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  1. EDIT: Regarding my issue of the sound not working, I think I have determined the problem to be using Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer. Whenever I use those programs, and sound plays on the PC with the headset plugged into it, it seems to bypass the headset and sound comes to my PC accessing the remote PC. Going back to my PC with the headset plugged in (and closing CRD and TV completely), that is when no sound comes out and I have to unplug the USB control box and plug it back in for it to start giving sound. I do not intend to stop using either of those programs, so unless I find a fix, I am OK with having to do this. I will not knock a few points from this headset that I already think is an awesome product; as it is an issue with a program and not the headset itself and as such I will change my rating from 4 *’s to 5 *’s. These have also been great for long periods of gaming and streaming. No headaches or sore spots on my head from wearing these, even with glasses on. My voice from my stream and recordings sound great, and playing Alien: Isolation is truly a terrifying thing when these are cranking up the noises and you hear metal clanking from the alien like it is right there above you! Things sound crisp and clear to me, like voices, even in movies and YouTube videos. END EDITI bought these several weeks ago from Amazon Warehouse, thought I would save $5. I know $5 might not seem that much, but having just spent $1400 on new PC parts for my build, every dollar counts! Anyway, I am new to PC gaming, been with consoles for years. I wanted to find a good headset that would give me good sound, good mic, good fit, good build quality, and cheap. I found these actually by accident, as I was searching for Logitech’s headset, initially.Now, these things are awesome… (The following is updated with my edit above) When they function, which to be honest is quite often. However, sometimes when I go to use these, they sometimes stop outputting sound. I go into my playback devices and I see that it is registering them active and that sound is being transmitted, except nothing comes out of the speakers. I have to unplug the USB control box from my PC and plug it back in for them to get back to working. I also have quite a bit of trouble getting these to work consistently with my HTC M8 (more so than with my PC). I sometimes have to reset my phone for these to work and I am not sure why that is. I am not sure if it is these that are just not very compatible, as I have earbuds that work every single time. That leads me to believe that these are defective in some way. It could be that by trying to save $5, these may have just been defective from the start.The mic is pretty good too. I like that it is detachable and flexible enough to get out of the way if I need it to be. You can hear yourself when you speak, you just need to make sure that, in your recording devices, you set it to listen. I really don’t like this though. There is quite a big delay (maybe around 1/2 second) in you talking to hearing yourself from the speakers. The first time I tried this, I gave myself a headache. Just try to talk, expecting to hear your voice, and as you are saying one thing you are hearing what you just said, it gets very confusing for the senses! My speech became confusing, something my brain couldn’t reconcile, which led to my headache (yes, an actual headache!). I am not sure if this is something that is expected when you have to do this, but I would not recommend doing this (of course, your experience may vary). There is a little rubber piece that goes over the exposed port of the mic when you detach it, from the headset, that I see being lost quite quickly. It is a nice touch to be able to cover that port, I just wish that it could have somehow been kept on the headset, so it wouldn’t get lost. I still do have mine, and I keep it in the bag that comes with this headset (more on that below) so maybe I just need to keep it there unless I use these on a trip or something.The fit on these things are one of the best things about this. Very snug, very comfortable and when I have my glasses on, they don’t press those into my head. You can either use the leather ones or the velour. I prefer the velour, they just feel very cozy and warm and plush!The build of these things, to me, do not seem to equate to a $100 price tag. That is a good thing, as these things feel like I am stealing something from Kingston! I would honestly expect to pay quite a bit more for how well these things are built. ‘How can Kingston sell these for what I paid?’ I keep asking myself every time I put them on! They are built with metal along the top, padded underneath to rest comfortably on your head. With several hours of gaming, they don’t feel heavy on my head. The stitching in these things is fantastic, it is a nice detail, that while it may not improve the functionality, it just proves my reasoning of thinking I am stealing something from this company, but I am glad I am not! The cord quality is great, it is braided so it doesn’t tangle or get easily caught on something. The cord is standard length, from the headset to the end, which can plug into many things to be used for listening. However, it is short for having it just plugged into your PC (this is not using the USB control box). If you do use the control box, which I recommend, then it adds a lot of length, letting you sit quite a distance from your machine. The control box has a clip on the back that allows you to attach it to your pants pocket, shirt, anything else, really. This is nice cos now I don’t have to figure out where my controls are when I quickly need to mute, decrease/increase volume/mic, enable/disable 7.1 virtual. So with these things not functioning properly for me at times, I am not sure if it is the control box, or the headset in general (like I said earlier, I have problems getting this to work properly on my phone too. This could all be due to the fact that I ordered from Amazon Warehouse instead of brand new). I need the control box to add the extra length as my PC sits farther away than some might have theirs. The carry bag that comes with this looks to be great quality too. I expect to use it for the first time in a couple days when I go on a trip and bring these along. It is large for these to fit and keep everything that comes with it, all in one space.Now onto the 7.1. I cannot comment on how well this works. Let me give you some background information. I have a hearing disability. 95% of my left ear is not working and I need a hearing aid in my right ear, which is around 70% deaf. I use these things with and without my hearing aid. I cannot use the functionality of the 7.1, which is not that big of a deal for me as I have come to terms with not being able to hear very well in general. It does, however, seem to increase the volume, which sometimes I need when I listen to movies or TV shows on my PC. So read what others have to say about that, I’m sorry I cannot do this in this review. I will say though that these things can get LOUD. Which is why sometimes I use these without my hearing aid. They really do deliver a lot of sound to my ear that works. There is an audible tone when you push the controls and it is different when you reach the max and minimum. This is a nice touch as well.Finally. I am writing this review for the product I purchased from Amazon Warehouse a couple of weeks ago. Last night (3/24/15) I initiated a return for these. Do you want know what I did after that? I purchased a brand new set of these, for the original price I was trying to avoid weeks ago! That should tell you what I think of them, flaws and all, that I actually want these again. If the new pair doesn’t work correctly, or like these things did, yes I will be disappointed, but it will be a minor issue for me because all of the other benefits of these things! Plus, having looked over the reviews, I see quite often that Kingston will reach out to those who aren’t satisfied with this and offer help. Not many companies care once they have your money. But when I see a company go this far for those who buy their products, being a small business owner myself, I greatly appreciate this large company for acting the way they do, even if the issue isn’t resolved. It speaks volumes to those who love the products of a company and to those who may not be aware of what a company offers. But offering great customer service is another great feature of this product, and one you may not find from many others.Now keep in mind, all of these things are coming from someone who just got into PC gaming, there may be others out there, others that are better, cheaper, more expensive, whatever… But I am glad I stumbled on these when I did, cos I don’t really want to go to another product, I love these things!One last thing, Amazon is amazing! I contacted them about these and when I order the new pair last night, they offered one day shipping free! There are a lot of bad companies out there, but Kingston and Amazon are among the elite in my opinion!

  2. UPDATE (03/16/17): I ended up giving my pair of Cloud II’s to my son for his birthday. I now had to make a decision whether to purchase another pair of Cloud II’s or try something else. SO, I ended up buying the Beyerdynamic DT770, Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. I bought all four from Amazon and sat down and tested all of them over a period of 4 months. First off, what I love in headphones is a full sounding, deep bass and some ambient surround sound. I like hearing the boom of a grenade or thump of a stealth take-down of a long-neck in Horizon Zero Dawn.First off, Don’t believe in the 7.1 surround sound hype you get from any “GAMING” headphones under $200. I have now tried 3 different actual gaming headsets and all of them gave the directional sound but at a cost… These gaming headphones that declare 7.1 surround achieve this by diminishing the sound levels of other ambient sounds. I’m not a audiophile or pro so bare with me… The Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds all sounded tinny and the mid-range seemed distant. It hyped up the surround but in order to achieve that it lowered the other sounds to make it happen, including bass. For example, in Horizon Zero Dawn, when Aloy shoots an arrow it sounds like it’s far away, when it shouldn’t because she’s directly in front of you and if you shot off that arrow it should sound like the release happened in your face. It doesn’t. It sounds like your Aloy let go of the bow about 20 yards from where you are standing. If that makes sense. YES, the gaming headphones with 7.1 do give you directional but it just lowers everything else. Which is why I assume pro gamers love them because they want to hear if someone is sneaking up on them.FOR ME though… I’m not a pro gamer. I want bass, a thud. I want a overall strong sound that makes me feel like I’m right there. SO, I did more research online and youtube and came across the Beyerdynamic DT770’s. They are not gaming headphones but many claim the bass is awesome and the sound in games is even better. I just received these today and within 30 minutes I packaged them back up and returning them. Although, I will give them this much. The directional sound was WAY better than any gaming headphones, Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. No joke, the directional sound was dead on with these. The low bass was also good but wasn’t enough and the mid-range sounded distant just like the Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds. If you want directional sound that mimicks 7.1, with a low bass that isn’t overwhelming I would buy the Beyerdynamic’s.SO saying all of that. I know this sounds funny but I’m basing this all down to shooting an arrow. I switched back and forth between the Beyer’s and the Clouds II’s in Horizon Zero Dawn. I would shoot an arrow at a grazer (metal animal) and the Cloud II’s sounded like I shot that arrow from my shoulder next to my ear. It also enough bass to where you felt like you actually shot an arrow. The Beyer’s and the Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds all felt Aloy (character in game) was 20 yards away shooting an arrow. Only way I know how to describe it. The Cloud II’s also have way more base then the one’s I’ve mentioned. It’s punchy and you feel it. Felt good when I slammed the ground with my spear. The Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds and Beyer all felt weak. When I slammed the ground with my spear it again, felt distant. Not really immersive.I stood on top of a Long Neck. When a Long Neck walks around the map it’s feet create a ground thump that should sound heavy. SO I stood on top of a Long Neck and switched back and forth between the Beyer and Cloud II’s. The Beyer again felt like the sounds were distant and didn’t feel the Long Neck walking very much. The Cloud II’s at the same sound level I could feel the Long Neck walking, it felt like I was right there on top of the Long Neck and could feel every step it took.Also, the Cloud II’s do have directional sound … So if you walk up to someone talking and swing your camera around in a 360, the voice will swing around your head as it should. Is it true surround, no. Does it do the trick, yet. Now in the Beyer and Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds, the surround does sound more ambient and sounds around you but again, it diminishes the bass and mid-range it feels like.So saying all that, I’m a casual gamer that wants good bass, I want to feel like I get hit rather than hear someone walking up behind me. I want to feel the game. The Cloud II’s in my opinion after trying all the headphones are awesome. I can honestly say that and feel comfortable suggesting you pick up a pair over any other’s I’ve suggested. They really are good.I can also attest to the 7.1 feature the Cloud II’s do provide with the packaging. You can plug it into your PS4 and your controller and I can honestly say it does provide 7.1 BUT it then turns into the Beyer and Logitech G633, Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and the Playstation Golds and diminishes the mid-range and bass.I don’t plug my Cloud II’s into my controller. I purchased a two speaker with sub-woofer sound system for my desk that comes with a volume control and headphone output. I plug my Cloud II’s into this setup which allows me to turn it up as loud as I want and in a way acts as a amp to push out even more bass and volume. You can’t get that by just plugging into the PS4 controller, it can only pump out so much volume and your maxed out. Not very loud going directly through the controller.By a desktop sound system with subwoofer and volume control with headphone output…. Trust me it changes the sound output and bass levels.SO there’s my updated review. Other’s will probably disagree with my review but this is COMING from someone who doesn’t need 7.1 or games heavily online in COD or Battlefield 1. I love games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us, Dying Light, Metal Gear Solid 5, Just Cause 3, Nioh, Dark Souls, BloodBorne, Evil Within, Dishonored, etc. I should also mention I’ve also owned the X12’s, PX24’s.Previous Review: OKAY, SO FINALLY, after buying the X12, PX24, TB 500p, Sony Gold Wireless and returning all of them, I purchased the Cloud II. Before I bought the Cloud II, I was almost going to settle with the X12’s or PX24. The 500p and Gold Wireless you’d think are superior BUT THEY ARE NOT. The surround sound on the expensive gamer headphones are just a gimick. Most of the surround sound gamer headphones are made for gamers who primarily play FPS. It tones down quite a few sounds including bass and other environmental sounds to pump up footsteps and reloads. This allows the FPS gamer to hear what’s around him. Sounds cool, YEA BUT, again, it drowns out other sounds to make that possible.Saying that, I’m a casual gamer and I love bass. I love feeling the thump of the explosions and gun fire. The 500p and Gold Wireless sucked at this. IN fact, the 500p did have good bass but ONLY when I switched it to the mode called, “Bass & Treble”. Great right? NO, because that’s basically what the X12’s and PX24’s do. Even the x12’s simulate surround sound. I’ve had a pair of x12’s for 5 years and I can honestly say they simulated surround just as good as the 500p and Gold’s but kept the bass and overall depth of sound. More balanced.This is where the Cloud II comes in… Very skeptical and was almost ready to return them before I got them. Was just tired of buying and returning. Before I begin, a few disclaimers… 1. I game on a PS4 and I don’t plug my headphones into my controller or through USB. I actually bought a device online that allows me to plug in my toslink directly from the output on the PS4 to the adapter which is where I plug my headphones into. This gives it way more depth and power then plugging into the controller or via USB on the front of the console.2. The 7.1 on this particular headset doesn’t really work with PS4. Saying that, it actually works but doesn’t. Bare with me on this… In order to get it to work, you have to plug it into the front of the PS4 via a USB. Then you plug the headset into the 7.1 mixer. I tried it with and without and quite honestly it sound MUCH better without the 7.1. Mainly because the 7.1 mixer is designed for PC and MAC. It wasn’t designed to use with the PS4 even though you can get it to turn on. SO, I actually don’t use the 7.1 mixer. I put it back in the box.3. DONT plug the headset into your controller or via the USB. A lot of people don’t realize they can buy a very cheap setup that allows you to use the toslink which pumps out the 7.1. I’ll do my best to link my set up below. I’ve been using it for years and won’t go back. Only because when I plug these into the controller it loses something, can’t put a finger on it but it doesn’t sound as good. Same with using the mixer.I highly recommend the Cloud II. It has really good deep base, the mid’s are clear and sharp and the high’s as well. It’s a very well balanced sound, as well as, it does simulate surround sound even without the 7.1. I switched back and forth between the Gold’s and these while playing NO Man’s Sky, Dying Light, Dark Souls 3, BloodBorne, Just Cause 3 and these really sounded good and very good balance of sound.Best part, I own a Nvidia Shield and plug the headset into the controller that comes with the shield and watched a couple movies with it and it blew me away. Awesome sound and even simulated surround sound.FINALLY satisfied with a headphone purchase after using my x12’s for 5 years. Both my sons are sold on them as well comparing them to other headsets they’ve owned. Worth the purchase in my opinion.OH, they are comfortable!!! Although, be aware… It comes with a leather or fake leather material and it comes with a replacement that is cloth. I noticed a huge difference in sound when I used the leather over the cloth. Mainly because the leather is air tight and keeps all the sound in and out. The cloth I noticed I could hear outside sound more and it leaked the sound coming from the headphones. Wasn’t a big deal but the bass felt deeper and stronger with the leather padding. Both are awesome and sound good though.USE THIS DEVICE to hook up your headphones using the Toslink output on the PS4. I’ve used these for the past 3-5 years and they work great and pump out way better sound then plugging into the controller or using the USB on the front of the PS4. A lot of people don’t realize you can use this with any headphones whether they are made for Xbox or PS4 or PC. It’s makes it to where you can use any headphone and uses the Dolby surround from Toslink.PORTTA PETDTAP DIGITAL COAX AND OPTICAL TOSLINK TO ANALOG AUDIO CONVERTER:

