Still going strong a year after purchase.The only thing keeping it from being 5 stars for me is that the battery indicator in iCUE seems wildly inaccurate. It doesn’t give you a percentage remaining, just “high”, “low” and “Critical”, however I’ve found that it goes low very early into the battery life and after going critical it usually has about 5-6 hours left in it, so it’s not easy to tell when you actually need to charge it. I’ve spoken to Corsair support and they confirmed that a percentage battery indicator isn’t available with the virtuoso. They provided some troubleshooting to make it more accurate but it didn’t help.

  24. I used it more for streaming video than gaming. In fact I only barely used it for voice communication, and my guild had no complaints. It’s not as good as the premium brands, but my ears adjusted to it. I was on a tight budget when I bought this and it got the job done. What matters most is comfort…ill fitting headphones promote my chronic headaches. These ones don’t, so that’s a huge plus if you suffer those as well. One negative is that the ears have the kind of plastic lining that will probably disintegrate after a few years. Manufacturers should really stop doing that.

  25. Listen, I bought this headset about 2 years ago and have been using it on a daily basis. I use it for work where I take calls and for gaming. The sound quality is great and the mic is decent. I never had any issues with compatibility. I also used it on my PS4 and PS5.Here is the one thing you should know:This headset is apparently well known for having battery issues. I had a coworker who used it and it stopped charging around the same time as mine did (2 year mark). This could honestly be normal for a charging headset, 2 years is a decent amount of time but my recommendation is to go with the 3 year extended warranty. I am going to be repurchasing this headset with it this time. (Yes, I like it so much I will buy it again).I tried purchasing a different headset, the HyperX Cloud II which is a modern headset but the sound quality and mic quality was not as good and it’s much more expensive than this. The HyperX also has a terrible feature where it auto shuts off if no sound is coming in, the Corsair HS70 will only auto shut off if you leave the connection range and it will beep a few times as a warning before it does.My current Corsair HS70 headset does still work it just can’t survive unplugged. I did look into changing the battery and in the instructional video I found they pulled out a puffy battery (that is bad) and the replacement did not work until they rewired it. I am pretty tech savvy but I am not an electrician, okay? So yes I could save myself a little bit of money but replacing the battery is a no go for me. But maybe you can do it. :)Pros:-Sound Quality really good (in my opinion)-Mic is decent-Comfortable, can wear for 8+ hours straight and I have sensitive ears-Wireless range is decent-When new the length of battery charge is okay but will slowly decline over timeCons:-Battery will die at about the 2 year mark if you use the headset as often as I do. Around the 1.5 mark it would slowly lose more and more time off charge until now when it finally cannot survive unplugged (but still works).-It is a little heavy on the head which could bother some

  26. This product came with a microphone/headphone splitter and when you use it sound only comes out of one ear.If you only use it for sound, it’s ok but does not work with sound and microphone.

  27. My grandson loves this! He is 6 and I gave it to him for his birthday.

  28. i’ve had issues with the microphone working but other than that they’re pretty good. i’ve had them for about 4 months now and they still work great. noise cancellation, sound quality, everything is still as new. just a bummer that the microphone doesn’t work but i’m also wondering if it may be an issue with me just being dumb but i can’t find out what’s wrong. i’ve owned 2 pairs of gaming headsets before this pair and both the microphones didn’t work, so i’m not sure.

  29. I use this for my PS4 so you actually only need the one connection (probably different when you use for PC or Xbox) out of the two from the headset to the controller in this case…the USB to the console or power source is purely cosmetic as far as I am aware as it switches on the LED lights which look pretty cool if I’m honest! I bought these as an upgrade to my older pair, I was looking for a better sound quality and volume control and they definitely delivered in those areas. All in all I say its good value for money.

  30. When my Corsair Virtuoso headset unexpectedly broke a few months ago, I wasn’t sure what to replace it with. There are a lot of headsets on the market! But I decided to look at this one because I have the mouse from this series line. And I’m glad that I did! The build quality of this headset is solid. It seems to be equal parts metal and very solid, sturdy plastic, which I appreciated after discovering the Virtuoso was built so cheaply (though to be fair, I do put my headsets through the ringer). The audio quality is great right out of the box, and the Logitech G Hub app gives you a lot of customization if that’s what you’re looking for. Its Bluetooth range is good, too; I can hear with no issues in most parts of my house. It’s also probably the most COMFY headset I’ve ever worn (better than the Virtuoso and my old Steel Series headset). Sometimes I forget I’m wearing it.I would say my only gripe is that the volume wheel on the back can be a little sensitive if you’re moving around a lot (nothing too drastic, but I’ve had it wiggle a few degrees). I haven’t tested its microphone quality since I have an external mic, but all the other reviews seem to indicate that it’s pretty decent.

