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Razer Kraken Gaming Headset: Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Retractable Noise Isolating Microphone - For PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One,...

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Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, DTS Headphone:X 2.0, Flip-to-Mute Mic, PC (Leatherette) Black/Blue

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  1. EDIT: Regarding my issue of the sound not working, I think I have determined the problem to be using Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer. Whenever I use those programs, and sound plays on the PC with the headset plugged into it, it seems to bypass the headset and sound comes to my PC accessing the remote PC. Going back to my PC with the headset plugged in (and closing CRD and TV completely), that is when no sound comes out and I have to unplug the USB control box and plug it back in for it to start giving sound. I do not intend to stop using either of those programs, so unless I find a fix, I am OK with having to do this. I will not knock a few points from this headset that I already think is an awesome product; as it is an issue with a program and not the headset itself and as such I will change my rating from 4 *’s to 5 *’s. These have also been great for long periods of gaming and streaming. No headaches or sore spots on my head from wearing these, even with glasses on. My voice from my stream and recordings sound great, and playing Alien: Isolation is truly a terrifying thing when these are cranking up the noises and you hear metal clanking from the alien like it is right there above you! Things sound crisp and clear to me, like voices, even in movies and YouTube videos. END EDITI bought these several weeks ago from Amazon Warehouse, thought I would save $5. I know $5 might not seem that much, but having just spent $1400 on new PC parts for my build, every dollar counts! Anyway, I am new to PC gaming, been with consoles for years. I wanted to find a good headset that would give me good sound, good mic, good fit, good build quality, and cheap. I found these actually by accident, as I was searching for Logitech’s headset, initially.Now, these things are awesome… (The following is updated with my edit above) When they function, which to be honest is quite often. However, sometimes when I go to use these, they sometimes stop outputting sound. I go into my playback devices and I see that it is registering them active and that sound is being transmitted, except nothing comes out of the speakers. I have to unplug the USB control box from my PC and plug it back in for them to get back to working. I also have quite a bit of trouble getting these to work consistently with my HTC M8 (more so than with my PC). I sometimes have to reset my phone for these to work and I am not sure why that is. I am not sure if it is these that are just not very compatible, as I have earbuds that work every single time. That leads me to believe that these are defective in some way. It could be that by trying to save $5, these may have just been defective from the start.The mic is pretty good too. I like that it is detachable and flexible enough to get out of the way if I need it to be. You can hear yourself when you speak, you just need to make sure that, in your recording devices, you set it to listen. I really don’t like this though. There is quite a big delay (maybe around 1/2 second) in you talking to hearing yourself from the speakers. The first time I tried this, I gave myself a headache. Just try to talk, expecting to hear your voice, and as you are saying one thing you are hearing what you just said, it gets very confusing for the senses! My speech became confusing, something my brain couldn’t reconcile, which led to my headache (yes, an actual headache!). I am not sure if this is something that is expected when you have to do this, but I would not recommend doing this (of course, your experience may vary). There is a little rubber piece that goes over the exposed port of the mic when you detach it, from the headset, that I see being lost quite quickly. It is a nice touch to be able to cover that port, I just wish that it could have somehow been kept on the headset, so it wouldn’t get lost. I still do have mine, and I keep it in the bag that comes with this headset (more on that below) so maybe I just need to keep it there unless I use these on a trip or something.The fit on these things are one of the best things about this. Very snug, very comfortable and when I have my glasses on, they don’t press those into my head. You can either use the leather ones or the velour. I prefer the velour, they just feel very cozy and warm and plush!The build of these things, to me, do not seem to equate to a $100 price tag. That is a good thing, as these things feel like I am stealing something from Kingston! I would honestly expect to pay quite a bit more for how well these things are built. ‘How can Kingston sell these for what I paid?’ I keep asking myself every time I put them on! They are built with metal along the top, padded underneath to rest comfortably on your head. With several hours of gaming, they don’t feel heavy on my head. The stitching in these things is fantastic, it is a nice detail, that while it may not improve the functionality, it just proves my reasoning of thinking I am stealing something from this company, but I am glad I am not! The cord quality is great, it is braided so it doesn’t tangle or get easily caught on something. The cord is standard length, from the headset to the end, which can plug into many things to be used for listening. However, it is short for having it just plugged into your PC (this is not using the USB control box). If you do use the control box, which I recommend, then it adds a lot of length, letting you sit quite a distance from your machine. The control box has a clip on the back that allows you to attach it to your pants pocket, shirt, anything else, really. This is nice cos now I don’t have to figure out where my controls are when I quickly need to mute, decrease/increase volume/mic, enable/disable 7.1 virtual. So with these things not functioning properly for me at times, I am not sure if it is the control box, or the headset in general (like I said earlier, I have problems getting this to work properly on my phone too. This could all be due to the fact that I ordered from Amazon Warehouse instead of brand new). I need the control box to add the extra length as my PC sits farther away than some might have theirs. The carry bag that comes with this looks to be great quality too. I expect to use it for the first time in a couple days when I go on a trip and bring these along. It is large for these to fit and keep everything that comes with it, all in one space.Now onto the 7.1. I cannot comment on how well this works. Let me give you some background information. I have a hearing disability. 95% of my left ear is not working and I need a hearing aid in my right ear, which is around 70% deaf. I use these things with and without my hearing aid. I cannot use the functionality of the 7.1, which is not that big of a deal for me as I have come to terms with not being able to hear very well in general. It does, however, seem to increase the volume, which sometimes I need when I listen to movies or TV shows on my PC. So read what others have to say about that, I’m sorry I cannot do this in this review. I will say though that these things can get LOUD. Which is why sometimes I use these without my hearing aid. They really do deliver a lot of sound to my ear that works. There is an audible tone when you push the controls and it is different when you reach the max and minimum. This is a nice touch as well.Finally. I am writing this review for the product I purchased from Amazon Warehouse a couple of weeks ago. Last night (3/24/15) I initiated a return for these. Do you want know what I did after that? I purchased a brand new set of these, for the original price I was trying to avoid weeks ago! That should tell you what I think of them, flaws and all, that I actually want these again. If the new pair doesn’t work correctly, or like these things did, yes I will be disappointed, but it will be a minor issue for me because all of the other benefits of these things! Plus, having looked over the reviews, I see quite often that Kingston will reach out to those who aren’t satisfied with this and offer help. Not many companies care once they have your money. But when I see a company go this far for those who buy their products, being a small business owner myself, I greatly appreciate this large company for acting the way they do, even if the issue isn’t resolved. It speaks volumes to those who love the products of a company and to those who may not be aware of what a company offers. But offering great customer service is another great feature of this product, and one you may not find from many others.Now keep in mind, all of these things are coming from someone who just got into PC gaming, there may be others out there, others that are better, cheaper, more expensive, whatever… But I am glad I stumbled on these when I did, cos I don’t really want to go to another product, I love these things!One last thing, Amazon is amazing! I contacted them about these and when I order the new pair last night, they offered one day shipping free! There are a lot of bad companies out there, but Kingston and Amazon are among the elite in my opinion!