  3. Preface to say, this 4 star rating is only because I have a massive head, like literally. Not fat or anything, I just cannot find a hat that fits me. I’m absolutely sure this will not affect you, unless you knowingly have a head that does not fit any hat you’ve ever tried.The issue for this product arose that i’d feel my head being squished by the headset, which led to initial discomfort. I’d often swap back to just using my speakers because my head was aching from wearing it for so long. However, as continued use got on, either it turned my head into an meat accordion to make itself fit, or i just stretched it out with my immensely obtuse cranium use. Either way, the discomfort went away after about a week or two.Sound quality is absolutely stellar. I’ve almost overdosed on heavy bass at least 5 times since I got it.Outgoing verbal quality is also amazing, so my friends have said- although, there was a brief period where my outgoing audio was not good. I figure it was just a loose connection, so i took apart and reconnected everything and i’ve not had a single issue since- (In retrospect, my friends discovered it’s entirely possible audio was going through my webcam mic instead).I ordered this headset about two months ago, and the quality that it has so far bestowed me with is probably the best i’ve ever experienced, then again, i’ve never shelled out this much for a headset/mic in the past, so it was to be expected.Unsure? thinking of checking many a forum to find the right answer? Just buy this. I’ve extensively asked many different people/communities what they think the best for the money is, and they’re all pointing to this. It’s probably definitely worth the money.

  4. This is the 3rd headset I’ve tried…3rd time lucky!!1st was Plantronics Rig Flex, 2nd was Logitech G430 – nothing wrong with either but I have a small girly head and 1 other specific problem, I have a behind ear hearing aid. Now trying to find a comfortable solution to gaming that doesn’t suffer feedback has been a trial and a half!First mention is for the quality packaging, these bad boys arrive in a lovely box with plenty of secure foam packing and a carry bag. Oo la la!The HyperX Clouds are quite literally as light as a cloud. These headphones are plenty big enough for guy heads but also small and light enough for girl heads, they don’t swamp you. The wide flat padded headband doesn’t make your head go numb when wearing them (Yes I have mine on for 8 -10 hours a day! and it’s a big problem if they hurt) Now, I use the velour covered ear cups and they just sit happy as a bunny on my ears without causing my hearing aid to whine with feedback – RESULT finally!!! Apparently the Pleather covered cups cut out more background noise but as I can’t use them I can’t comment.The sound quality is fab, they’re simply a USB plug n play. The dongle gives you control over sound and mic volumes and when to activate the 7.1 surround for game play. The mic is detachable, so you can use just the stereo headphones plugged into your phone or MP3 player if you want or if you live stream with a static mic and don’t want to use the boom mic.The construction is plenty sturdy enough. My reply to those who say they break easily is take more care with your stuff! No rage quitting and throwing them down in disgust might go a long way ;-pI don’t think I’ll ever need a different brand now I’ve found these 😀

  5. This headset is light weight and has very good quality sound for the price and is very comfortable. Microphone works good as well. Lights on the sides of the headset make it look nice.Only complaint is that this headset is meant for PC users given the fact that both the USB cable and microphone plug in are connected very close together to the cable. Meaning, that if you are playing on PS4 you plug the microphone cable into the controller but can’t plug the USB cable into the system for the lights. I ended up buying a 3 foot USB extension cable in order to be able to use the lights. So if you are using anything other than a PC and want the lights on the headset while you play, then you’ll need an USB extension cable.This product is very good though. Very happy with the purchase

  6. They were amazing headphones until they developed a short near the jack. I had to hold the wire at just the right angle for them to work. I am very disappointed with the durability of the wire given these are $100 headphones. I’ve had tougher $5 usb cables. I won’t be buying HyperX products again as this is a huge oversight in design.

  7. The media could not be loaded.  Got this headset and wore it for quite some time! I absolutely love it. I hope my video review is helpful to you!~ :)EDIT: I noticed a lot of people forget… please make sure you’re PLUGGING the cable ALL THE WAY IN! ^_^

  8. I’ll start off by saying I’m a middle aged dad who purchased this for my teenage son so that he would stop borrowing his sister’s Beats for gaming. I was first expecting to pay $100, but was pleasantly surprised by the pricing and reviews for these.I just now tested these, and to me, they don’t seem too bad. The audio quality is lesser than the Beats he was using, but to me, that’s OK. They are not as comfortable as the Beats either, but they’re still fine for wearing for hours on end.Unfortunately, they were not acceptable for my teenage son. This was just one gift of the many for his birthday. We tend to go overboard, even before Christmas. He wasn’t overly thrilled, but used them immediately. Later, in a fit of rage over his other gifts, he shouts “Thanks for the $10 scratchy headset Dad!”.So, if you’re a middle age person looking for good value, I think these are a good fit. Though, if you’re a spoiled brat teenage boy who wants to hear what others will do to his mom in the best sound quality and comfortability, these may not be the best purchase.

  9. Pair this with a mixamp (Astro or Turtle Beach T.A.C) and you have a better headset than the more expensive headsets including the likes of the Astro a40 and a50. Turtle Beach Elite 800, Sony Wireless 2.0, Sony Platinum.On there own they are mighty fine for consoles and PC. But are so much better when paired with a mixamp. You can get a second hand mixamp from the likes of CEX for £32 (Astro Pro mixamp 2013). The USB 7.1 processor that comes with the HyperX does not fully work with the PS4 or Xbox One. You can plug it in and get audio and mic working. But the 7.1 SS button or the volume buttons works. So again I 100% recommend pairing a mixamp with this for console users.For PC users it’s just plug and play and the 7.1 control works right away. Such a good headset.

  10. This headset has a lot of goods going for itself, especially at this price point – decent sounding headphones, detachable cables and mic, solid build quality, and extremely comfortable even with my extra large head. I was left disappointed, however, when it came to use with PS4 despite it sounding fine on PC. When I connected it to my PS4 controller I was treated to a set of headphones that was too quiet. After doing some research I found out this headset has an impedance rating of 65 ohms, and that the PS4 controller does not have enough power to drive the thing. Whose problem is it to fix, Sony or HyperX? Regardless, while this is a great headset, it does not work well enough out of the box with a PS4 like the product description claims.

  11. Had this product for just over 2 months and the mic stopped working- a replacement was sent out within a week of me writing my first review extremely impressed new one works perfectly very grateful for the quick response

  12. I got this in a rush when I needed a new headset. In hindsight a bit more research would have had me getting something else. As a precursor to the review I feel that it is worth noting that I am very rough on audio peripherals. I don’t know why, but they usually last me about 6 months regardless of the quality and price. This is why I choose to buy at a cheaper price point more frequently rather than high-end less frequently.Pros:Price for the quality is greatDecent speaker/mic soundGood quality cable that is at least 6′ longSits comfortably on the headStereo/mic to separate stereo and mic connector includedIn-line mic mute switch and audio volume adjustmentCons:The USB is only a power source for the blue lights on the headset (it is a bit misleading in its uses, but if I had researched it a bit more I would have found this out before purchase)The in-line mute and volume knob would be better with a mic gain knob as wellIt tends to make my head a bit sweaty (I have long hair and live in South Texas, US. So it is hard to find headsets that don’t do that, but still something to keep in mind)The headset only goes on one way (The traditional right and left side is enforced by the mic only being usable one way. I know I am in the minority, but I like the mic being on the right side of my head)So this is absolutely worth the money, but if you are looking for a high-end headset this is not it. I know my cons were a bit nit picky, and I don’t want anyone to think that I regret this purchase. I knew I was getting a quick solution to needing a headset, and I honestly got more than I was looking for. The USB lighting, while completely useless, is a cool addition. The only reason it didn’t make it into the pros section is because unless you want to look cool on stream it is wasted resources.So, yea. If you want a good quality headset for a good price this is great for you.

  13. First off, the headsets are very comfortable. I could wear them all day. They sound good and all, but there’s a catch for Xbox users: you can’t use the 7.1 Surround Sound USB card. After a brief talk with the customer service (who was very nice), I found out that this piece is “incompatible” with the Xbox. It would have been nice to know that beforehand! The description says, “Compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, etc…” No! It does not work the same at all! The headphones will still function, but not at the same level as expected.

  14. Bought these for a xmas gift for my 8 year old who is a fortnite fanatic. Tested them out last night and he is going to love them… the lights make them xtra cool. He is going to be over the moon.

  15. Price:At the time of my order 23 November 2018 £15.29Cheep didn’t expect much for the price. However I now feel it was under-priced total BargenPostage:Free shipping on amazonPackaging:The box is Simple, clean and shows details needed but not over the topNot wasting plastic simple small bag inside the box. No extra bubble wrap or polystyrene happy with that. No damage on the headphones so they were protected wellFunction:Sound is very good not the best in the world however these are in the top 5 that I have used. So im very surprised with the sound quality.Microphone seams fine sound is good not tested it to much.Leds work when plugged into a usb port only so if you want that and your a console user bare that in mined but the jack plug will fit anything reallySet up: plug and playlooks: black finish on plastic sides and mic. Matt black on head band. They look more expensive then they are.with the blue leds looks ok though never understood why they are there cant see them when wearing them.With the lights off still looks goodComfort:After using them for a few hours didn’t notice they were on. Soft grip on you head. The headband has a foam inlay making it nice and soft with not pressure pointsAll in all there good would recommendPrice: 5/5Packaging: 5/5Function: 4/5Set up:5/5Looks : 4/5Comfort:5/5In total 28/30 very happy with the product. Thanks for my order

  16. Re revised review.Kraken Tournament EditionXbox one ps4 wii u and pc tested.Nice clear speech bothwaysGood volumes nice and loud.No distortion when you crank up your fav shooter and nice quality on adventure games.The THX dongle for pc (does work on ps4 as a amped headphone) so a little louder than just plugging in the controller, although that’s loud anyway.Good all rounder tested with dolby atmos and worked a treat on xbox and Netflix atmos supported movies.Many times in online multiplayer shooters I have spun round and killed players because this headset allowed me to hear them coming. Always a plus.Comfort.Light, comfy cool gel earphones, glasses wearers these are excellent to, over head band you forget is there no over sweat issues either.Durability these will last as long as you look after them, a lot of metals in the build quality, shame the cable isn’t removable incase the wire was ever damaged but not an issue here.On pc you may find the mic doesn’t work when you plug in your USB THX dongle,Please install razers synapse software to control the headsets volumes and features and all is perfect.Hope that’s helps, anyone that reads my reviews know I’m harsh on items and know what I’m on about, I’ve been in the electronics game years and know quality wise what’s good.These are good. I give overall 8/10 as always room for improvement. A good solid buy.

