Krafton Disqualifies Stalwart Esports From BGIS 2023: The Grind For

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CREATE YOUR LIFE gif maker 12 Krafton Disqualifies Stalwart Esports From BGIS 2023: The Grind For

Krafton has taken a firm stand against unfair practices and disqualified Team Stalwart Esports from the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 for violating the rules set out in the BGIS Rulebook. The violation pertains to sections 2.1.5 and 6.2.4 of the rulebook, which address single team exclusivity and ringing, respectively. Additionally, Krafton stated that it will soon announce the replacement team.

Krafton reinforces its commitment to responsible gaming and fair gameplay by disqualifying Stalwart Esports. The company publicly announced on Instagram, “We do not tolerate unfair practices and strictly adhere to rules and regulations”. The violation of these rules clearly breached fair play principles, essential to the competitive gaming spirit.

The first violation, as outlined in section 2.1.5 of the BGIS Rulebook, deals with the principle of single team exclusivity. According to this rule, a player can play for only one team and cannot compete for more than one team. This regulation ensures that players commit themselves fully to a single team and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Section 2.1.5 of the BGIS RulebookSection 2.1.5 of the BGIS Rulebook

The second violation, under section 6.2.4 of the BGIS Rulebook, deals with the act of ringing. Ringing occurs when a player competes under another player’s account or Gamertag. This practice is strictly prohibited as it undermines the integrity of the competition and gives an unfair advantage to the team involved.

Section 6.2.4 of the BGIS RulebookSection 6.2.4 of the BGIS Rulebook

In light of these violations, Krafton exercised its authority as the governing body of BGIS and enforced the penalty as stated in section 6.4.2 of the rulebook.

Following the disqualification, Krafton also announced that it will soon reveal the replacement team to fill the vacant spot in BGIS 2023: The Grind. Above all, this move demonstrates Krafton’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the competition and ensuring that the event continues without any disruptions caused by rule violations.

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