  2. UPDATE (03/16/17): I ended up giving my pair of Cloud II’s to my son for his birthday. I now had to make a decision whether to purchase another pair of Cloud II’s or try something else. SO, I ended up buying the Beyerdynamic DT770, Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. I bought all four from Amazon and sat down and tested all of them over a period of 4 months. First off, what I love in headphones is a full sounding, deep bass and some ambient surround sound. I like hearing the boom of a grenade or thump of a stealth take-down of a long-neck in Horizon Zero Dawn.First off, Don’t believe in the 7.1 surround sound hype you get from any “GAMING” headphones under $200. I have now tried 3 different actual gaming headsets and all of them gave the directional sound but at a cost… These gaming headphones that declare 7.1 surround achieve this by diminishing the sound levels of other ambient sounds. I’m not a audiophile or pro so bare with me… The Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds all sounded tinny and the mid-range seemed distant. It hyped up the surround but in order to achieve that it lowered the other sounds to make it happen, including bass. For example, in Horizon Zero Dawn, when Aloy shoots an arrow it sounds like it’s far away, when it shouldn’t because she’s directly in front of you and if you shot off that arrow it should sound like the release happened in your face. It doesn’t. It sounds like your Aloy let go of the bow about 20 yards from where you are standing. If that makes sense. YES, the gaming headphones with 7.1 do give you directional but it just lowers everything else. Which is why I assume pro gamers love them because they want to hear if someone is sneaking up on them.FOR ME though… I’m not a pro gamer. I want bass, a thud. I want a overall strong sound that makes me feel like I’m right there. SO, I did more research online and youtube and came across the Beyerdynamic DT770’s. They are not gaming headphones but many claim the bass is awesome and the sound in games is even better. I just received these today and within 30 minutes I packaged them back up and returning them. Although, I will give them this much. The directional sound was WAY better than any gaming headphones, Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. No joke, the directional sound was dead on with these. The low bass was also good but wasn’t enough and the mid-range sounded distant just like the Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. If you want directional sound that mimicks 7.1, with a low bass that isn’t overwhelming I would buy the Beyerdynamic’s.SO saying all of that. I know this sounds funny but I’m basing this all down to shooting an arrow. I switched back and forth between the Beyer’s and the Clouds II’s in Horizon Zero Dawn. I would shoot an arrow at a grazer (metal animal) and the Cloud II’s sounded like I shot that arrow from my shoulder next to my ear. It also enough bass to where you felt like you actually shot an arrow. The Beyer’s and the Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds all felt Aloy (character in game) was 20 yards away shooting an arrow. Only way I know how to describe it. The Cloud II’s also have way more base then the one’s I’ve mentioned. It’s punchy and you feel it. Felt good when I slammed the ground with my spear. The Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds and Beyer all felt weak. When I slammed the ground with my spear it again, felt distant. Not really immersive.I stood on top of a Long Neck. When a Long Neck walks around the map it’s feet create a ground thump that should sound heavy. SO I stood on top of a Long Neck and switched back and forth between the Beyer and Cloud II’s. The Beyer again felt like the sounds were distant and didn’t feel the Long Neck walking very much. The Cloud II’s at the same sound level I could feel the Long Neck walking, it felt like I was right there on top of the Long Neck and could feel every step it took.Also, the Cloud II’s do have directional sound … So if you walk up to someone talking and swing your camera around in a 360, the voice will swing around your head as it should. Is it true surround, no. Does it do the trick, yet. Now in the Beyer and Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds, the surround does sound more ambient and sounds around you but again, it diminishes the bass and mid-range it feels like.So saying all that, I’m a casual gamer that wants good bass, I want to feel like I get hit rather than hear someone walking up behind me. I want to feel the game. The Cloud II’s in my opinion after trying all the headphones are awesome. I can honestly say that and feel comfortable suggesting you pick up a pair over any other’s I’ve suggested. They really are good.I can also attest to the 7.1 feature the Cloud II’s do provide with the packaging. You can plug it into your PS4 and your controller and I can honestly say it does provide 7.1 BUT it then turns into the Beyer and Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds and diminishes the mid-range and bass.I don’t plug my Cloud II’s into my controller. I purchased a two speaker with sub-woofer sound system for my desk that comes with a volume control and headphone output. I plug my Cloud II’s into this setup which allows me to turn it up as loud as I want and in a way acts