  17. I got these at the reduced price of £44 and I’ve got to say in my opinion that is an outstanding bargain.I needed a good all-round gaming headset suitable for travelling and these fit the bill perfectly.Firstly the sound quality is good, crisp and clear. I have a pair of Astro A40’s and although they don’t have the same punch as those the sound quality is definitely on par. I hooked the 3’s up to the mixamp TR and the surround worked perfectly.Next comfort. They are the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever worn. The sport band is a genius touch and the ear cups fit around my ears like a glove.I’ve not had chance to use the microphone yet but when I do I’ll update the review straight away.Another nice touch is that they are windows sonic compatible. These are good when connected to PS4 but even better when connected to Xbox and pc.Overall I couldn’t recommend these enough. Although I got them at the reduced price I’d have to say they’re definitely worth the rrp.

  18. So my logitech headset died 🙁 not the first time, so I wasn’t going to spend another £50 on something like that. Thought I’d try something different. I really liked the RGB on this headset, which is a primary ready I bought it.I didnt have the highest expectations, it’s a £30 headset from an unknown brand. But I wasn’t disappointed at all. They are well built and are big enough to fit on my big head, so that’s a bonus. The mic boom could have been a little longer, but I guess they were going for the unobtrusive approach with this product. Sound wise they’re pretty good, sensitive to footsteps and weather effects and the like. I had no problem locating enemies on pubg, a massive advantage. And it’s good to have an inline volume and mic mute switch. There’s a reasonable amount of bass too, the drivers are apparently 50mm which is large, so there’s a lot of spacial awareness with this headset.Overall I’m happy with this headset so I’ll be using it as my daily driver for games etc.

  19. Reply
    Zygimantas Marcipukas 03/17/2019 at 12:00 am

    Pros & ConsPros:2m long cable, long enough for most setups from the TV/Monitor to the Sofa/Chair.Good amount of red accents.Really comfortable for a few hours of gaming or for other uses.Cons:Mic is way TOO SENSITIVE, you barely have to either breathe in or breathe out and the mic will pick it up.The rest of the mic felt really cheap.Noise cancelling is alright, but could have been much better considering its from Logitech.Sorry for no photos.

  20. Bought this for my sons PlayStation and pc. Usb connection to ps4. there’s a seperate 3.5mm input on the headset he also plugs into his pc. Out of the box there’s no way of sending your own voice back to your headset for feedback but we figures out if you download the steel series software on your pc – plug your headset into your pc temporarily – then you can make a multitude of personalisations to the headset like voice feedback, graphic equaliser and even customizer the colours of the headset. He’s altered the colour cycling to match his led lighting. He’s very happy with these and says they are loads more comfortable than his previous turtle beach. I will buy a pair when my turtles eventually fail!

  21. **EDITED**So I have been using a pair of Astro A40 TR’s for the last year or so and although the sound quality is amazing, they were very heavy and were very uncomfortable after longer gaming sessions.So I thought let me give these a try as all my other peripherals are made by Razer, and let’s just say I was not let down!First of all these headphones are a lot lighter than I expected, which helps for longer sessions of gaming or work. They come with a usb adaptor for the PC which works well, but also has the potential to work on consoles without this separate adaptor. I have tried these on my PS4 and was very impressed with the sound and mic quality. The mic as mentioned is retractable and when retracted automatically mutes the mic. There is a separate remote on the headphone wire that allows to adjust volume and to mute the mic for when using without the usb adaptor. The usb adaptor has those functions too.The wire of the headphones is made of a fabric type material and is very good at not tangling, unlike traditional plastic coated wiring.The ear/head cushions are a tad bulky in size/looks but they are so comfortable, like actual pillows for your ear and head.Only thing I wish is that the sides of these headphones had the razer logo light up, like the other razer products :PIf you are into PC gaming and play for long hours, definitely buy these headphones 5/5 ^__^——–Unfortunately since writing this review, I have had the mic on these headphones stop working, I then ordered a replacement which then a month later had the same issue, because of this I will have to lower it to 3/5 stars because it might just be my luck or a serious issue with these headphones

  22. Ok So I Plugged It In An It Didn’t Work An I Was Freaking Out Like Noooo!!! Lmaooo So After A Min I Realized Towards The Back Of The HeadSet is A Volume Adjuster Just Spin It Up An Man Are These HeadPhones Great Especially If Your Young An Someone Yelling At You Just Slide These Bad Boys On An Play Your Game/Music An You Can’t Hear Any OutSide Sounds Enjoy

  23. I read all the reviews and looked around online for some reviews and YouTube and what have you. I was a bit wary as I had come from the Razer Kraken originals, got quite attached to them but they were falling apart after six years of use – anyway, these seemed like a good choice overall and these were the 2019 edition, meaning most of the problems that the legacy pair had, have been addressed, which bought a lot of comfort. So I took the plunge and made the purchase.I wasn’t disappointed; they are extremely comfortable for long periods of time, for that special WoW or LoL sesh, the sound quality is fantastic straight out of the box, however, it does improve if you install the software for them.**POINT OF NOTICE** – when I bought these, the microphone was muffled and made me sound like Sean Connery, this is normal behaviour for these headphones straight out of the box. Simply go the sound setting, recording devices and set the quality to 48000HZ (studion quality), clear the quality up to perfection. Hope this helps someone.Buy the headphones!

  24. Was looking for a gaming headset for my brother as he is a gaming freak. Did not want to invest in big branded ones as my brother never keeps any headset for longer. Came across this head set which suited my budget and the parcel arrived very next day. Gifted to my brother and he was so pleased with my gift. Gave call this morning and said that the sound quality of this headset is outstanding! He said that the Dolby effect is more effective than the high street ones. He is a gamer and if I could get such compliments from him, then I think that this is the best one for gaming! He also said that he has this in his bag to his commute his uni as this gives complete music set up for him on the go. Proud of choosing this product and a satisfied purchase!

  25. The media could not be loaded.  Pros: Lightweight, VERY Comfortable, most balanced sound we’ve heard from Razer yet. Easy to drive, 7.1 software included for PC use, decent quality mic.Cons: Attached cable and mic, all plastic build, still struggles with volume on PS4

  26. I run two xboxes and i already own the G231 which are great bug i needed to replace my set of original xbox cans (which only last a year) so i went for the 332. Now there is only a few quid in it so you are probably wondering which to go for, so here is an honest comparison. First the build quality. In general the G332 is slightly better though i think it is a shame the newer model did away with tge braided cord. The 332s have moved the volume control to the headset and mic muting is done when you raise and lower the mic boom whereas the older 231 had an in line control. Personally it makes no odds to me as i like to use the microsoft headet controller so the headset controls are not used. The big difference is comfort, the 231 hurt your head after a while but the 332s are much more comfortable. On paper the frequency response is identical but the increased sensitivity and 10mm bigger drivers of the 332s mean the sound is richer. Most notably, the middle frequencies are superb. As for the mic, technically the low end response is worse on the 332 but there is only 500hz in it so i doubt it will be noticably different. So, in summary, the 332s have slightly better sound and are more comfortable. I wouldnt upgrade from one to tge other but if you need a new gaming headset look no further. The 231s are suoerb, the 332s are slightly more suoerb!

  27. I have had these for a day and so far are alright, not the greatest, especially for $50. I have had better $25 headsets.PROS:-Very very very lightweight, probably the lightest headset I’ve ever owned!-Very comfortable and fits well-Flexibility is decent-Microphone quality is pretty good, not the greatest-free roam mic, comes right up to your mouth-memory foam padding on headband is very comfortable-Noise cancelling-cord is long and not elastic, which is great so it wont curl up and tangleCONS:-Sound quality could use a lot of improvement-Pitchy mids, no bass, highs are screamy-mids are very static and can hurt your ears-Plastic buildOVERALL:Razer has got the build down, the build of the headset is amazing. The thing that could use some work, is whats inside. Mic quality and sound quality can use a lot of work.Build: 10/10Mic: 7/10Sound: 3/10

  28. After looking for a cheap headset after my old one was on it’s last legs I bought at least 3 £20 cheap alternatives before getting savagely roasted by other pc gamers over how crap the microphone quality was, after that I decided to go for this one while praying to whatever deity exists that this one isn’t a piece of crap and hoo boyThe sound quality is amazing, like too good, I have to turn my pc down to 20 so I don’t deafen myself, the 7.1 surround with 3d audio is great for games that require hearing more than anything (Biggest example being battle royale games) and the microphone is so crystal clear it’s given me the pass to s**t on others with bad micsthank you for ascending me to godhood Tronsmart and Yuefa

  29. I usually don’t write reviews, but this product was so bad that it deserves some honesty. The reviews and videos of the people who gave this product 5 stars are most likely phony because the first thing I was told to do in the packaging was to give it a review to receive free stuff such as a headset stand. The review had to be positive or you won’t be selected for the free stuff.About the product that I received was that it was misrepresented in the ads. What it did have was poor build quality due to the tightness of the headset on the head, dead ear piece on the left side with a mic that was quite low in volume when set to max in system sound settings. The packaging was just like the pictures of the other reviewers in the past but when I received the product it seemed like it was previously used possibly because of the lack of product being sealed. This left the box with a feeling that someone just used and re-stuff the packaging.Really had high hopes for this product once again from all the positive reviews and the video from the manufacturer, but in the end it was a miss. Thank goodness for Amazon’s return policy!

  30. When opening the package, these headphones speak of quality. Nifty little packing bag inside the box, user manual, and splitter came along with the headphones. The sizing clicks a little snugly, which I love because I tend to use the smallest setting and don’t like it when headsets constantly open up on me, especially when in use. These will not do that at all, a huge plus. The cushioning is just right for long term wear. One of my favorite aspects was the braided cords. My last set only died because of the cord, this set will be far more durable.Next, testing the sound:I started with my phone. Sound quality was good, although quiet. I was worried at first, but then realized because of the noise canceling qualities, the sound didn’t need to be as high. This will save my ears in the long run.On my computer: Sound was louder and has fantastic range. I am not a sound expert, but when I play certain games, I have to discern between noises “behind” me or near or far, and this headset did so beautifully. They have fantastic balance with highs/lows and solid mid-range sound. Additionally, I can distinctly hear the different instruments in an orchestral piece, without any one section dominating or drowning out another.Next test, microphone:For my next test, I video called a family member to test out the quality. I was told crystal clear, and the sounds my children made from father away (and the TV in the other room) were very faint or non-existent. Loved that as they can be loud, but I still want to be heard. I didn’t yell, just talked conversationally, and didn’t sound tinny or digitalized. As a lady, this can be harder to accomplish it seems with a microphone.Next test: long term comfort.I talked for a solid 2 hours with these on. No discomfort over my ears, or on my head. It feels as if these were made for me. I will have no problems playing any games for a while, or extended phone calls.Pros:-Noise canceling feature is amazing at this price range.- Sound quality is everything I ask for in headset.-Microphone quality is fantastic.-Quality touches throughout (braided cords, splitter included, nice quality padding).Cons:- Would have liked an option without the LED/usb part. I have limited usb slots, so this won’t ever be used. Not a deal breaker though, and some individuals may really love this feature.- Microphone/volume control on cord seems a little less in quality or design. The mic button “slips” easily, so I am a little concerned it might get switched to off when I don’t want it to. The volume wheel seems a more flimsy part, so I worry about durability/longevity. Again, not a deal breaker.Overall:I love these, and would recommend them for anyone who wants good sound quality at a great price. The noise cancelling quality is also well above what one would expect at this price point. Very satisfied with my purchase, and would buy again.

  31. We tried out this headset for a full week. I really liked it. Some interesting features of the headset were the short mic stick. Some people might not like it but it picked up sound very well and gave me room to drink and eat without banging into the mic. That’s super useful for extended gaming sessions. The earmuffs were super comfy and fit snugly on both my ears and my teenage son. They really block out all external noise. Since the headset was new and fit tightly, after a few hours, we did want to take them off and let our ears breathe. 🙂 There is also a SUPER long cord which we loved! The cord has a dedicated mute and volume switch on it as well. Very handy when we were playing with the XBOX. You really can’t use short cords with the XBOX. We also tested on the PC and everything worked great. Very happy with these Headsets.

  32. Love these! I have a tiny head so buying a headset was a stressful experience. My old headset used to ache after a while as they’d press my glasses against my ears or squash my piercings. However, these have completely removed this problem from gaming for me. The extendable mic is also a nice touch as it means you can move it away from your face when you’re not in a party. The comfort and sound quality are both high quality 🙂

  33. Wow! If I had known that spending MORE money than what I usually spend on gaming headphones was going to result is this much LESS with regard to quality, I would have saved my money! I normally only spend from 13 to 16 dollars (TOPS) on headphones from BEEXCELLENT and get AMAZING quality, even if they are a bit bulky. They blow these cheapies (even though you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of money on them) out of the WATER.I am an avid review reader, and the makers of this product must have paid someone a hefty price to write all of these good ones… or else it’s an entirely different product.To start with, the packaging looked like it had been retrieved from a garbage can before using it to send the headphones to me. The top flap wasn’t even closed and every side was crumpled and bent. You can see from the pictures… and these photos were taken before I ever took the headphones out of the box, so I had not attempted to open it at all.The fit is great and it definitely cancels noise, so they’re great if you’re just wanting a bit of seclusion, it should do that. But the sound quality is… how shall I say it… worse than a cheap five dollar set of headphones from the Dollar General Store. With my device turned all the way up (I tried these headphones on a laptop, my smartphone, and a Kindle Fire) I could still barely hear a thing. They would be USELESS for a phone call. And there is absolutely NO BASS whatsoever. Not that bass by itself is a determining factor, but anyone who’s been around music their whole life can tell you, a proper sound spectrum, from lows to highs, can create an amazing sound. The less of that you have, the nastier your sound will be.Take it from someone who has TONS of headphones laying around for listening, talking, creating podcasts, and using half a dozen “call and video meeting” sites for business, these headphones are junk, pure and simple. A complete and utter letdown and I WILL remember both the name brand AND the seller!You should too!