  31. I got this for my 7 year old son for his birthday, he has used it a few times and loves it. If you connect this to a console like PlayStation or Xbox, it will work fine. If you use this with a computer, it lights up. I did find it could light up with the PlayStation however, I end up using a USB port. Would recommend this for young kids, if you have a teenager or pro gamer kid, other options would be better. I would put this headset in the starting out phase of your kids gaming campaign.

  32. It’s tight on the ears but gets better over time.Mic is better when using USB but not too much difference when wireless. Good range. Battery life is alright considering I use it every day for 8hrs+ and have side tone enabled which really helps keep my volume in check.Decent headset. Main issues have been pc related (sometimes disconnects etc) so not really something to comment on for this.

  33. Fit with a phone as well aux cord

  34. Original Review: Until recently, the headphones were pretty good. Very comfortable, detachable cables and mic, and good sound quality. But unfortunately, the right side of the headphones stopped working entirely. I tried the different cable connections, making sure the volume wasn’t turned down, and tried multiple devices with it, but nothing worked. I can’t return these since I had them for three months and this is all I got for now. It’s a real shame one of the sides is not working anymore, really sours my experience with these headphones.Update 11/07/2022: My original review was a two-star review. A few days ago, I contacted Logitech support and I asked about the warranty. I met with a agent named John Clifford and he helped me through the process and in the end, he issued me a replacement for my headphones! Just today, I got my new pair and it was very nicely packaged, unlike my first pair from Amazon which was messed up and with tape everywhere. Now, I can enjoy these headphones once again!

  35. This headset has been my daily driver for years.I work from home, and am a PC gamer, so I have a headset on about 10-12 hours out of the day, and this headset has been amazing. I am writing a review as I have purchased it again (I broke my original a few days ago) and will say it has been an amazing headset, even compared to much more expensive headsets.Comfort – Like I said, I wear this all day. I did replace the stock earmuffs with some third party ones that allow better airflow, as it is a bit warm, but the noise cancellation is much better with the stock ones. If you plan to wear it for more than a few hours at a time, its worth looking into more comfortable muffs.Battery – Out of the box new, I was getting somewhere around 8-12 hours of battery life. Keep in mind I have music or games running the entire time I have them on, so obviously I am draining battery far more than the “usual” user. After 2 years, my battery life is somewhere from 4-6 hours with the same use. Honestly not horrible given they probably have 6000+ hours of use already.Noise Cancel – It’s pretty good. Nothing compared to something like high end Bose headsets, or other super premiums, but for a reasonably affordable mid range gaming headset, I think they are fine. I wish they had a stronger or active noise cancellation, but generally there isn’t any noise anyway other than my fan, and I don’t get bothered by it.Range – Honestly sucks. I can get maybe 20 feet away with a paper thin wall in between, and it loses signal. Any time I go to grab a soda or water, I jsut take the headset off, because it WILL lose connection. I am sure for some people this is a deal breaker, but for me, I honestly don’t care enough to kill a star off for this.Microphone – It’s decent. It sounds like a premium gaming headset mic, and has OK noise reduction. I personally use a professional mic setup, so I don’t really use the Mic often, but for a gaming mic, it’s more than good enough. If you are a heavy breather, take a cotton ball and stick it on the end. Literally solves so many complaints I originally had.Value – Some harsh honesty. I feel like the quality and build of this headset is amazing, especially for the 200ish dollar range, but audio quality is below par compared to audio focused headsets in that range. Is it good for gaming/music? Absolutely. Is it Bose 200$ headset quality? Probably closer to Bose 100$ headset quality. I’d like this to be a 129$ headset, at that price I would feel I am getting my money’s worth out of it. Granted the build is amazing, and it has survived longer than any headset I have ever purchased (I have owned almost every gaming headset in the common market over the years, so I have a lot to compare to)Overall – It’s fine! Great headset for a decent price, plus the iCue software manages it’s firmware and I have no complaints (Everything in my PC is iCue compatible or Corsair, Im a bit of a shill)

  36. This is the second time we’ve purchased these headsets. I first bought them for my younger son and was so impressed with the product I bought another set, when my older son required a new headset. Very happy with the product.

  37. Audio quality is great, quite literally hearing little tidbits of and extras in songs I had never heard/noticed before; it’s honestly a little weird, I like it.However, the cable decisions are a little questionable. The longer length of cable is in between the knob and the PC while having a much shorter cable between the knob and the headset itself. I find this pretty weird and a little unpleasant as with the knob sitting on the desk you only have about 3ft to move around to grab or do anything. I’d think most people would have their computer fairly close to them so the majority of the length being between the pc and knob seems to be a poor choice when it could be between the knob and headset for better user mobility as who wants to stand up with a knob dangling on the wire when it’s held together via micro USB; I’d be too worried about it coming loose or getting damaged.And just another tidbit, the joints are plastic? like, what??? why?! you’re making the most fragile and likely to break part out of plastic instead of metal???tldr; good audio, too short of cable between knob & headset, joints are plastic instead of metal???? why?!