as a amp to push out even more bass and volume. You can’t get that by just plugging into the PS4 controller, it can only pump out so much volume and your maxed out. Not very loud going directly through the controller.By a desktop sound system with subwoofer and volume control with headphone output…. Trust me it changes the sound output and bass levels.SO there’s my updated review. Other’s will probably disagree with my review but this is COMING from someone who doesn’t need 7.1 or games heavily online in COD or Battlefield 1. I love games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us, Dying Light, Metal Gear Solid 5, Just Cause 3, Nioh, Dark Souls, BloodBorne, Evil Within, Dishonored, etc. I should also mention I’ve also owned the X12’s, PX24’s.Previous Review: OKAY, SO FINALLY, after buying the X12, PX24, TB 500p, Sony Gold Wireless and returning all of them, I purchased the Cloud II. Before I bought the Cloud II, I was almost going to settle with the X12’s or PX24. The 500p and Gold Wireless you’d think are superior BUT THEY ARE NOT. The surround sound on the expensive gamer headphones are just a gimick. Most of the surround sound gamer headphones are made for gamers who primarily play FPS. It tones down quite a few sounds including bass and other environmental sounds to pump up footsteps and reloads. This allows the FPS gamer to hear what’s around him. Sounds cool, YEA BUT, again, it drowns out other sounds to make that possible.Saying that, I’m a casual gamer and I love bass. I love feeling the thump of the explosions and gun fire. The 500p and Gold Wireless sucked at this. IN fact, the 500p did have good bass but ONLY when I switched it to the mode called, “Bass & Treble”. Great right? NO, because that’s basically what the X12’s and PX24’s do. Even the x12’s simulate surround sound. I’ve had a pair of x12’s for 5 years and I can honestly say they simulated surround just as good as the 500p and Gold’s but kept the bass and overall depth of sound. More balanced.This is where the Cloud II comes in… Very skeptical and was almost ready to return them before I got them. Was just tired of buying and returning. Before I begin, a few disclaimers… 1. I game on a PS4 and I don’t plug my headphones into my controller or through USB. I actually bought a device online that allows me to plug in my toslink directly from the output on the PS4 to the adapter which is where I plug my headphones into. This gives it way more depth and power then plugging into the controller or via USB on the front of the console.2. The 7.1 on this particular headset doesn’t really work with PS4. Saying that, it actually works but doesn’t. Bare with me on this… In order to get it to work, you have to plug it into the front of the PS4 via a USB. Then you plug the headset into the 7.1 mixer. I tried it with and without and quite honestly it sound MUCH better without the 7.1. Mainly because the 7.1 mixer is designed for PC and MAC. It wasn’t designed to use with the PS4 even though you can get it to turn on. SO, I actually don’t use the 7.1 mixer. I put it back in the box.3. DONT plug the headset into your controller or via the USB. A lot of people don’t realize they can buy a very cheap setup that allows you to use the toslink which pumps out the 7.1. I’ll do my best to link my set up below. I’ve been using it for years and won’t go back. Only because when I plug these into the controller it loses something, can’t put a finger on it but it doesn’t sound as good. Same with using the mixer.I highly recommend the Cloud II. It has really good deep base, the mid’s are clear and sharp and the high’s as well. It’s a very well balanced sound, as well as, it does simulate surround sound even without the 7.1. I switched back and forth between the Gold’s and these while playing NO Man’s Sky, Dying Light, Dark Souls 3, BloodBorne, Just Cause 3 and these really sounded good and very good balance of sound.Best part, I own a Nvidia Shield and plug the headset into the controller that comes with the shield and watched a couple movies with it and it blew me away. Awesome sound and even simulated surround sound.FINALLY satisfied with a headphone purchase after using my x12’s for 5 years. Both my sons are sold on them as well comparing them to other headsets they’ve owned. Worth the purchase in my opinion.OH, they are comfortable!!! Although, be aware… It comes with a leather or fake leather material and it comes with a replacement that is cloth. I noticed a huge difference in sound when I used the leather over the cloth. Mainly because the leather is air tight and keeps all the sound in and out. The cloth I noticed I could hear outside sound more and it leaked the sound coming from the headphones. Wasn’t a big deal but the bass felt deeper and stronger with the leather padding. Both are awesome and sound good though.USE THIS DEVICE to hook up your headphones using the Toslink output on the PS4. I’ve used these for the past 3-5 years and they work great and pump out way better sound then plugging into the controller or using the USB on the front of the PS4. A lot of people don’t realize you can use this with any headphones whether they are made for Xbox or PS4 or PC. It’s makes it to where you can use any headphone and uses the Dolby surround from Toslink.PORTTA PETDTAP DIGITAL COAX AND OPTICAL TOSLINK TO ANALOG AUDIO CONVERTER:

  3. Erst einmal vorweg: Ich habe jetzt über 15 Jahre Erfahrung was Headsets angeht (Privat) und war lange Zeit in einem Computer-Fachhandel tätig.Ich habe verschiedenste Produkte aus den verschiedensten Häusern (Logitech, Roccat, Teufel, Sennheiser oder günstigere Marken wie Hama, Trust, ASUS, Speedlink etc. getestet).Nun bin ich kein Experte was Musik angeht, da ich selber nur höre anstatt zu produzieren, doch ich denke, dass ich mit meiner Erfahrung und meinem Wissen einiges berichten kann.Mein vorheriges Headset war das Logitech G230, welches einige Mängel hatte. Vor diesem hatte ich das Logitech G930, welches mein persönliches Highlight war.Kurzfassung:Wer ein Headset sucht, welches möglichst lange angenehm auf dem Kopf liegt und zudem eine gute Mikrofon- und Klangqualität bietet, ist mit dem Kingston HyperX Cloud II BESTENS beraten!Hinzu kommt ein klasse Lieferumfang und eine überzeugende Verarbeitung sowie Haptik.Was nicht 100%ig überzeugt, ist das 7.1 System… Warum? Weil es eine günstige und einfache Lösung ist, welche nicht in allen Bereichen überzeugt. Dazu weiter unten mehr.Warum habe ich mir ausgerechnet dieses Headset zugelegt?Das Headset hat tolle Bewertungen bekommen, sowohl von Nutzern als auch von Experten. Es bot genau das, was ich suche und brauche – nicht mehr und nicht weniger! Ich brauche aufgrund meiner Arbeit sowie Freizeitbeschäftigungen ein Headset, welches ich stundenlang auf dem Kopf tragen kann, ohne dass es lästig wird. Außerdem sollte es ein vernünftiges Mikrofon besitzen, welches nicht starr ist, sondern sich bewegen lässt und zudem unabhängig von den Windows-Einstellungen Geräusche wie Wind, Atmen, leichtes räuspern etc. filtert.Das klappt wunderbar! Sollte man dennoch nicht zufrieden sein, lassen sich in den Windows-Soundeinstellungen weitere Einstellungen vornehmen – in meinem Fall brauchte ich das gar nicht!7.1 war kein Muss, jedoch ein brauchbares Feature in Videospielen.Ansonsten sollte die Verarbeitung vernünftig sein und nicht alles aus Kunststoff.Verarbeitung, Optik & Haptik:Anders als man vielleicht auf den ersten Blick vermutet, ist das Headset nicht vollständig aus Metall. Nur die Halter und das ovale Emblem an den Seiten der Hörer sind aus Metall, der Rest ist auf Stoff, Kunststoff oder Kunstleder. Das bedeutet, dass auch der Bügel aus Kunststoff ist, das sieht man zwar nicht, aber man hört / fühlt es, wenn man den Hügel leicht biegt – da besteht also Bruchgefahr!Abgesehen davon fühlt sich das Headset extrem hochwertig an, liegt gut an und sieht gut aus! Die Ohrmuscheln sind aus Leder, es liegt aber auch ein Paar aus Stoff bei – sehr angenehm. Man kann es locker mehrere Stunden am Stück tragen.Der Kunststoff ist nicht minderwertig, fühlt sich auch gut an. Es ist diese “samtige” Art von Kunststoff, wie man ihn auch unter anderem von Computer-Mäusen kennt. Nichts knackt, nichts knarzt, nichts wackelt – so wie es sein muss!Das Mikrofon ist optional und muss nicht zwingen angeschlossen sein, lässt sich einfach in die gewünschte Position biegen und ist mit Stoff ummantelt. Das Kabel ist extrem lang, ebenfalls mit Stoff ummantelt und ziemlich dick, dadurch robust.Features, Tasten etc.Das Headset hat am Kabel wie nahezu jedes Headset ein kleines Bedienelement. In diesem Fall ist es gar nicht so klein und bietet praktische Möglichkeiten. So lassen sich Lautstärke sowie Mikrofon-Pegel lauter oder leiser stellen, an der Seite ist ein kleiner Schalter zum muten (Mikrofon aus) und auch das bereits erwähnte 7.1 lässt sich hier an und ausschalten – das funktioniert schnell und ohne Probleme. Natürlich ist auch eine kleine Klemme an dem Bedienelement z.B. für das T-Shirt.Das Headset selbst hat weder Tasten noch Beleuchtung, lässt sich aber beliebig in der Größe einstellen.Mikrofon lässt sich wie schon geschrieben abnehmen. Ohrmuscheln ebenfalls zum Reinigen oder Austauschen.Sound- und Mikrofonqualität:Der wohl wichtigste Punkt für die Meisten.Man muss bei diesem Headset zwischen Stereo und 7.1 unterscheiden. Da 7.1 hier nur simuliert wird, kann man natürlich keine unglaublichen Tonerlebnisse wie im Studio erwarten. Allerdings war ich doch überrascht… 7.1 kommt besonders in Videospielen (wofür es in diesem Falle ja auch gedacht ist) zur Geltung und verleiht bestimmten Musik-Richtungen wie Electro, House, Techno etc. und in vielen Fällen auch Rock & Metal einen neuen, positiven Klang! Manche Lieder klingen mit eingeschaltetem 7.1 tatsächlich besser. Andere Songs, besonders ältere oder von minderer Qualität (Aufnahme) klingen hingegen schlecht, kratzig oder der Gesang ist einfach zu leise und nahezu unhörbar.Da man 7.1 einfach hin- und herschalten kann, hat man aber viele Möglichkeiten zu variieren.Insgesamt ist der Sound sowohl bei Musik als auch in Videospielen sehr gut, Bass ist sehr angenehm und die Höhen und Tiefen sind meinen Ohren nach optimal. Natürlich kann man auch hier wieder in den Einstellungen rumspielen.Das Mikrofon filtert wie erhofft alle unerwünschten Geräusche, sitze gerade im Sommer neben einem Ventilator – davon bekommen die Gesprächspartner nichts mit. Die Qualität ist überdurchschnittlich gut. Wer z.B. ein RØDE Mikrofon besitzt, kann dank des abnehmbaren Mikrofons dieses benutzen.Lieferumfang & Verpackung:Über den Lieferumfang hatte ich mich nicht informiert, einfach weil es mir nicht wichtig war. Doch auch hier wurde ich abermals positiv überrascht!Die Verpackung ist unglaublich hochwertig, besonders wenn man die dünne Umverpackung abmacht. Kann man sich sogar ins Regal stellen! ;-)Neben dem Headset bekommen wir außerdem 1 Paar Ohrpolster, 1 Tasche, ein Adapter (siehe Bilder) und den üblichen Papierkram.Viel Inhalt für dieses Budget! Zudem sind alle Teile, besonders die Tasche extrem hochwertig und stinken nicht chemisch.Fazit:Ein für 60-70€ unglaublich gutes und hochwertiges Headset aus dem Hause Kingston. Ja, Kingston. Nicht Logitech und Co.Mit viel Lieferumfang und toller Qualität. Kleinen Mängeln, über die man hinwegsehen kann oder für die man eine Lösung findet!