  34. The media could not be loaded.  You can’t get much better at this price point. It’s a pretty standard headset overall. After seeing some of the negative reviews I decided to test them before giving them to my son for Christmas. They seem to be just fine, and everything is as expected.The Great:1. The actual sound coming from the headphones is really great. I turned on the Windows Sonic for Headphones and it was very immersive. The padding on the cups is nice and thick and provides decent noise isolation, too.2. These are really comfortable to wear. I had them on for about an hour and a half before I experienced any fatigue.3. Cable is of ample length for using comfortably at a desk or on the laptop. My son will likely use these playing on his laptop.The Good:1. These are pretty stylish. Kids love these LEDs, and this doesn’t disappoint.2. Even though they’re 100% plastic, they feel pretty sturdy. Kids aren’t likely to break these without trying. Haha3. In-Line Control does the job. It’s got on/off and volume control.The “OK”:1. The Mic is just “ok.” It gets the job done, but it is not appropriate for doing gameplay recording. Will be just fine to converse with teammates on games, though. This’ll be just fine for my son who is really getting into yelling at his friends on Fortnight.

  35. I come from a family of gamers. I have 3 kids and 2 are gamers — turtle beaches cost waaay too much for 6 year olds IMO so I decided to search for a decently priced gamers headset and I am so glad I went with these!Pros:First of all the color is great! ❤❤ The noise cancelling feature is noooiceee! It works, I put it on and played a song and had my kids try and talk to me and I couldn’t even hear them (so next time they annoy me I’m putting these on and I’m gonna act like I can’t see them also lol 😜) It works well with Xbox One.Cons:The fit isn’t as snug as a turtle beaches and it looks like if it drops it’s a high possibility it’ll break the first drop.OVERALL this headset is really good value and I’m very impressed with the sound quality. Definitely worth the buy!

  36. After several months of using it, the sound still great, the mic still works great. It even have lights on it.It works well with my PlayStation 4 and my PC. Nothing bad about it.

  37. First of all, this headset is the best I’ve ever owned, by far. The sound is high quality, the microphone works perfectly and comes with a free windscreen, and it has very comfortable ear pads with an extra set of velvet ones included. BUT, the microphone WILL BE DEFECTIVE upon arrival, and you need to do something to solve the problem and restore the headset to functionality. By default, the headset comes with firmware version 0030, which contains a microphone-breaking glitch. To use the microphone on this headset, you will need to go to the official HyperX download page for the Cloud II headset and get the latest version, 0010. I’m not sure why the number is lower, or why they don’t ship them with this preinstalled, but this was an IMMEDIATE solution for me, so make sure to keep that in mind before buying these.

  38. Kitty version:Purchased this for my Xbox and PS4 as it was supposed to be compatible with both. (several customer answers stated it was) but it has a USB plug not an audio jack.INCREDIBLY disappointed.Reviews said it came with an adapter but is apparently not accurate for the kitty version.Does NOT work with an adapter (I tried).Would suggest the seller keeps the diffent versions of this headset on separate listings so the questions and answers don’t get muddled in together.

  39. I was looking for an inexpensive set of headphones for my husband’s Xbox and PC games. Comfort and sound are the most important things for him, and I wasn’t sure what to expect in this price range.The Butfulake GH-1 headset looks nice out of the box, and the blue LEDs add a cool vibe, though those only come on when the USB is connected. It’s just for looks, and realistically you can’t see them while wearing the headphones. But other people can, and I just like it.We both put these headphones through the paces, and I have to say I’m quite impressed. The sound – whether in the games, or when listening to music – is really good! Seriously, I was surprised. It plays the bright notes well, and the bass comes through fairly dynamically.The mic works well, picking up speech easily and accurately, without interference by other things going on in the room. There is an LED light on the microphone, which stays on, regardless of whether you have the mic muted, so that might be something to keep an eye on.This set is comfortable, with enough padding and soft material to make it easy to wear for long periods without having to move them around to find a “comfortable spot.” My husband and I have very different head sizes, and we were both able to adjust the fit easily.All in all, this is a really good gaming headset in this price range. I would definitely recommend it!

  40. This product doesn’t work unless you download and install their spywear (oh right, it isn’t spywear because you agreed)The mic wouldn’t work, periodThe 7.1 doesn’t work without installing the aforementioned spywearWithout installing the spywear you left with 1 left 1 right spear pointing at the top of your eardrum so it sounds like everything is coming from the skyThe pivot for the mic doesn’t have a hing, or a protective durable rubber bendy thing… It’s just a wire out of a sharp hole, I’m sure it wouldn’t take anytime at all for that sharp hole to cut through the mic sheath and wire, planned obsolescence on a $12 mic, seariously$40 isn’t enough revenue on a $12 product, you’ve also gota take advantage of unwitting parents buying this garbage as gifts for kids or kids friends, so you can profit off selling their privacy in perpetuityNever buying any razer product again, tbh I thought I never would after burning through 3 death adders in 9 months (horrible quality, but dang that mouse fit well in the hand) , but I needed a work headset because of corona and this was one of the few items in stock and I returned this garbage!!BestTom

  41. Reply
    Alejandra Rodríguez 04/17/2020 at 12:00 am

    I got these as a recommendation from some glass-wearing friends. My head is small (I’m petite and a female, I have the whole combo) and on top of that I’m prone to having headaches and I wear glasses. This means that I’ve never managed to wear a headset for over an hour without having a massive headache that usually lasts 2-3 hours.Ever since the lockdown started (I’m in UK) I’ve had to attend meetings and lectures online which meant I would be using a headset for over 4-5 hours a day, so it was URGENT to get a proper headset and this does it.I have been wearing it and the ski-type headband is the best idea I’ve ever seen. I can feel how the weight is nicely distributed and the padding on the cups is the perfect amount for me. It doesn’t press too much against my glasses and even though I need to do some tiny adjustment from time to time, I am overall happy and have not suffered from a single headache since I started using them (amazing).Sound-wise, I am a bass-head and I normally would listen to music through my SkullCandy Crushers with bass enhancement, so this ones being more real, pure sound, do sound weird to me, not in a bad way but simply different. However, the sound is quite involving thanks to the virtual 7.1 sound system so if you’re not a sound purist (or if you just wanna hear the music / sound of your game sharply, these will do nicely.I do like the pick-up range of the mic, because it will pick up my voice even if I decide to mutter, but it won’t pick up other loud noises occurring nearby such as strikes of my mechanic keyboard (which is quite loud) nor my dog barking next to me (as long as it is not a very loud bark). My classmates have reported to hear me sharply and comfortably.The Game-Chat system seems a bit pointless to me but just because I don’t give it much use (I prefer single-player games where chatting ain’t that important and I usually don’t speak while playing), so I cannot say much about it.I would like it to have a longer Jack 3.5 cable extension as it is surprisingly shorter than the USB one, and I dislike having such a short cable wondering around. Losing this bit will probably be unavoidable long term if you’re slightly messy as am I.The external design of the headset has me mesmerized. The feeling is sturdy even though it’s plastic, but also smooth and the matte finish makes it look elegant while still having a nice gaming touch with those RGB circles. There are buttons on the left ear cup, but as I have disappointingly realised, the mute unmute button does not sync with Zoom (it doesn’t even recognize it as a key if you try and modify it from settings). I haven’t tried it with discord yet though. The other thing that could be nice is an option to turn the RGB off if you feel like it, but this is not vital and I don’t even have a huge preference for it, but it would be nice to have the option anyways.The little wheel below the mute button on the left ear cup is smooth, but doesn’t run on her own. It regulates the volume as well as the Game-Chat wheel that comes attached to the USB connection cable. The wheel itself feels a bit more plasticky than the rest of the set, but it runs smooth, although a tad too smoothly imo, I’ve accidentally lowered the voice because the cable moved and I touched it with my arm.Last comment: the retractable mic is comfortable, but I am sceptical and I feel it a tad soft, making me think that maybe I would not fiddle too much with it if I want it to last long. I hope that time proves me wrong!Overall, I recommend this, particularly, if you have issues with headsets due to glasses or due to pressure feeling on the top of your head because of the weight of it. I also recommend it if you look for a nice involving sound that it is not too bass deep.

  42. Like so many of these headphones, they are advertised as working with Nintendo switch, however the microphone function does NOT work with Nintendo switch. Also the lights won’t work with a switch as it needs a USB port and switches don’t have that function. Should not be false advertising. Have sent back for a refund.

  43. I bought this for my boyfriend since our dog pissed on his old, and crappy headset (good riddance) and he couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was. Honestly it was obnoxious, and then I had to use this headset for work (I worked remotely for a call center). The headset is comfortable, noise cancelling and has got a great microphone and sound quality.

  44. This is maybe our 4th headset. I’m pretty tech savvy and I cannot get these to work on xbox one or xbox one s. They plug in, shows it’s recognized, volume up, un muted, but no volume through headphones and party can’t hear me. Very frustrating, returning.

  45. Hi there everyone!Since using this headset, I’ve noted quite a few things I think, HyperX got right & wrong with the release of the Alpha S. I’m going to break this review into 5 parts. Those parts being – Durability, Convenience, Value, Audio Quality, Pro & Cons.Durability – 4 StarsFirst of all, I have to say, if you’re like me, you’ve been doing your best to research which headphones on amazon offer the best bang for the buck on both performance & quality. From a durability stand point, I had the alpha S in my possession for a few days to grasp the user experience from casual development work to fully immersive gaming. I can say that the building materials are great, to be expected of a $130 Headset – at the time of this posting & purchase. It’s not quite 5 star in terms of materials. However it makes up with comfort, It is quite stiff out of the box, but if you have a gaming chair or something, you can store it on the chair whenever not in use to stretch the band just a tab. the wires are braided & made of nylon. The adjustable part connecting the band to the ear cups is made of metal. The very top band is made of a pleather, as is the ear cups. I would expect early wear to the cups since it is pleather. The ear cups are comfortable. It would had been nice to see more higher quality components being used for this headset, such as real leather.Convenience – 4 StarsAs I would have loved to say that the wires weren’t intrusive at time, I’d be selling myself short. It’s got a decent length 3.5 mm line that goes into the adapter for PC. It’s quite generous of them to include the extra length, however, for me I found it can be quite annoying and dreadful to walk across the room with fearing to pull or trip on the wire. It would have been nice if they included a simple little Velcro wire tie with the headset, for how much you’re paying. However the convenience of being able to go from PC to xbox or playstation is really simple since its a 3.5mm headphone jack. (RIP Headphone jack)Value – 3 StarsOverall, I paid $140’ish dollars to get this headset, they went on sale the day after for $99…I wish I had known, that really bothered me. For an overall value, this headset isn’t bad. It’s got decent sound quality, but I’ll get into that in the next part. ;)If I had bought it for $99 it would had been a 5 star value.Audio Quality – 4 StarsI don’t know how else to describe or compare this to say the A50s. Comfortbility, It lacks just behind the a50s.Audio quality is the same. The 7.1 Stereo Mode seems to just make gunshots, and explosions super loud. I tend to game with it off cause it can hurt your ears or near zero trustfulness when you’re in a noisy spot on warzone or CoD MW multiplayer. The sound is okay but the directional sounds are off. Things that are behind you to the left right and center sound the same as if you were looking in front, it’s hard to gauge just where the sounds are coming from. That is a huge problem for me. However it is quite loud and does improve the more you get use to this headset. I would probably had gone with the a50s because of the ability to expand to better mixers and the use of more audio drivers.To finish off this review, I’m going to mention the pro’s and cons of this headset.Pros:Decent Sound QualityOkay Noise CancellationWorks with PC, Xbox & PlaystationCan get extremely loudCons:Pleather in place of where leather could go.Lack of additional driversPrice $140(if you get it for $99, Get it!)I’ll close this review out with this.If you’re looking for comfort, and the best possible sound quality, this may not be the best headset for $130 USD.If you did find this review helpful, please leave this review a thumbs up!Thank you!