  38. Headphones used for gaming on Xbox X and are working very well so far.

  39. Great product

  40. In the past three years, I’ve had two pairs of this headset because it’s been the only cheap option that has excellent sound. However, the microphone is absolutely terrible. My friends cannot hear me at all when wearing this. The reason I am purchasing a third pair is because the leather piece is falling apart. Overall, expect great quality sounds.

  41. After a few months the connecter is picky if it wants to work or not- was great when it worked perfectly but with unplugging and plugging in it has gotten weak and no longer likes to work. Would recommend if you don’t have kids that like to play with your gaming set up. Lmao

  42. I’ve used this headset now for a couple of months and although this is slightly more expensive that what I would normally purchase, I’m glad I did.The headset is robust and adjustable, something we take for granted in many headsets today but aren’t actually offered by many purely plastic alternatives at this price range. The quality of sound is very good, and the noise suppression is great… I have got into trouble a number of times for not hearing my wife. The headset links into Corsair i-Cue so you can control RGB as you like. My favourite feature is the vocal confirmation when features are enabled/disabled. For example, when you mute the mic or the power is running low the headset tells you this. No beeps or indescript noises, just “power low”.All in all, excellent product. Glad I bought it.

  43. Good quality fit and finish, microphone is amongst the best.

  44. So the first set of headphones I bought lasted about 3.3 years. During COVID, the headset that used to be for casual gaming time with friends became a daily meeting work tool.I abused these headphones by stuffing it into backpacks since they’re made pretty durable and over time the ear paddings was slowly showing wear. However, the headphone was still useable. What eventually broke was the wiring that caused sound to not go into one of the ears.The over-ear padding does put some pressure on the ears which takes time to get used to.The noise canceling is pretty good. I have a portable air conditioner that gets pretty loud and most people I asked if they could hear it going, didn’t even know I had one on.The sound quality is okay. I’m not an audiophile but I’m sure my friends who are (and has paid hundreds for a better sounding pair) would say the headphone is okay for a cheapo pair.The headphones work fine on my old iPhone/iPad that has a AUX jack. It works on both MacBooks and PCs. Works fine on a backbone controller for newer iPhones. I’ve even tried it on a Roku remote (needs an AUX jack) to stream shows.There are no blinking LED lights and you can mute yourself by flipping the mic up and down, no switch needed. One quirk to the mic is you might need to make sure the mic is on first when going into a meeting room but afterwards, just flip the mic up to mute yourself. It’s definitely convenient without having to manually mute yourself. I also work with a lot of different meeting apps so not all of them are have a proper mute hotkey.One visible difference from the first pair to the new one is the microphone. The older pair’s mic curves and is a bit more bendable that when you flip it up, it nicely slopes along the side and top of the headset. When you flip the new pair up, it just stands straight up like a weird antenna and is no longer as bendable. Not quite sure the reasoning for it. It does feel odd having it stick up like that when not in use though.Overall, there isn’t much to really complain about. I’m definitely much happier with the new pair than I would with other headphones out there, and I have tried a few others after the first pair broke.

  45. This sounds much better than it should based on the cost. I take care of my things, but even considering that this has held up well, with no shorts in the cord or crackling at the jack as of yet. I bought this in a pinch to get one quick, and will end up most likely keeping with this brand.

  46. These aren’t quite as comfy as I’d hoped, but they do fine for an hour or so before one of my ears is really sore. If you have problems with headphones being too “squeezey,” then you might not like them. If you generally don’t have problems or only expect to use these intermittently, then they’re fine.

  47. Get the software for these headphones if you are using this on PC. The level of sound precision is absolutely nuts. I’m not a fan of the weird hinge/spin joint at the ear cups (why are these a thing anymore…) but otherwise very impressed.The cables are bizarre and very tight connections, makes you feel like you’re gonna break them when you connect them because of the force required to push the connections together. There is an inline dial for USB input devices that allows volume dampening in favor of one driver over another. This works for using the chat setting for discord and the game setting as primary audio. You spin the dial and it dampens the sound of one so you can hear the other.Material seems appropriate based on price range. Plastic all around with an elastic band for elevating the ears of the headset .There is no way to adjust this headset to headsize as mentioned in many reviews. It fits near nearly perfectly, but I do have moderate jaw discomfort due to TMJ – jaw joint pain. This does have a fair amount of jaw fatigue for me.

  48. My grandson chose this headset from dozens online! Sure he knows what is a good choice,of course not used yet,we will know on Christmas day!