  4. Kitty version:Purchased this for my Xbox and PS4 as it was supposed to be compatible with both. (several customer answers stated it was) but it has a USB plug not an audio jack.INCREDIBLY disappointed.Reviews said it came with an adapter but is apparently not accurate for the kitty version.Does NOT work with an adapter (I tried).Would suggest the seller keeps the diffent versions of this headset on separate listings so the questions and answers don’t get muddled in together.

  5. The hardware in the Krakens is excellent, imo. My husband loves these phones (and I do, too!) My previous phones, a pair of Sony MDR-7506’s, were so good we thought nothing could beat them, even though the Sony phones’ drivers are 40 mms in size and these Razer Kraken drivers are 50mm–much depends on the amplification hardware in the ear pads and motherboard hardware as to which will drive the better sound–eg., 50 mm drivers are not automatically better than 40mm drivers, regardless of the hardware environments. A lot also depends on the preferences of the individuals asked to state their opinions, of course. Some people like bass so overwhelming it actually distorts whereas other people like it only enough to hear it plainly with no distortion, and others like it turned down or off, inexplicably, etc. (But you can’t argue with individual opinions, right?…Opinions are like armpits–we all have at least two of them, eh? So, I advise listening to all sides and colors of opinions, especially about computer hardware! There’s always something new to learn even we don’t agree with the overall opinions other people have or their conclusions. Opinions should always be debated–never, ever censored, we firmly believe!)Bear in mind, both sets of phones were tested via my husband’s x570 Aorus Master motherboard’s RealTek’HD Audio 3.5mm analog Hi-Definition front-panel jack–the best earphone connection jack in the system, btw. (Give me wired over wireless any day–I hate batteries and frequency interference, not to mention security concerns that do not exist with wired connections, etc.) The x570 Master also supports, in hardware, a 3-position headphone amp, and a hardware DAC, a SABRE 9118 DAC–the combination has to be heard to be properly appreciated, imo.Connector cabling. The Kraken offers a superior wiring connection–Kraken uses an extremely thin and ultra-flexible braided connector cable, whereas the Sony offers a thick, plastic-covered connection cable in which most of the length is coiled, just like analog amp cables circa the 1960’s were made. Indeed, the Sony cabling doesn’t look like something made for a 3.5mm plug! It looks exactly like something made for a full size plug! It’s opinion, sure, as everything always is in the end, but we much prefer the Kraken’s cabling over that used in the Sony cans used as the baseline comparison for this review. The Kraken cabling is ultralight, ultrathin, cloth braided, and so ultra-flexible that there simply isn’t any obstinate stiffness in the cable that can be perceived. We both like it very much because of that–it is the nearest thing to not having a cable at all, but without any of the negatives of wireless. Sony’s cabling is–well–SoA, circa 1969…;) Reminds my husband of plugging in his ancient but revered Gibson SG-Specials or Fender Strats & Telecasters into nice big onstage amps (which he still does, only the amps are a fair bit smaller, thankfully…;) )Razer Kraken has an inline volume and microphone control switch. The Sony has neither–well, it doesn’t have a microphone at all, so of course no Mic on/off switch. The Kraken has a nice, radial volume control for the cans, and a straight on-off switch for the Mic. Neither of us is a Mic user, so I’ll leave that portion of the review to others better qualified to write about it in another review. Suffice it to say the Mic works as advertised and the on/off inline switch works fine.Now for the optional DSP software. Here’s the situation as we think it stands regarding the extra-cost surround software available for the Kraken, the THX Spatial Audio software for the Kraken. We don’t recommend anyone buying the Headphones without buying the offered THX Spatial Audio software! It’s offered at 50% off when you buy the Kraken Phones, by Razer. So it’s $10! It’s the best $10 you are going to spend for a long time. We believe that these phones should not be offered sans the THX Spatial Audio–it’s kind of baffling that they are offered without the custom THX software, frankly. However, there are people who love distorted bass and volumes so loud that King Kong’s eardrums would burst!…;) So maybe that’s why Razer doesn’t integrate this into this Kraken package. Still, it would be unusual to find earphone wearers who would prefer their games sounding like an avalanche of boulders tumbling down the side of Everest. I think, anyway…;)To sum it up–I love this software. Husband loves it. He says it’s much better than what he thought it might be. Razer includes a 7.1 surround-sound software solution free of charge with the Kraken, and it’s just “OK”–just kind of average–seems to induce a fair bit of bass distortion in speech in some of our games–one guy’s speech is nigh unintelligible with the Razer 7.1 surround sound package for the Krakens. But run the THX Spatial Audio, instead, and the difference is real and immediately noticeable. THX really justifies its commercial claims–the software brings out the best in the Kraken hardware!Comfort. It’s a very important category with cans–as all of us know. If you can’t game for hours because your phones are causing you pain or discomfort after a certain wearing time–that’s unacceptable. These Kraken phones have “Oval Cooling Gel Cushions” in the pads and I’m just going to say that they are very comfortable indeed. My husband says that this set is the most comfortable set of cans he’s ever worn. Both of us think the Sony set tends to “pinch” a bit in a long wear. The Sony pads are by no means uncomfortable, absolutely not. But both of us–my husband’s typically swelled head and my petite but usually swifter smaller head both find the Krakens more comfortable in all wear scenarios–which I find a bit unusual. My husband says that what surprises him about the Krakens in addition to the gel-filled ear pads is how comfortable they feel–even for a large head like his they feel like they’ve got more room to give–not something the Sony’s ever did. The Sony’s were adequate, just not as comfortable.Durability. This is a big one for us, but especially for my husband. He’s gone through many Plasticine sets of cans promising great durability. Hah. We have lost count of the very strong-looking plastic-frame headsets that after very little use, comparatively, use that was anything but harsh or abusive, simply fell apart, cracking through or breaking apart, and it happened over and over again. Hence, the hunt for metal headbands and construction in our headphones. Both the Sony and the Razer Kraken use metal in their construction, and what a difference! Neither set has come close to cracking or breaking apart! The Sony’s have been up for years without a single problem in that regard! Years, literally. We do not expect to see any less durability from our Razer Kraken–namely, the one reviewed in this article!Really, any aluminum-headband construction should suffice for a long, long time. Our advice is to avoid plastic like the plague–especially the plastic headbands that appear to hold massive weight and hold up under enormous wear and tear–especially those particular Plasticine headbands….;) They just aren’t going to be there one day when you really need them.Price: Believe it or not, the Sony cans are actually priced higher than the Kraken headset reviewed here. You can usually buy the Kraken Gaming Headset reviewed here plus the Razer THX Spatial Audio Software for less–that’s right–less than what the MDR-7506 is currently selling for in places such as AMAZON! Where you are right now.Summary: The Sony cans, the MDR-7506’s used as a baseline comparison for the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset review here, deliver really nice sound and were our number 1 choice in gaming headphones. Operative word being “were”….! These Razer Kraken headphones are better, in our very humble, sincere opinions!