  46. This was bought for my youngest or should I say he could pick out of a couple short listed. (my other child picked another set which I will review later). I have used these as well when my A20’s were playing upThey come with all you need To connect to pretty much all devices. We have used them with our pc, ps4, switch, Samsung galaxy phone and iPads. It works with all of them. It lights up via usb The small challenge is that the usb and audio cables are pretty close which is okay for pc/laptop but not so much for the ps4 unless you have a usb extension lead.Sound is really good for this price point. Bass is good whilst not being overpowering and mid and treble balance well. I compare these to my Astro A20 and to be fair the sound is good.The metal band in the headphones is solid and not too heavy and will easy soak up any punishment from my children. Ear pads have a nice depth and have good cushioning making it comfyThe mic is movable and works as you’d expect it to work, it has a mute switch halfway along the cable incorporated in with the volume. The cable has a Velcro strap which allows you to wrap And secure some of the cable which is great if on ps4 and plugged into the controller even more so with a child that moves around while playing. It has already prevented a few trips.Overall a good set of headphones.

  47. So i don’t review products often but i need to speak out about the utter crap quality these headphones are considering there from such a big brand. Ive had them over 6 months now and in the time of having them the following has happend. 1. After about 3 months with them when it comes to speaking to people on skype for example there is a constant static sound while talking to them. 2. The black cable covering on the outsidr began to fray and expose the inner wires. 3. I noticed a small crack on one of the headphones today and went to put them on and its just plain snapped off. Ive always been a believer of logitech being a superior brand comapared to othet but after seeing this is would rather use a razer product

  48. Edit: I intend to keep my original review attached to this update, for the sake of showing the full spectrum of my feelings on these headphones. However, I must confess that these headphones have broken. The failure of the headphones wasn’t in their sound, it was in their construction. The right earcup started to feel loose, like it wasn’t pushed against my head at all. I took them off to inspect them, and discovered that the point where the cup attaches to the extender part of the headphones was very weak, as if I had bent them intentionally. Shortly thereafter, it completely fell off in my hands. I suspect that this happened because I have fallen asleep on my right side wearing these headphones before, however, it has only happened a couple of times, and never for more than 20 minutes or so. I would like to think that a pair of headphones could withstand that. I’ve never had that happen to any other headset I’ve owned, even if I had fallen asleep with them for the entire night. I reduced my rating to 2 stars, because even if they broke, some of the blame definitely lies on me. Besides that, if you never do anything like what I did, they will probably serve you very well. They are still super comfortable and still sound fantastic for the price, so don’t let my one negative experience completely detract from the positive aspects of this headset.Here is my original review, from before they broke.I bought these to replace the original Razer Krakens I bought back in around 2015 or so. They still worked great after several years, but the faux leather was in absolute ruin and was leaving green chunks in my hair whenever I put them on, so I figured it was time to buy a new pair.They didn’t sell the originals anymore, of course, so I went with the current headphones that were being sold in the same price bracket: around $50 to $60. I came across these, and was a little concerned at first that the quality would be lower than the ones I had been using prior, but I decided to give it a chance anyway.So let’s get into the specifics.Sound Quality: I’ll be frank: these don’t sound quite as good as the original Krakens. I’ve been using these for several months now, and I can safely say that they’re broken in and all, so I must be honest and start with that. Now, if you’ve never used the original Krakens, this won’t mean much to you. These headphones do sound fantastic, I can’t lie about that. I’m no audiophile, so I can’t give a very detailed description, but suffice it to say that they have a good range of dynamics, they are loud, crisp and clear, and they have solid bass. Once again, they are fantastic, but compared to the original Krakens, I must say that they do sound slightly more… hollow, for lack of a better term. There is likely some software to fiddle and finetune the settings to your liking, but I specifically wanted to talk about the out-of-the-box experience, for the sake of the “average user”.Overall, I’d recommend these on sound quality alone.Comfort:I’ve never been too bothered by headphones that people typically say are uncomfortable, so take what I say with a grain of salt. (For point of reference, the only headphones I’ve ever used that I can’t use due to discomfort are Apple Ear/AirPods.) These are average in comfort, in my opinion. They certainly aren’t uncomfortable. They’re very light, it’s not as though there’s a highly noticeable weight added to your head when you put them on or anything like that. They don’t press too hard, they’re highly adjustable, they stay in place very well (at least when you adjust their size to your head properly) and there’s nothing here I can complain about.I’d highly recommend these for comfort factor.Build Quality:As I said before, these are light. To some, that’s a sign of quality. To others, it’s a sign of cheapness. When I first held them, compared to the original Krakens, they felt cheap to me simply because they were significantly lighter. But after using them for several months, with my biases long gone, I must say that they really do feel quite great, similar quality to the original Krakens at least. The faux leather feels nice and durable, the headband feels flexible yet sturdy, and the swivel on the cups doesn’t rattle or seem unintentional in any way. They look nice, they feel nice, and I’m inclined to believe that they are, indeed, a nice pair of headphones.I’d highly recommend these on the quality of the materials, manufacturing, etc.Mic Quality:It’s a little hard to judge this, given that I’m not the one hearing my voice. When I asked my friends how I sound, they said I sounded fine. Good, clear (when my internet would allow it, at least) and not static-y or garbled or anything like that. I will mention, however, that you must make sure the mic is reasonably close to your mouth when you speak, even with sensitivity all the way up, because if it drifts a little away from my mouth, my friends immediately take notice and complain about it.Overall, good mic quality, but beware of distance from your mouth.Final thoughts:This is a nice pair of headphones. They’re not wireless, they’re not Astros, they’re not the top of the line by any means. But that doesn’t mean that these won’t work for you. For a pair of headphones that will last, that sound fantastic, and will allow you to comfortably game for many hours on end, this is a good place to start. If you want to start cheap, I’d ask you to rethink that decision. Sure, you could spend $25 for a pair of headphones that check most of the same boxes, but they probably won’t be as good, nor will they be a reputable brand, and for that matter, they’re far less likely to last very long. These will last for many years (as long as you don’t abuse them) and are well worth the money in my opinion.TL;DR:These are good headphones, and you should definitely buy them if you’re looking for a set that’ll last you a long time.

  49. If you are looking for a gaming headset with a bit of everything.- The light frame(cushion on top) without access to clamping force.- Comfortable ear cushions with proper internal padding and am really happy with that because I don’t like when my ears are smashed.- Multiplatform compatibility with extra dongle available. The sound quality will be satisfied with, even I can write that for the game like call of duty(warzone), I can hear 3D sound what I mean is easy I can notice from which direction the steps coming, or glass is breaking all that kind of things that gamers find useful when they play their favourite games.- The headset has also USB but I think is only to light them up, you cannot use it for USB sound.- The mic is not removable but you have a mute button which is better because I always lose things like that.- The cable is really long I think is about 2 meters(even more).I can recommend the headset because for this price you get a headset that can compare with the expensive budget headset that cost a fortune.

  50. When I first got my G432 headset and plugged it in, I have to be honest, my first impression was not great as I was not impressed with the sound quality at all. Eventually I managed to get it to a state where I am happy with it, but it took some work…First off, I would recommend avoiding the aux cables and going with the USB adapter wherever possible, otherwise you’re just looking at a pretty underwhelming stereo headset. The 7.1 features are essential if you want to get your money’s worth out of your G432s, but they only work if you use the USB adapter and download Logitech’s G Hub software.Just installing G Hub wasn’t enough to get my headset performing the way I wanted it though; after enabling surround sound in G Hub you’re given a variety of Equalizer pre-sets to chose from, however none of them sounded quite right to me so I had to take some time to set up a custom Equalizer and only then was I able to get the sound quality to where I wanted it.Unfortunately, my woes with setting up the headset didn’t end there though, as the microphone was not registering any sound while using the USB adapter, so I had to do a google search to troubleshoot the issue (going by the number of results it’s a common issue) and it took a fair bit of digging around in Control Panel, testing various settings and options before I was finally able to get the microphone working through the USB adapter. I haven’t tested the mic too extensively but it seems fairly high quality and the flip up to mute feature is very convenient.Now that I finally have everything up and running the way I want it, I must say I am quite happy with the overall performance of my G432s. I got them to replace a mid-range Sennheiser headset which unfortunately lost sound in one ear, and I’ve found the audio quality of the G432s to be at least comparable to the Sennheisers in most areas, and they even outperform them in some regards, particularly when it comes to bass and lower frequency sounds. I will say I’m not overly convinced by the surround sound aspect of the 7.1 features though; even in the test in their own software it’s not easy to differentiate between whether a sound is supposed to be coming from say, the front or the back right for example.The build quality of the headset seems solid. The materials are nice quality and it feels sturdy without being overly heavy. The headset is comfortable to wear (though the swivelling ear cups take some getting used to) and the noise cancellation seems a lot better than my Sennheisers, with less audio leaking out if you have other people in the same room with you as well.Overall I am happy with my G432s now, and I hope they last me a good few years… but it’s hard to say whether I would actually recommend them given the amount of hoops I had to jump through just to get them working the way I wanted. It’s definitely not the best option for less tech-savvy users, but if you have the patience and the know-how to set them up properly, I think the G432s are a decent headset for their price range.

  51. When I first got my G432 headset and plugged it in, I have to be honest, my first impression was not great as I was not impressed with the sound quality at all. Eventually I managed to get it to a state where I am happy with it, but it took some work…First off, I would recommend avoiding the aux cables and going with the USB adapter wherever possible, otherwise you’re just looking at a pretty underwhelming stereo headset. The 7.1 features are essential if you want to get your money’s worth out of your G432s, but they only work if you use the USB adapter and download Logitech’s G Hub software.Just installing G Hub wasn’t enough to get my headset performing the way I wanted it though; after enabling surround sound in G Hub you’re given a variety of Equalizer pre-sets to chose from, however none of them sounded quite right to me so I had to take some time to set up a custom Equalizer and only then was I able to get the sound quality to where I wanted it.Unfortunately, my woes with setting up the headset didn’t end there though, as the microphone was not registering any sound while using the USB adapter, so I had to do a google search to troubleshoot the issue (going by the number of results it’s a common issue) and it took a fair bit of digging around in Control Panel, testing various settings and options before I was finally able to get the microphone working through the USB adapter. I haven’t tested the mic too extensively but it seems fairly high quality and the flip up to mute feature is very convenient.Now that I finally have everything up and running the way I want it, I must say I am quite happy with the overall performance of my G432s. I got them to replace a mid-range Sennheiser headset which unfortunately lost sound in one ear, and I’ve found the audio quality of the G432s to be at least comparable to the Sennheisers in most areas, and they even outperform them in some regards, particularly when it comes to bass and lower frequency sounds. I will say I’m not overly convinced by the surround sound aspect of the 7.1 features though; even in the test in their own software it’s not easy to differentiate between whether a sound is supposed to be coming from say, the front or the back right for example.The build quality of the headset seems solid. The materials are nice quality and it feels sturdy without being overly heavy. The headset is comfortable to wear (though the swivelling ear cups take some getting used to) and the noise cancellation seems a lot better than my Sennheisers, with less audio leaking out if you have other people in the same room with you as well.Overall I am happy with my G432s now, and I hope they last me a good few years… but it’s hard to say whether I would actually recommend them given the amount of hoops I had to jump through just to get them working the way I wanted. It’s definitely not the best option for less tech-savvy users, but if you have the patience and the know-how to set them up properly, I think the G432s are a decent headset for their price range.

  52. I purchased this headset as my husband has the Arctis 7 wireless and loves them.I wanted them for work so I didn’t need them to be wireless or have any bells or whistles, and the specs said the included cable was 3m which is untrue – The 8 pin to 3.5mm is 1.2m long, and then the dual cable is an additional 1.8m… not useful on my laptop, or most devices if you want to use the mic and only have a standard 3.5mm port.1.2m is far too short, and in order to get a cable long enough I’d have to purchase the Arctis Extension Cable 8-pin, 2.5m direct from SteelSeries AND their Arctis Pro Main Headset Cable Pack (which has been out of stock for a while) just to get the 8-pin to 3.5mm 4-pole adapter, so an additional €20 + shipping, as tons of spurious products on Amazon and other 3rd party sites report that non-SteelSeries cables don’t seem to work. Ridiculous!

  53. Reply
    Eric W. Berryman Sr. 09/02/2020 at 12:00 am

    When the battery is running out, it keep beeping every 3 seconds , like if you are not charge it right now , you are going to die.Really? … Like, i’m in the middle of a 15 mins match, and I know after the game I will be charging. but thank for remind me every 3 seconds.Probably going to return . very frustrated.

  54. I bought these headphones for use of gaming on my PS4. I was brought into buying these are they are cheaper than most gaming headphones out there and they promised to have “7.1 surround sound gaming for PC/PS4/XBOX One/Nintendo Switch”. Well I can happily confirm that this isn’t true. I plugged these into my PS4 controller as expected and it gave me stereo sound ONLY. No surround sound. I am returning these with a bad review as it was not clear from the start. There are better headsets out there for slightly more which would do a much better job. DO NOT BUY THESE FOR PS4 OR XBOX USE!I would like to also add that you do get surround sound on PC however you have to install loads of drivers and you have to manually add the surround sound to the headphones, they don’t do it automatically.