  49. I wanted a gaming headset that I could wear on a plane or train and not look like I’m on the way to gaming convention. I really look the subtle look and functionality of these. The look and feel like a premium product and they seem like they’ll last a while. Sadly, they are let down by scratchy and itchy ear pads.The headphones connect well to everything PS5, MacBook phone etc. The sound quality is really good. I wish there was a phone app to tweak the sound settings like turtle beach have. You have to connect to a computer to alter the settings.As already mentioned, the big downside is the comfort of the ear pads. The material is scratchy and itchy, on the skin on the side of your face. I noticed that after a wearing them for a little while 15-20 mins they started to feel uncomfortable. I don’t suffer with any allergies or skin sensitivity whatsoever. The ear pads are actually slight too small for me. I don’t have big ears but after a few hours these begin to become painful/achy. I reached out to steelseries via twitter and had no reply at all.I’m probably going to end up having to spend £20 on a better set of ear pads, which isn’t great when I’ve only just bought them. They are not the most expensive headset around but they aren’t exactly cheap either. I’ll probably opt for cooling gel ear pads if I’m forced to upgrade.I’m confident these will be more comfortable once I have some third party ear pads but I wish I’d known beforehand and could have factored the extra cost into my decision to buy. If you’re going to buy these, see if you try them on somewhere first.

  50. Got those to replace my aging Sony headphones, which are great for music but not so great for calls or gaming and voice chat.When those arrive I did have the “iPhone” effect. Packaging does feel premium, you open the box and everything is nicely presented.Headphones are easy to set up, simple plug and play. Sound is really clear and good, if you play FPS games, you can easily hear footprints with spatial awareness. (Depending on game).On top of that the microphone is doing good job filtering background noise. When used with noise suppression from discord or something similar, your fellows cant hear background noises, which is a bonus since I’ve got 2 French bulldogs who just snore most of the time.One little thing is that I’m using gaming laptop with merged headphones and microphone channel so I only have 1x 3.5 mm jack. Which is okay, however it means I have to use only half of the cable as the extension separates this to two channels, which results for the cable being just ok length.

  51. The product arrived in good condition, however, I cannot rate it until after Christmas as it is a gift.

  52. i previously had the new steel series nova pro and the microphone was awful and would randomly do a high pitched noise. so switched to this one everyone says the mic is way better. it sounds really good most of the time i forget i have it on its that comfy. the only downside is the connection can be bad, i move to the other side of room and it starts beeping at me so it doesnt go far at all constantly beeps at you. sometimes the mic will show red even when its flipped down i usally have to flip it up and down about 6 times to get it to actually turn on.. but other than that id say this £100 headset is better than the £300 steel series nova pro

  53. The sturdiness of this headset is amazing. I can get frustrated with games and toss them aside (or worse) and they keep on trucking. There is a small piece inside the right side that has come off that can rattle around, but only when you shake it do you hear it. Can be used to listen to music but the sound quality is only ok at best. I’m not an audiophile but there is a big difference between a set of these and a $150 turtle beach set. As far as comfort, the ear pieces don’t go over my entire ear, but rather sit on it. Normally this would be a problem but the headset allows you to bend it slightly so they don’t squeeze. Or if they are too loose you can bend them in to get them tighter. If all you want is a reasonably comfortable headset for gaming and the the occasional music, these are great for the price point.

  54. For starters I was looking for a replacement headset with 7.1 surround sound as my wired headset was getting a little hard to use effectively. These looked to be a good option but I was not sure how much of a difference there would be. Let me tell you it is as different as day is to night! for starters the Sound!!! OMG! Talk about hearing EVERYTHING! with 7.1 mode turned on in software you can hear every little detail as if it is coming from somewhere around you. For example, watching Wing Commander (the movie) you can hear all the sounds of the ship as if you were right on board. all the back ground intercom sounds, the ship hum, the sounds of tools and such were clear and yet the main action and dialog was crisp and clear as well. Then add the Audio frequency response and you have a sound that hits you when there is bass, and drills right through you when something goes SCREECH! Voices are clear and you can hear every word.As to comfort, the headset is light and fits well to my big head. I hardly know I am wearing them even if I use them for hours. I watched 3 full length movies and at least an hour and a half of web video before I decided to recharge them even though it didn’t really need it yet. Each movie was about 2 or so hours so figure I got nearly 7-ish hours of use on the initial charge and charge time is quick, took maybe 2 hours to full charge.My favorite part of these and the main reason I decided on them is the removable Mic. Yeah it might not seem like a big deal until you try to eat with them on and the Mic gets in your way a lot. Removable Mic tech sold me on this set.All in all I am WAY happy with the purchase! As for how long the battery lasts over the years, yeah 2-3 years is about right for rechargeable Lithium batteries so no worries there, I can always replace them later once they start to fade.

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