  6. I’m writing this review after using this headset almost daily for work and gaming for a little under two years now. I bought these for gaming, streaming, and work. Let me start off by saying they look adorable and seem to be sturdy, but the quality is definitely lacking and I generally wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who is trying to use them as a full headset, maybe as just headphones, but definitely not if they need to use the mic.————-Quick Summary————————————-PROS: Cute, extension cord is handy (sometimes), comfortable enough to wear all day, sound quality is decent, separate volume knob on the headphones is convenient sometimesCONS: Mic quality is god awful, the mute button broke pretty quickly and I almost couldn’t get it to unmute, headset is too loose and heavy to do any kind of physical activity or even lean forward without them falling off, extension cord is split between input and output so it can’t be used as both input and output through one headphone jack i.e. for my laptop——————————————————————–I was really attracted to these because they are cute, and there weren’t too many options for pink headphones, and I really wanted to look cute for Twitch streaming and Zoom/Discord calls. Let me start by saying I have beat the crap out of these and they still work, but a lot of the features I liked broke or stopped working well after a few months and then I stopped caring about being gentle with them.Most notably, the mute button/volume dial, it is so poorly constructed, you can feel the plastic moving around. The mute button itself often didn’t mute or would get stuck muted, or half muted where it would make a humming or interference noise for people in my voice calls. It finally stopped working entirely after a few months and almost got stuck in the muted position. It was never reliable which lead to some embarrassing situations where I thought I was muted and I was NOT. There are also ridges on the volume adjustment that often get caught on clothing and it turns itself down or all the way up and I have to double check it. Ideally it would have been better if Razer put these buttons on the headset itself instead. It was nice to have volume control separate but it was more annoying than beneficial most of the time. It doesn’t really have any amount of noise cancelling or anything, it feels similar to wearing earmuffs for the winter, I can still hear everything it’s just a little muffled.The mic on this headset is absolutely awful and I would NOT recommend anyone rely on it for quality voice input. I don’t know if it’s just built badly or if mine is slowly getting worse over time but I have a lot of complaints about the mic. First off, the mic picks up sound coming from your earphones, I feel like that should be a basic requirement for a headset to not do that…. I have to have the volume very quiet in order to avoid the mic picking up what I am listening to. This is worse while the mic is pushed in to the headset, and only a little better when you pull the mic out to be near your mouth, but it still happens so it kind of defeats the purpose of having a headset. There has been more than one occasion where my music was picked up in a meeting by my mic, so again very embarrassing situations sometimes. There is zero consistency on mic pickup volume, I have used this for Zoom, Discord, BlueJeans, Facebook Video, Twitch, OBS, and regular phone calls, and all of them have wildly differing volumes of pickup. I use Zoom and Discord the most. On Zoom the mic seems to be supersonic and can pick up sounds across the room, when I’m on Discord on the same computer I have my input boosted and have the mic literally touching my mouth and my friends can barely hear me most of the time, it is so frustrating. Annoyingly this changes frequently, a few weeks ago I was too loud on Discord despite not changing any settings and then this week I am too soft despite being boosted all the way up. If I use the extension cord it changes the whole situation again to where I am having to adjust my settings and test my mic constantly. The extension cord itself is nice but I almost never use it as it is split into input and output only, so I can’t use these as a headset on things with a singular audio jack like my laptop and phone which is 90% of my usage.Physically the headset feels sturdy, and I have dropped it more times than I care to admit, but overall the headset is heavy because the metal ear cups and headband, making it slip and slide off if I lean down to pick something up. If I shake my head with any amount of force the headset slips right off, so I can’t wear it for anything but sitting at my desk, I have to switch to my old Sony bluetooth headphones if I want to work out, which I don’t think I was looking for these to be an all in one solution for me, but it’s still disappointing to take a phone call and have to constantly adjust these on my head if I do any amount of movement. It’s comfortable to wear all day for sure, and I wear glasses so that’s an achievement.The sound quality is decent, I can’t really complain about that.Overall I would say these weren’t worth the purchase. Granted the price point is pretty low for a corded headset but it is a constant headache to adjust the mic settings on every application. I would not purchase these again if I was in the market for a decently priced headset. They are cute and trendy, but really only work well as headphones if you sit still all day.

  7. Found this headset browsing and after reading many of the reviews i thought i’d give thema try, for $20 seriously why not. They are replacing my astros A10’s which were fantastic for well over a year the mic was just going out. Sound quality from these compared to the A10’s is not even close and you can definitely tell they are lower quality in that sense but again $20 take it or leave it. Mic sounds great according to my gaming buds, plugged directly into xbox controller and worked immediately, usb has to be plugged in for lights to work which isn’t a big deal to me. Over all feel and look compared to the astro A10’s is very bulky, they don’t feel cheap though, the adjuster is firm and ear pads are pretty comfy after a few hours of use, mic boom is stiff to pull down or push up which is nice it keeps its place, volume control wheel is a little hard to use and get use to but overall all decent, mic mute switch right next to volume wheel is easy to use and nice having as the astro a10’s you have to flip mic up to mute and the reason why i think the mic went out on mine, noise cancellation isn’t the best i can hear a small fan that’s about 6’ away over gaming sounds with headset on, comes with dual splitter for whatever type of audio controller or system you use. Over all if you’re looking for high quality sound and the best material this obviously isn’t it, for $20 you honestly would be joking to expect that BUT for $20 this head set is very decent, for kids, beginners, or someone just on a budget i’d definitely recommend this headset any day of the week. They definitely surpassed my expectations

  8. Amazing sound quality, both audio in and out. I admit, I wasn’t expecting much for the price, I thought I’d use these as a backup for all of my other headphones. Wrong. Moving to the front of the pack. Big time surprise! First, answered a phone call on my Android phone. Without prompting, the caller told me that my voice was clearer than he’d ever heard – and his voice was extremely clear and bright. That’s one. Next, music. Played jazz, classical and classic rock. I’m picky about this and was not at all disappointed. Fabulous highs, fabulous lows. Mid-range was great. That was test 2. On to #3: Windows PC – YouTube playback was very clear – both music playback and podcasts. And 4: Playstation – very clear. No static, nothing…perfect. Even the opening PS theme music sounds better with better lows and highs. It just sounds richer. In game, it seems like I can hear more now – up down, left right, behind left/right, etc. Grass tussling. Xbox: haven’t tested on this yet.Moving on: there is a volume control on the headphone cable – this works great and is easy to use; in fact, the entire control is nicely laid out with the mic control on the front of the tiny device for on/off switching (doesn’t affect volume control).Mic attachment: easy to maneuver and keep in desired location as well as moving completely out of the way by just bending up.Comfort: I’m retired so I have lots of time and can sometimes use my headphones for hours and hours at a time – the entire day(s) and by the end of the session, my ears (from my other headphones) would be numb or hurt. Not with these. The SENZER SG500 headphones are very comfortable and are easy on the ears with no stress – I also tried to jumping up and down, turning my head sideways quickly and such. The headphones were fine – no falling sideways. That said, they aren’t tight fitting. I don’t understand how it’s designed to be like this but who cares, they work great, are sturdy and good quality!All in all, I’ve already mentioned these to my audio/gamer friends. As for myself, I’m going to order another set as a backup. Yup, they’re that good.