  55. I bought these headphones for use of gaming on my PS4. I was brought into buying these are they are cheaper than most gaming headphones out there and they promised to have “7.1 surround sound gaming for PC/PS4/XBOX One/Nintendo Switch”. Well I can happily confirm that this isn’t true. I plugged these into my PS4 controller as expected and it gave me stereo sound ONLY. No surround sound. I am returning these with a bad review as it was not clear from the start. There are better headsets out there for slightly more which would do a much better job. DO NOT BUY THESE FOR PS4 OR XBOX USE!I would like to also add that you do get surround sound on PC however you have to install loads of drivers and you have to manually add the surround sound to the headphones, they don’t do it automatically.

  56. I love this product! I’m actually not a gamer but I can see its application there too! I work at a call center and the #1 thing is it’s Bluetooth which works great #2 people can hear me perfectly and I can hear them #3 it is comfortable and #4 it’s affordable.I definitely recommend for anyone trying to find a reliable headset working at a call center.I had to send a couple of other brands back before I scored these ones👍

  57. I was looking to upgrade my current headset and mic to switch between work and gaming. My current £25 set, is actually better sounding, despite looking naff and bulky.However, this headset is well designed aesthetically, and while light, they are comfortable.My main issues:- Volume, with use on PC, I had to turn up the system volume louder than normal, to reach an acceptable/comfortable level. On-ear volume dial at full as well.- Volume, with use on Xbox One controller, not great at all. Very disappointed, compared to my £25 headset, night and day in quality and crispness, poor bass response in this set.- No isolation, I could hear the hum of my xbox, even while playing a game. Does nothing to add to the immersion of whatever you are watching/playing.- Fingerprints appear really easily on the side plates and wiping them makes it look worse.- For the price, I would expect a lot better from the audio quality.Positives:- Mic is good quality and flexible to suit your style of position.- Lightweight and feels good on your head, evenly distributed weight.- Foldaway feature for the mic is cool, but does not de-activate it (be careful there!)To sum up, for the money and my first purchase of SteelSeries, I was sadly disappointed. Did not match the positive reviews, flashy marketing or product description for me and I have gone through lots of headphones in my time.I now need to look for another set, and might even spend some more for a guarantee of that “OMG WOW!!” factor.Would not recommend to anyone.

  58. Este es un review que tenia muchas ganas de hacer y poder compartir mi experiencia para ayudarte a tomar la decisión correcta.Yo pasé 3 meses viendo diferentes opciones con la idea de comprar unos audífonos que pudiera utilizar con mi PS4, al final compre este modelo basado en los comentarios tanto en Youtube como en diferentes paginas de internet pero desgraciadamente nadie te dice la realidad de las especificaciones y como éstas pueden afectar el desempeño de los dispositivosTodo mundo habla de los ohms, pero en realidad NO sabemos a que se refieren, cosa que tuve que investigar y aprender una vez después de haberlos recibido y dándome cuenta que mis audífonos de 20 dólares suenan mucho más fuerte que estos de 100 dólares.A qué se debe esto?Pues básicamente y de manera sencilla es que todos los audífonos tienen diferentes rangos de potencia basados en ohms, los audífonos que tienen un rango entre 8 y hasta 35 ohms van a poder funcionar con cualquier dispositivo ya que no necesitan mucha energía para que funcionen correctamente, ahora bien cuando tienes audífonos con un rango superior a los 35 ohms vas a necesitar una fuente alterna de energía (amplificador) para poder sacar todo su poder.Estos audífonos tienen 65 ohms, es por eso que conectados a un celular, tableta o control de PS4 NO reciben la energía necesaria para que puedan desarrollar todo su potencial (básicamente es como si tuvieras un auto de 8 cilindros en donde solo trabajan 4) para que puedan brindar todo su poder los debes de conectar a una fuente de energía alterna (amplificador) el cual les dará la energía necesaria para que los puedas aprovechar al máximo.Yo compre un amplificador portátil en Amazon, el cual puedo conectar a mi celular, tableta y control de PS4 y la experiencia es impresionante…Con el amplificador el único problema es que con el control de PS4 NO funciona el micrófono para poder hablar con mis amigos.Una vez conectados a un amplificador el sonido es bastante potente con unos bajos muy marcados gracias a su doble cámara en donde se aísla el bajo para que tengan una potencia mayor, los otros rangos también están presentes y no son apocados.Son muy cómodos gracias a sus almohadillas de piel sintética, el único detalle es que el ajuste de la diadema está muy suave y fácilmente se desajustan.Si lo que estas buscando es para uso con tu celular o tableta, te recomiendo que compres audífonos que estén entre los 8 a 35 ohms, estos te van a decepcionar a no ser que compres un amplificador portátil.Los materiales de construcción son de primera calidad y estéticamente son muy bonitos.Gracias por darte el tiempo de leer esta información que espero te sirva para que tomes la decisión correcta.

  59. This is a very good headset. This headset has good sound quality. There is a long enough cord and it is very convenient to use. The switch on the controller for micphone is a good design. But The controller could have been designed to be smaller. And there is another recommend that the distance between the controller and the headset should be shortened, because when I put my arms around my chest, the controller is just under the arm.

  60. I’ve tried various USB gaming headphones in the past, and have paid much more than the £22.99 asking price for these, but I have to say that these headphones are definitely a step up. The comfort of the cans is really noticeable and thanks to the memory foam they don’t feel too tight and sit just right, which is great for those day-long gaming sessions at the weekends. They feel nice and sturdy as well, whereas other rival brands have had a bit of a tacky and cheap feel to them, like you have to be careful every time you put them on or take them off, which again, is a great bonus. A nice surprise for me as well was the blue lights in the cans, which I didn’t realise these came with, so they definitely put a smile on my face because I’m simple and like shiny things!The main thing with these though is the sound quality, which I have to say was much more than I was expecting. Ain’t nobody creeping up on me now! They can try, but I hear them coming from a mile away and get the jump on them. I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical about the 360-degree sound they advertised, thinking “Yeah, sure mate, we’ll see” but I’ll tell you what, it really does do exactly that, letting me know exactly where those sneaky enemies are and pinpointing where I’m getting shot from in the distance. They’ve really upped my game and even my teammates have noticed a difference in my playing performance.And on top off all that, how cool is the camo pattern?! Definitely a top buy and I would (and have) recommend them (and yes, they sound awesome when playing my tunes on my laptop, picking up all those often-neglected low ends, meaning I can listen to Mortician the way it was intended!). 5 stars from me!

  61. Reply
    Richard Martin-Worth 11/16/2020 at 12:00 am

    So this headset arrived to me in an absolute state. It had no Amazon box, they had just stuck a label on the actual box so everyone knew what it was when I got it through the post and destroying said box. Not only that, the box also wasn’t “sealed” which leaves me to believe this wasn’t new.The item itself didn’t work, the mic just didn’t work at all and the sound was very low.I though maybe it was a great idea buying this headset by looking at the other reviews, but my opinion?, save your money and go with something else!

  62. We have had these for a year. The first pair broke very soon after first using with the microphone stopping working, it then became loose. Amazon replaced them although there was a bit of confusion.With the second pair, the microphone just stopped working and became loose again. And now the sound has gone funny, with some of the internal speakers not working so only certain times are hard not giving a great experience.I’d expect this to happen to cheaper pairs of headphones not £40+ ones. Although our son has a cheaper pairs and they’ve lasted a lot better.I wouldn’t recommend.

  63. We have had these for a year. The first pair broke very soon after first using with the microphone stopping working, it then became loose. Amazon replaced them although there was a bit of confusion.With the second pair, the microphone just stopped working and became loose again. And now the sound has gone funny, with some of the internal speakers not working so only certain times are hard not giving a great experience.I’d expect this to happen to cheaper pairs of headphones not £40+ ones. Although our son has a cheaper pairs and they’ve lasted a lot better.I wouldn’t recommend.

  64. Reply
    Christopher Gillott 11/22/2020 at 12:00 am

    My 12 year old daughter’s review:I really love this headset!This is probably the best headset I’ve had so far because every single feature on it is great!The audio is impeccable, the sound stays within the headset and not all over the place (which usually happens in most headphones).The volume wheel is very easy to use and is great to move up and down smoothly.The cable that connects from your device to the headset is amazing – although a little long for me.I can’t express though how strong and durable the cable is. I have had headsets that have a very weak wire that always breaks after a little while but the wire on this devices looks like it will last a very long time.Last but not least, the microphone. According to my friends, I sounded much clearer when talking than my previous headsets.Overall, I really love this headset and I would definetly recommend it!

  65. I bought these to replace a Skype headset as I needed them for work. These are comfortable and reliable. They’re pretty sturdy for the price too with a detachable microphone. Well worth it.

  66. Bought these to replace a Turtle Beach headset that had broken.Firstly, don’t be impressed by the way that they look like they’re illuminated. This only works if you power them through the USB plug, so useless for console gaming, where you’re plugged into the controller.As for how the headset performs, I couldn’t tell you, as – when plugged into the controller – we got no sound at all and as a result, we couldn’t tell if the mic was working. Really disappointing experience. Returned for refund.

  67. My son has Nintendo switch lite and before buying this headset I had purchased 5 others and returned them all because they were not compatible or only worked for couple days. I saw these and at a very good price and thought I get them so at least he get them for xmas. I was very skeptical that they were going to work, but got them anyway and to my surprise they were better than I expected. The sound is very clear and also on the other end per his cousins who he plays with. I will definetely recommend them and even bought another set just incase he ever breaks them.

  68. Reply
    Eric W. Berryman Sr. 01/11/2021 at 12:00 am

    First of all I want to say my old headphones were Turtle Beaches and they made my ears hot 🥵 and were not the best and before that I’ve owned $300.00 headphones Corsair Yellowjacket the damm mic broke and I used both headphones for work not gaming. Now these are the best !! Extremely lightweight extremely comfortable.. I love how you mute them by raising the mic arm. Noise canceling I can hear anything around me when on (well except my computer fans lol) nice feel adjustable for those of you who have a larger head or big hair 😁 easy compatible with computer a must buy !!! I’m so glad I pulled the trigger and got them. I’d recommend them to everyone I’ve owned them for about a week now 1/4/2021 (I wasn’t compensated for my review) this is honestly how I feel..

  69. These headphones have excellent aesthetics, outstanding sound quality, estimable ergonomics and a good microphone. Everything was as advertised, and exceeded my expectations. The only downside would be that the materials are not the highest of quality in terms of durability, but that is not a problem if you care about your headphones.I was just using standard Apple earphones for everything, and I would say that these were a definite upgrade. My friends could immediately tell that I had a better quality microphone.The sound quality is also excellent. I listen to a lot of classical music, so it had to play many different elements, but it has certainly pulled through with its crisp sound.For anyone out there who may be wondering if you can use this on Apple products without the traditional headphone jack, you can, as long as you have the adapter that can convert from the lightning cable to the 3.5mm plug.Overall, I’d say it is worth more than what you pay for, and as long as you know how to handle things with care (though it would still be able to take a few good hits). I would recommend to anyone looking for good quality but affordable headphones for not only gaming, but even general purpose. I hope this was helpful.

  70. (**Update: 2/23/21** – I recently installed the Firmware Update V2.1.2, and have tested for a couple of weeks. I have not had the connectivity loss issue since. I noticed before writing this today, that there is now another Firmware update available. I do not get my laptop out very often these days, and since I’m no longer having issues, I won’t drag it out until it’s convenient to update again. I am now100% pleased with these bad boys. I have updated to a 5-star review. BTW.. I recently left my Bose QCII’s on after having watched some YouTube, and opened my current game. I could not believe how much of a lousier difference there was between them and my Turtle Beaches. I immediately grabbed for them, much to my ears’ delight. Huuuuge, difference. The Bose are fine for TV, but definitely not for gaming.Initial review:These headphones would EASILY have been a 5-star rating… were it not for connectivity issues. When these work, which to be fair, is most of the time, they are fabulous. I am VERY into great headphones, music, and gaming. My old wired (at LEAST 10 yrs old) Turtle Beach headphones, were dying. For the record, just the wire part, not the cans themselves. I wear headphones almost all of the time, whether it be for games, music, or YouTube. Okay, on with the meat of the review…Right off the bat, they look great. I was actually pretty surprised they there is no signature green anywhere to be found. That’s neither good nor bad. They look very sturdy and well-made. I thought, just handling them, that they might be really uncomfortably tight, but they aren’t at all. They are snug in just the right way. Now I am a woman, and have a small head, lol, so I can’t say how they’ll fit a larger-headed dude. The controls are all easily reachable when wearing. The first thing I do with anything with a battery, is to completely charge it. These come at least partially charged because it didn’t take long for these. Then I got the Firmware update via my Win 8.1 laptop. Set up with the app (and yes, the app works great) and my Xbox One, as well as pairing with my phone and tablet was easy enough.Ahhh, the sound. Fabulous. That little worry I have when I go to put headphones on for the first time, about how they’re gonna sound, was instantly quelled. The sound is perfect. No hissing, not too much this or that (and you can adjust it if you like with the app, and sound great whether gaming, listening to music, or watching YouTube. I have not yet tried them in a call, but I just cannot imagine the experience would be anything less than great. ) I never had surround sound headphones for gaming before, and MAN do they make a difference. That reason alone has made my gaming a much better experience. I’ll never play without surround sound again. Now, the disappointing part…MOST of the time, things just couldn’t be better. However, sometimes, all of a sudden, the sound drops out. There is no audible statement to be heard about a drop in connectivity, and no visual notification comes up on your screen. Just.. nothing. The only thing that has brought back the sound for me, has been to turn the headphones off, then back on again. BUT sometimes even THAT won’t do it unless I do it several times. SOMETIMES, they turn themselves off after I’ve turned them back on. I sit about 7 ft. from my Xbox One BTW. Now all of that is MAJORLY disruptive when gaming. It’s a good thing I only play single-player games. I can only imagine being part of a team where talking to your budding is crucial (Speaking of which, BTW, the mic is clear.), and all of a sudden you aren’t in the picture. You can’t talk to them, they can’t talk to you. You can only witness the carnage and confusion that results. It sucks even playing by myself and there is a cut-scene, or bad guy speech, or instruction and the sound is gone, right in the middle of it, with no way for me to get that replayed. It’s just lost and you have to Google to see what you’ve missed, if it’s even there. Now as I said previously, MOST of the time, there is no problem with this. That doesn’t matter though, when you miss something. I am hoping there is another Firmware update that fixes the issue. Otherwise, I’ll put in a support ticket with Turtle Beach. Without this connectivity issue, I would be happy as a pig in slop with these. The sound is phenomenal. $150.00 cans should work 100% of the time though. So there is that.