  9. I’ve had the 7P since launch and it’s a great headset (probably the most well rounded for PS5 IMO) but after a while I started looking for something with USB-C and a longer battery life. The newer 7P+ includes both of those things so I was just about to buy them when I saw the Nova 7P. I’m glad I waited, the Nova has all those things plus it’s a lighter headset and the ear cups have a different shape than the 7p which makes them more comfortable. The cushioning on the ear cups are about the same as the 7P and they have the air-weave fabric which I’m glad they kept. The other thing I’ve noticed is the side tone (ability to hear your own voice) is much better on the Nova, something I was disappointed about with the 7P. This likely has to do with the improved mic. The things I just mentioned above are enough for me to confidently say the Nova is a better headset than the 7P but I’ll also add that IMO the sound quality is better too. I havnt tried Bluetooth with it but that’s another huge selling point over the 7P. The only thing I can say that might be a con for some is in general the Nova looks and “feels” cheaper since it’s lighter and bland looking. I originally thought the headband was plastic on the Nova vs. metal on the 7P but I checked again and they are both metal. That said, I’m not sure how they were able to shave some weight since it likely has a bigger battery and supposedly better speakers. Some people may also like the styling and white color of the 7P over the generic look of the Nova but again, I think it was purposeful for steelseries to make the Nova look basic because with the Bluetooth you can use them for travel, work, school, etc. Nobody wants to walk around with a gaming headset on. All these things considered I think the Nova is the best wireless headset at its price point for the PS5. One last thing I’ll add, make sure you update the firmware on it after purchasing because it does not ship with the most recent update. I used my Mac to update and I had to plug the headset AND the wireless dongle into my Mac at the same time in order for my Mac to “see” the headset. Keep in mind also that the engine app will update the dongle first and when it’s done you have to power cycle the headset and do the process over again to update the headset.

  10. The headphones I ordered had some damage but I received another pair as a gift for my birthday last week so I can write my review! I really like these. So far, they are more sturdy than other headphones I’ve tried, like the Corsair HS35, HS 50, and some lower end Turtle Beach headsets. They are a decent set of wired headphones and are reasonably priced. They have great noise cancellation and feel very comfortable over the ears. I’ve worn them for work as well as while gaming on a livestream and again, they are comfortable enough to be work for several hours.The mic is nice. I’ve had headphones with a removeable mic as well as others similar to these where the mic is attached but can be flipped up. I don’t have a preference one way or the other but if you prefer to be able to completely remove the mic from the headset, these aren’t for you. What is missing from this headset is a mute button. I have a Plantronics Blackwire C3210 Headset and even that has a mute button. It DOES have volume controls though, which I feel is pretty standard but I thought it worth mentioning.Some units come with a velcro wrap for cable management when the headset is not in use. I notice that the damaged unit I received had one but this newer one does not.Overall, I really like this headset, it works well, good sound quality and noise cancellation, and is pretty reasonably priced.

  11. I bought this product on impulse as i was originally going to buy a cheaper alternative. Once it got here i expected it to be pretty good, it astounded me with the amount of audio customization and clarity these give, I dont use the microphone but from what i can tell its a pretty ok microphone quality, nothing to good but nothing horrible either. The only thing im unhappy about is the pleather ear pads, they shift around easily and sometimes rotate when moved slightly, the inside of the earpad looks and feels like it is about to peel of, and i feel as if you would to scratch or rub it a bit to hard it would peel the entire thing of. the outside is nothing out of the ordinary, although it is clear it will eventually peel after a bit, might buy replacements for the ear cups down the line. But this headset is a great comfortable option even with the mediocre ear pads, although the plastic feels a bit to lightweight in certain parts, its not bad enough to warrant not buying it. I just wish it had a better plastic quality. Also forgot to mention that for music its quite ok, and for gaming its absolutely amazing, you can pinpoint an enemys location just by sound queues, its saved me multiple times in valorant.

  12. Bought this because I have a $30 studio headset, also from Amazon, that sounds great but has been hurting my ears. This one is nearly as good, but SO much more comfortable. I’ve probably been wearing this for 7 hours today and my ears don’t hurt at all, where as the other headset would’ve already forced me to quit gaming or editing because my ears would be hurting so bad just a few hours in. I tested the mic to compare to my desktop mic, and it’s decent. The only thing is there’s no real bass to your voice, but that’s not really important as a gaming mic. Seems like the noise reduction of the mic was good. The headset itself is not noise canceling, but I didn’t want it to be so not a problem for me. Overall I really like it especially for the price, the only reason it’s not a full 5 stars is just because my other headset sounds slightly better for the same price

  13. It works great I just wish the cord connected to the controller and the console was longer. I have to be so close to my set up for it to light up I wish there was a button to turn it on or off not have to be connected but overall good quality

  14. Has great surround sound for gaming and good quality sound. Had some slight echo if the volume is too high and if no sound is playing and the lights are plugged in it makes a quiet buzzing noise that pulses on and off.

  15. Sounds good. If that’s all you need to know, it does well in that regard. I specifically purchased this with the gamedac2 so I could swap between two devices without unplugging my headphones. This works sometimes but not always, which is kinda problematic. The way to get around this is to unplug and replug one of the usb-c inputs.

  16. IM SO MAD. I’VE WASTED SO MUCH MONEY . So I’ve had these headsets for about 1 month and I’m SO UPSET IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO FIND THESE. I wish I bought them sooner. I would of saved money because I wouldn’t of bought all the other headphones in search for that perfect audio quality.I’m a HUGE fan of PS5 and I’ve been having a hard time finding a decent pair of headphones that would give me that good directional sound effect that ive been seqrching so long for. I mostly play Dayz, but I also play Fortnite, Call of duty, Rocket League, and other fps games. Some brands claim that they are “3D”, “7k”,”hi-def”, or even “Hi-Fi”, but NONE of those headphones can even come close to comparing to the amazing sound these headphones have when using them on PS5. The noise canceling and other features are AMAZING. Sonys Pulse 3D headphones are JUNK, even after adjusting the settings within the PS5 audio software. I’ve also tried many different brands such as Astro’s, Turtle beech, xcloud, and Razer. Trust me when I say NONE of those are better than these SteelSeries 7P+. They might be cheaper, but if your looking for quality over price, these are the right choice. Plus, When I decide to make the switch to PC gaming, I’ll still be able to use these headphones.I also purchased the warranty protection plan, because when (or if) these decide to fail, I WILL be getting another pair. I’ll be sticking with these headphones throughout the rest of my gaming days unless they decide to sell a better pair within the same price point.Thank you so much SteelSeries for building such a quality set of Headphones. Your a God

  17. The cord has a usb that you cannot detach it makes like headset light up although it is neer impossible and inefficient to use it with anything but a computer considering a usb is usually right next to the headphone jack but with console it just hangs there. The cord is long sometimes gets in the way also the volume and mute is on the cord but kind of too far down for my liking definitely is bulky but is very good quality and for the 18 bucks i spent it was well worth i just think they overdid it with the lights.

  18. This was the second headset I purchased for working from home. I used to wear my apple wired earbuds, but coworkers complained about me breaking up on calls because of the wire interference. Then, I bought a pair of Anker headphones, and while they were nice, I found them too heavy on my head and didn’t like the noise cancellation feature. I know a lot of people want that especially for gaming, but since I’m using them to work, I like to be able to still hear my own voice when I talk without feeling like I’m in a cave. It does muffle your voice a little bit but not so much that it bothered me. It also provided better noise cancellation than earbuds. So far, I’ve had people tell me they could hear me very clearly now on calls, so I’m happy with this purchase.

  19. Love using these for playing on my PC.The sound quality is pretty nice and the audio is balanced. Its super convenient to be able to detach the microphone when I’m not using it! However, to use the microphone you need to buy a separate attachment if you plan to use it on a computer. You need a headphone splitter to separate the headphone channel and the microphone channel.Other than that, you can use the headphones on literally anything that has a headphone jack. (The splitter isn’t needed) for your gaming consoles (XBOX, PS4/5, Switch) and your smart phones!I’d also be careful of how you handle the ear pieces of the headphones because they can flip over flat to fit in headphone cases or around your neck. Those pieces can possibly break or crack since the hinges go slightly past the intended direction. Which would explain most of the other reviews of this headset cracking

  20. So we did have to buy an adapter and I’m not exactly sure why because I’m not familiar with the gaming at all but in the end my daughter loves the headset and the lights are cute! I enjoy the lights because I know when she’s active sitting in the dark living room playing and chatting with school mates! Lol .. I’m going to say they are worth what I paid because I did shop around a bit first! I don’t jump on anything!

  21. For gaming, it works as intended, sound works great, surround sound works too, can hear 360 all around. One thing I did not enjoy though, was how it holds onto the ears and how glasses conflict with it. As for someone with glasses, and finding headphones that don’t hurt my ears, sadly this is not one of them that I can say stops my ear pain. Every other review says it’s great for glasses, IT IS NOT. Maybe 2-3 hours of wearing it, I have to take it off or remove my glasses entirely. Also the cushioning of the memory foam isn’t the best, I’d say you can find the same quality from any other memory foam headset around this price. However, good price! Good Surround! Decent Cushioning, Not recommended for those who wear glasses and are trying to find a headset for that, this is not the headphones for such a thing. I will be using this headset till it either dies, or I switch it out later on, but for now it is a solid purchase. I honestly was thinking it’d be worse than what I anticipated, so kudos to that!

  22. My boyfriend bought these for gaming and he likes them. The only thing he has said is that it feels like it’s squeezing his ears, maybe they’re a little tight but other than that he loves them. He literally wears them for hours sometimes so I don’t think the ear thing is that serious.

  23. These headphones are amazing and I love them so much! The noise cancelation is okay, It works but its not as perfect as I thought it would be. They are comfortable but they do not connect to my Android phone. The headphones only light up when you plug them into the spot where I plug in my mouse so I was a bit disappointed about that but other than that, they are super comfortable and I love them so much.

  24. I genuinely love these, the sound quality is amazing and it feels like a quality product. My only issue has been because the cord is so long, it tends to weigh down the jack and could lead to it shorting so I do recommend reinforcing the jack with a coating of hot glue or maybe tape so that it isn’t weighed down too much.

  25. For me, this headset is 4.5 out of 5. I actually dont prefer noise canceling headphones and have just been using crappy wired phone headphones for about 5 years (before that I used the same pair of turtle beaches for about 5 years). These have a pass through so you can still hear sounds outside the headphones which is key since I have kids. Its honestly a game changer if you still need to hear outside the game and don’t worry it’s not like a constant static, plus it’s adjustable.Sound quality is fine, can easily hear foot steps in mw2(2). Doesn’t blow me away or anything but gets the job done, no complaints.These are super comfy on the skull and ear cupping is fine. It’s not super breathable but not uncomfortable. I don’t game in long sessions anymore but have worn for about 3 hours with no complaints.Setting these up is freaking cake. Seriously. I’m on PC and all I did was connect the dongle to the USB adapter and plug the USB into my PC and boom, sound. My PC automatically switched output sound to the headphones but you might have to go into settings and switch it.Iv seen people complain about the red light when the mic is muted and all you have to do is lower the mic and turn it so the red light is facing down is a non-issue. Still picks up your voice no problem but that leads into my first complaint. The mic will pick up any and every sound in the house (and I’m in the basement). So having a full house I do need to mute my mic a lot but at least it’s easy to do with a button on the headset. My only other complaint is the location of the volume and pass thru dials. Every single time I take off (or put on) my headset I hit those dials. It’s an easy fix but it is an annoyance.Overall tho I am very very happy with my purchase. I did a ton of research on a plethora of headphones before buying these and would 100% buy again. Especially if your a dad (or mom) gamer.

  26. I actually use these for work. I spend half my days on conference calls and needed a headset that would be comfortable and have clear sound. This JBL headset is outstanding on both counts. It is uber comfortable and I have been on 5-6 hour calls and do not get any pain or pressure like other headsets I have used. The sound is clear, and I appreciate the volume control built into the left earpiece. It lets me turn down the sound if someone has an obnoxious booming mic.My only complaint is the cord was a little short, but I solved that with an audio extension cord.

  27. Honestly I am not the biggest dude about sound, just need a headset that I can hear directional sounds ok and I’m happy. This has great sound for me and I’m happy on that end. The thing I am really bummed about is that it came with my mic not working which is a bit of a bummer. I need to comm to teammates in game and now will have to probably purchase another mic. This has made me figure its time to switch to desktop mic, headphone mics are just getting really bad.Edit: I luckily have an attachment that I found that let me use it in a usb and mic works, but I dont think someone should have to buy some converter for mic to work easily.

  28. This is a good headset. The sound quality is great. I like that the over the ear part of the headphone is moveable. I can easily adjust that part to fit into most areas on my desk and helps save some space. The microphone’s audio quality is fine. It’s not great, but it sounds decent. My only complaint about the headset is that it is too bulky and a little heavy for my head. My neck and head start hurting after a while when I wear the headset for a while.

  29. Not perfect but darn good. Really comfortable. The interface for the DAC is clunky and annoying.

  30. After a few months the connecter is picky if it wants to work or not- was great when it worked perfectly but with unplugging and plugging in it has gotten weak and no longer likes to work. Would recommend if you don’t have kids that like to play with your gaming set up. Lmao

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