  71. These are the third set of headphones that we have purchased for our son since Christmas. He is very happy with these!

  72. Tuve la oportunidad de comparar este producto con otros headset gama de entrada como:HyperX Cloud Stinger (no los core)HyperX Clod XCorsair HS50 proAstro A10Razer Kraken XDebo decir que estos Blackshark y los Astro A10 son los que tienen mejor calidad de audio, que de hecho realmente es lo que vale la pena pagar para una experiencia gaming, a mi gusto ganan por poco los drivers y el microfono de los Astro A10 pero en la comodidad, aislamiento y cancelación de ruido los Blackshark no tienen comparación aparte en PC se compensa bastante el audio, ya que te incluyen un ecualizador con el que podras configurar varios aspectos de musica peliculas y juegos.Si estas buscando unos headset de menos de $1200 te recomiendo estos son los mejores tanto para consolas como PC y la verdad desde que haces el unboxing te das cuenta la superioridad que tienen a los demas, si bien tiene sus desventajas como no poder quitarle el microfono o el cable del jack 3.5mm no por eso son malos, ya que son para jugar y estan muy bien balanceados en sonido y materiales. Ver una película con estos headset es una delicia.Si solo los vas a ocupar para consolas no te recomiendo ninguno de los dos hyperX ya que sus frecuencias bajas son muy pobres y su altos son muy chillones a mi parecer se les puede sacar mas provecho ecualizando en PC.Los corsair y los kraken no estan mal pero en volumen alto si se llegan a embarrar los sonidos pero son mejores opciones a los hyperx en consolas.En resumen si lo que buscas es un headset completo en cuastion de audio y comodidad estos son los adecuados los materiales se ven y se sienten adecuados a lo que pagas, pero si no te importa sacrificar la comodidad para obtener un mejor microfono para streming ve por los Astro A10.Espero que esto te ayude en gran medida para elegir tus primeros headset.

  73. This headset is really comfy however, the mic is really poor quality and my friends always complain saying they can’t hear me and when they can, it is muffled. The microphone doesn’t sit normally when you pull it out and extend it, and will end up being above your nose not in front of your mouth. The design is really nice, but the poor mic quality and design, as well as sound quality compared to others is really disappointing

  74. bought it and the sound quality is okay a little tinny but okay, but the microphone doesn’t work tried with different software but none of them detect any audio. Normally havit products are good quality but I wouldn’t bother with this

  75. The hardware in the Krakens is excellent, imo. My husband loves these phones (and I do, too!) My previous phones, a pair of Sony MDR-7506’s, were so good we thought nothing could beat them, even though the Sony phones’ drivers are 40 mms in size and these Razer Kraken drivers are 50mm–much depends on the amplification hardware in the ear pads and motherboard hardware as to which will drive the better sound–eg., 50 mm drivers are not automatically better than 40mm drivers, regardless of the hardware environments. A lot also depends on the preferences of the individuals asked to state their opinions, of course. Some people like bass so overwhelming it actually distorts whereas other people like it only enough to hear it plainly with no distortion, and others like it turned down or off, inexplicably, etc. (But you can’t argue with individual opinions, right?…Opinions are like armpits–we all have at least two of them, eh? So, I advise listening to all sides and colors of opinions, especially about computer hardware! There’s always something new to learn even we don’t agree with the overall opinions other people have or their conclusions. Opinions should always be debated–never, ever censored, we firmly believe!)Bear in mind, both sets of phones were tested via my husband’s x570 Aorus Master motherboard’s RealTek’HD Audio 3.5mm analog Hi-Definition front-panel jack–the best earphone connection jack in the system, btw. (Give me wired over wireless any day–I hate batteries and frequency interference, not to mention security concerns that do not exist with wired connections, etc.) The x570 Master also supports, in hardware, a 3-position headphone amp, and a hardware DAC, a SABRE 9118 DAC–the combination has to be heard to be properly appreciated, imo.Connector cabling. The Kraken offers a superior wiring connection–Kraken uses an extremely thin and ultra-flexible braided connector cable, whereas the Sony offers a thick, plastic-covered connection cable in which most of the length is coiled, just like analog amp cables circa the 1960’s were made. Indeed, the Sony cabling doesn’t look like something made for a 3.5mm plug! It looks exactly like something made for a full size plug! It’s opinion, sure, as everything always is in the end, but we much prefer the Kraken’s cabling over that used in the Sony cans used as the baseline comparison for this review. The Kraken cabling is ultralight, ultrathin, cloth braided, and so ultra-flexible that there simply isn’t any obstinate stiffness in the cable that can be perceived. We both like it very much because of that–it is the nearest thing to not having a cable at all, but without any of the negatives of wireless. Sony’s cabling is–well–SoA, circa 1969…;) Reminds my husband of plugging in his ancient but revered Gibson SG-Specials or Fender Strats & Telecasters into nice big onstage amps (which he still does, only the amps are a fair bit smaller, thankfully…;) )Razer Kraken has an inline volume and microphone control switch. The Sony has neither–well, it doesn’t have a microphone at all, so of course no Mic on/off switch. The Kraken has a nice, radial volume control for the cans, and a straight on-off switch for the Mic. Neither of us is a Mic user, so I’ll leave that portion of the review to others better qualified to write about it in another review. Suffice it to say the Mic works as advertised and the on/off inline switch works fine.Now for the optional DSP software. Here’s the situation as we think it stands regarding the extra-cost surround software available for the Kraken, the THX Spatial Audio software for the Kraken. We don’t recommend anyone buying the Headphones without buying the offered THX Spatial Audio software! It’s offered at 50% off when you buy the Kraken Phones, by Razer. So it’s $10! It’s the best $10 you are going to spend for a long time. We believe that these phones should not be offered sans the THX Spatial Audio–it’s kind of baffling that they are offered without the custom THX software, frankly. However, there are people who love distorted bass and volumes so loud that King Kong’s eardrums would burst!…;) So maybe that’s why Razer doesn’t integrate this into this Kraken package. Still, it would be unusual to find earphone wearers who would prefer their games sounding like an avalanche of boulders tumbling down the side of Everest. I think, anyway…;)To sum it up–I love this software. Husband loves it. He says it’s much better than what he thought it might be. Razer includes a 7.1 surround-sound software solution free of charge with the Kraken, and it’s just “OK”–just kind of average–seems to induce a fair bit of bass distortion in speech in some of our games–one guy’s speech is nigh unintelligible with the Razer 7.1 surround sound package for the Krakens. But run the THX Spatial Audio, instead, and the difference is real and immediately noticeable. THX really justifies its commercial claims–the software brings out the best in the Kraken hardware!Comfort. It’s a very important category with cans–as all of us know. If you can’t game for hours because your phones are causing you pain or discomfort after a certain wearing time–that’s unacceptable. These Kraken phones have “Oval Cooling Gel Cushions” in the pads and I’m just going to say that they are very comfortable indeed. My husband says that this set is the most comfortable set of cans he’s ever worn. Both of us think the Sony set tends to “pinch” a bit in a long wear. The Sony pads are by no means uncomfortable, absolutely not. But both of us–my husband’s typically swelled head and my petite but usually swifter smaller head both find the Krakens more comfortable in all wear scenarios–which I find a bit unusual. My husband says that what surprises him about the Krakens in addition to the gel-filled ear pads is how comfortable they feel–even for a large head like his they feel like they’ve got more room to give–not something the Sony’s ever did. The Sony’s were adequate, just not as comfortable.Durability. This is a big one for us, but especially for my husband. He’s gone through many Plasticine sets of cans promising great durability. Hah. We have lost count of the very strong-looking plastic-frame headsets that after very little use, comparatively, use that was anything but harsh or abusive, simply fell apart, cracking through or breaking apart, and it happened over and over again. Hence, the hunt for metal headbands and construction in our headphones. Both the Sony and the Razer Kraken use metal in their construction, and what a difference! Neither set has come close to cracking or breaking apart! The Sony’s have been up for years without a single problem in that regard! Years, literally. We do not expect to see any less durability from our Razer Kraken–namely, the one reviewed in this article!Really, any aluminum-headband construction should suffice for a long, long time. Our advice is to avoid plastic like the plague–especially the plastic headbands that appear to hold massive weight and hold up under enormous wear and tear–especially those particular Plasticine headbands….;) They just aren’t going to be there one day when you really need them.Price: Believe it or not, the Sony cans are actually priced higher than the Kraken headset reviewed here. You can usually buy the Kraken Gaming Headset reviewed here plus the Razer THX Spatial Audio Software for less–that’s right–less than what the MDR-7506 is currently selling for in places such as AMAZON! Where you are right now.Summary: The Sony cans, the MDR-7506’s used as a baseline comparison for the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset review here, deliver really nice sound and were our number 1 choice in gaming headphones. Operative word being “were”….! These Razer Kraken headphones are better, in our very humble, sincere opinions!

  76. Platform: pcUsage: Headset with y splitter plugged into the front panel audio connectors on my pc which in turn is plugged directly into my soundblaster z audio card. So basically its plugged directly into my audio card.First off, 4 stars because I hit some limitations with the 7.1 software when combined with my audio card. The software wont work and the earphones wont work if I set my audio card above 48khz. Also my audio card sees the 7.1 device as a 5.1 device. I’m stuck at 5.1. I cant run them in 7.1. However they do work and well at 5.1. Im able to run the 5.1 channel test and it all works as it should.All that out the road, the drivers and mic on these are bloody amazing. It’s like theyve took the best drivers and mic they had and stuck them on a cheap headset. Take it from an audiophile. For music they are decent. But when you take them in to a game, that’s when they come alive. I tried d2 and skyrim. Not only did it sound amazing, not only did the surround work but I could hear all these samples and voices and noises and effects that I just couldnt hear through my speakers. So this £35 headset is doing a better job at gaming than my £500 speaker set!Mic wise I did a little test. I set furmark and prime 95 running to ramp up my fans as much as possible. I then used my audio equipment to record a quick test sample of me talking into the mic. I then played this back through my media player. I could hear my voice clear and sharp. It was good. But the best part was I couldnt hear the fans. It cut the noise of the fans out. So that means if you’re playing a heavy game online, the people your playing with wont hear the noise of your fans.I cant believe this headset was only £35. It’s not the best set I’ve ever played with but they are amazing value for the money.

  77. To start with i have to say dont let the price fool you. These are really good sounding headphones. Ive never been a big fan of headphones when gaming because i found after a period they became cumbersome and heavy on the head but i spent 4 hours gaming with these and i didnt experience any of that. They are very lightweight and comfortable with nice chunky ear cushions. The mic also works nicely with clear audio (so im told) in the box you get everything you need to plug and play but most importantly you get an extension for the usb connection which i thought was handy. You have a mic switch and a volume reel on the cable which makes it easy for adjusting while gaming. Overall im extremely happy with this product and the build quality.

  78. Was looking for a product which wasn’t going to break the bank as I’m a casual gamer. I’m surprised at the quality of these. They fit really well, even with my tiny head, are adjustable, and the band is flexible too to make a more comfortable fit. The sound quality is brilliant on them. I’m not a tech expert to know the ins and outs but sounds like surround sound when you’re using them, loud, crisp, clear and bassy. The lights on the ear muffs and mic are an added bonus and they too are clear and bright. Cable long enough that you don’t feel tied down. Overall easy to use, good quality and really quick delivery

  79. The media could not be loaded.  If you’re looking for an affordable headset without a heavy price tag, this is definitely the one to buy. The crisp sound makes your gaming experience better. If you’re into first-person shooters like me hearing footsteps won’t be an issue with this headset. The gunshots sound immense through this headset. The design is great, the overall finish of this headset is not only attractive but provides the comfort you’d expect from an expensive headset. Strong and sturdy build.

  80. These work. They aren’t the best at anything, but they work well and for the money, they are great value.Everything is a little less than great, comfort was for a few hours before I needed a little break. There is no volume adjust on the wire, it has to be done on the PC which for me is a nuisance when you want to make a quick adjustment but are playing a game you don’t want to come out of to fiddle settings. Noise cancellation is okay but it isn’t the best. For a casual user like me, these are great because I don’t put them under any pressure and once again, they are very very affordable.

  81. Got this headset for my nephew as a Christmas present.While testing the headset prior to wrapping, the headset quality is really good and is quite snug fit (which will be great for my nephew, overall it’s incredibly comfortable. The only downside is the microphone, I don’t know if the issue is with the extension cable itself as this issue only seems to occur on PC (at least during my testing).I opened OBS to record audio and test out the overall sound, I was listening to music on youtube and OBS was picking that audio up through the microphone as well as my default audio for desktop, I had to fiddle with some sound settings within windows 10 to boost the audio coming from the mic as it was initially quite low, this is when I realised the issue with the mic, even if I mute the mic, the audio still came through, but as long as the mic isn’t plugged in the there is no isuse (obviously).I used my old PS4 to record a message and listen to it, I didn’t use the extension cable for this, the mic and the headset audio is really clear. As of right now I can’t test the mic itself until I can convince someone to jump on PS.I will most likely just keep the headset (although I did debate refunding) as my nephew uses a Snowball Blue microphone, so he wont be using the headset mic while on PC (thankfully the mic is detachable). I would recommend getting a Snowball or Yeti microphone if you plan to use this headset on your PC and just avoid connecting the headsets mic to your PC.If you are buying this for console, make sure to test it out thoroughly get someone in a party chat and test to see if your friend gets any echo, if you do contact support to see about getting it fixed or just get it refunded and go for a headset over £100 (Astro A40 TR with Mixamp is what I currently use). I use PS chat + discord to speak with friends while gaming on cross-platform games with my current headset/mixamp.

  82. For each players, a good gaming headset is essential. What kind of headset we choose depends on what game we play.For example, if we are playing a game of PUBG type that we need enough surround sound to know where the enemy is at all times, and this gaming headset can well meet our needs.Just like I play many horror/zombie games, sound is the basic part of the gaming experience. And this headset can well meet my needs. It has a wide sound field and stereo bass surround sound, which greatly provide thriller effects and makes me better immersed in the game.In online games, I often need to communicate with my teammates, and the microphone of this headset can work very well. And the LED light and appearance of this headset are very cool.All in all, this headset can meet most expectations and requirements of each players.

  83. This headset is quite good. The sound quality is good the surround sound is good but the sound obviously isn’t top of the range but still very good for gaming. The headset is also very light so you can wear it for long periods of time (gaming) but it is also very sturdy. The detachable mic is a plus because you can get it out of your way when not gaming. I’ve tested the mic myself and it sounds quite good and clear and some reviews say the mic is quiet but it really isn’t. The noise cancellation is good aswell it blocks all sound when your not speaking but if your talking and create noise next to your mic it will pick up but that’s how noise cancellation works. Overall I am very happy with this headset and highly recommend it .

  84. I was very pleased with the price I paid and had high hopes after reading some good reviews about this headset. However I was very quickly let down.The sound it very intermittent – it will cut out at times, so that I either catch every other word spoken or miss entire sentences. The sound quality is also quite poor and almost muffled sounding.The RGB doesn’t work when you’re using the headset, not without it being plugged in elsewhere while gaming (not exactly convenient).I’ve had this headset for approx. 6 weeks now and only one side of the headset works. Absolutely no sound comes from the other side.I wish I’d paid that little bit extra for a better known brand.

  85. These headphones were great for a time but after about 3 months they broke. They are comfy, sound quality is good, though i’m no expert. Noise cancellation was very effective, missed the doorbell many times! I took good care of them but they are rather flimsy and can break easily across the head band. Mine have unfortunately bit the dust. Overall I would recommend if you really need a cheap pair to do the job for a little while but they are not a long term solution.

  86. Brilliant gaming headset with lovely sound quality. Would highly recommend.

  87. Brilliant gaming headset with lovely sound quality. Would highly recommend.

  88. I bought these to replace a headset we already had and my son says this version is much more comfortable. Can speak easily to his friends online too.

  89. lovely and comfortable to wear, great noise cancelling quality and sound quality is superb, very sensitive volume controll adjustment.. Nice long cable

  90. lovely and comfortable to wear, great noise cancelling quality and sound quality is superb, very sensitive volume controll adjustment.. Nice long cable

  91. This is the 3rd one of these we’ve bought as they’re so good! Now all 3 of my boys have the same headset. Excellent at cancelling out outside noise great sound quality and the mic is brilliant. They are comfortable for any age, my 5-year old uses them sometimes too. The boys can sit in there separate rooms gaming playing against each other without shouting around the house. Considering the price of some of these gaming headsets is ridiculous, these are worth so much more than they cost as the quality is the same. Absolutely recommend to anyone and they’ve lasted so well with three boisterous boys, would definitely buy as a gift or purchase again if they break. Perfect bargain, very happy customer! 😁

  92. This is the 3rd one of these we’ve bought as they’re so good! Now all 3 of my boys have the same headset. Excellent at cancelling out outside noise great sound quality and the mic is brilliant. They are comfortable for any age, my 5-year old uses them sometimes too. The boys can sit in there separate rooms gaming playing against each other without shouting around the house. Considering the price of some of these gaming headsets is ridiculous, these are worth so much more than they cost as the quality is the same. Absolutely recommend to anyone and they’ve lasted so well with three boisterous boys, would definitely buy as a gift or purchase again if they break. Perfect bargain, very happy customer! 😁

  93. These headphones are exactly what my granddaughter wanted for her gaming . She didn’t want just any old headphone it had to be these . She is made up with them and says they do everything they say they will do , so these gaming headphones are the business for me and especially my granddaughter .

  94. Having purchased gaming headsets around the same price range I was a bit sceptical when reading the product info as we all know things are not all as they seem. I was really surprised at the quality , feel and sound of these and yes they really are noise cancelling. My sister can no longer hear the sound of GTA in the background. Highly recommended and excellent value for money.

  95. Gaming headset has good sound quality, they are big enough to cover my ears, microphone works well.I play ps4 so when plugged in to the controller the lights arnt powered but they are if you plug them in with the USB cable.I would recommend. Good value for money!

  96. What’s not to love about these? Honestly, the amount of headphones I’ve brought for PS4 is unreal, always something dodgy with them. BUT NO ISSUE WITH THESE AT ALL. Wires are strong, headset fits perfectly, microphone is perfectly clear. Honestly can’t fault them and for the price an absolute bargain 👌

  97. I bought these for my son for Christmas and let him use them for a little while before asking him how he likes them. He’s very pleased. He said he especially likes how you can hear the sounds separately in each ear when gaming so you can tell where people or things are. The noise cancellation is excellent and I know that because he can’t hear me when I’m trying to speak to him ha ha ha.. I would recommend this headset.

  98. Purchased this headsetfor my 9 yr old for Christmas (after much debate as he had broken his last one). Well let me tell you, this headset is sturdy enough to tolerate the standard wear and tear 9 year olds put on things, but also a neuro-divergant 9 year old who tends to toss his headset off his head when he gets frustrated. It has enough sound cancellation for him not to be able to hear myself or my husband when we ask him questions or try to talk to him. The sound is clear, he is able to hear and be heard by others with no issue. He loves the look of it, “very cool”. It transitions from gaming to movies effortlessly and he can use it both with his XBOX and his tablet with no issue. Highly recommend if you are looking for great quality at a great price. 10/10.

  99. TLDR: I wear glasses and headsets dig into my head causing me pain and leaving marks into my skull from pressing my glasses into my head etc. These have not (at least not yet).. and I am so excited. They feel roomy and nice, I was wearing them when I didn’t even need to cause I just don’t mind them all day long. (SO NICE!)I had to write this, I only had them like 2 days now. Wore them all day today and I cannot believe I’m not in pain like I have been from my hyper x cloud 2. My other headset broke. The mic just doesn’t work. So I needed a new one. I didn’t put much thought into this, It was a good price and kind of impulse bought it after making sure it was in fact a USB connection because I can’t deal with finding the right port for the circle ones/jacks. (I am very tired).I wear glasses, my headsets tend to dig and cause pain into my head. These are not… very roomy feeling. My only gripe as my other headset mic could come out. I could move the headset any way and put the cord on either side of me. These I have to wear them one way only. But that’s not a big deal tbh. I like the cord to dangle on my RIGHT side. But it is on the left and has to cross over me. But whatever. I can work on solving that some other time.I totally didn’t realize the RGB colors changing on the sides, pretty neat. Mic and sound are nice. People are not complaining about not hearing me etc. Very nice. I’ve had issues with discord in the past but no issues atm. (Not sure if it was headset related at all).I may want to get a stand for them or something just because. Very happy with my purchase so far! (Also thanks to the company for shipping it so fast! )Update: I reviewed this Feb 10-22. Updating now jul 28-22. This review is getting notice so I figured I might as well update. I’m able to wear this with my glasses for long periods, I game daily with friends talking etc. I find them to be quite comfortable. As far as discord goes, I only got the error of my friends not being able to hear me a couple of times. What resolved that was just closing and restarting the app. Restarting computer. Things like that. I think it’s discords issue tbh. Anyways. I found also as I wear glasses, that my glasses weren’t fitting me that great, and I needed a wider frame so it didn’t cut into my head as much, that also helped with head discomfort. It also stood up to my cats chewing at the mic end. I’m so glad they I can retract it during storage.Hope this continues to help. I hate refunding things myself. Good luck, take care.

  100. Top comfort and good sound – put up against a pair AKGs. Only shame and reason of immediate return, is the severe sound bleeding; to the point that even on lowest volumes, noise inside the headphones is audible to people around me.

  101. Top comfort and good sound – put up against a pair AKGs. Only shame and reason of immediate return, is the severe sound bleeding; to the point that even on lowest volumes, noise inside the headphones is audible to people around me.

  102. I’ve had this headset for about two years, and I bought another one yesterday. For the old and new headset I had, wearing it for the first time hurt my head after a bit because it’s tight. If you don’t have a big head then good for you lol. Thankfully, wearing it often will eventually make it become less tight.The audio quality was also something I learned to become used to. Obviously it’s going to sound or feel weird if you’re accustomed to perceiving sound through a different headset, that was me the first time I got this headset, and there is a program you download onto your computer called Logitech G Hub that allows you to alter the sound settings such as toggling on or off the surround sound or the acoustics. There’s also a volume scroll wheel at the back left cup of the headset, which is nice.The microphone quality isn’t bad, but it isn’t the best in the world either. I haven’t toyed around TOO much with the setting of my headset, but I would hear people on Discord comment “who’s writing an essay?” when I would type on my keyboard. So, if you’re desperately worried about people hearing you type, stay worried. It’s nice though that I can just flip my microphone up to mute myself.The integrity of the headset itself definite has it’s faults. It’s infamous for breaking at the area where I had to duct tape it. I’m sure if you take good care of it or don’t use it 24/7, it’d last longer than the two years I’ve had it for. Be aware that this is definitely a real issue with the headset if you haven’t already guessed by the several other reviews who show the damage in the same area of the headset. The padding also started to wear off around the time it broke, but I kept using it cause I was trying to save money. I decided to treat myself yesterday by buying a new headset so I didn’t have to keep adjusting the duct tape on the broken side every time I wore it. Also, the cord is prone to twizzling/tangling up as well, but I never experienced a cord issue with the old one.Is it worth the money? In my opinion, yes once you get accustomed to it. That’s why I bought it again and why I still used my broken one over a $100 Logitech G535 wireless headset I had bought before buying another G432. The mic quality, in my opinion, sounded a lot better on this $50 headset than it did the $100 dollar one.So all in all, make sure you take good care of it if you want it to last, and it takes a few uses to loosen it up so it isn’t tight around the head and becomes more comfortable. Sound is fine as well once you’ve adapted to it. Is it the best headset out there? Definitely not. Alright for it’s price? Yeah.

  103. I bought this primarily for playing Monster Hunter on the PS4, and secondarily as a videoconferencing headset for work on a MacBook Pro. I’ll admit the shade of blue used in the product photos was arresting to me, and the actual colors in person are faithful to the photos.Overall, the sound quality is good for a headset of this price. Not audiophile quality by any means, but perfect for videoconferencing or casual gaming. I haven’t tried a first person shooter with surround capability, so I can’t speak to how well the headset does on that front.As noted in the title, bass is very thin, which is okay for videoconferencing, but not in most action-oriented games, where bass can be used for impact. Because of that, I may look for another headset for playing action games, and keep this for videoconferencing.In Microsoft Teams on a MacBook Pro, Teams would sometimes not pick up any sound from the Kraken X’s microphone, despite recognizing it as a usable device. Restarting Teams and plugging in the headset again seemed to remedy the issue.The controls on the device, a volume wheel and microphone mute button, are positioned so your left thumb would fall on them when you reach up to your left ear. The volume control works fine, and it’s probably just my own memory problem to remember that the microphone button in the UP position is muted, while in the DOWN (flush with the body of the headset) position, the microphone was on. The mic button shows red when muted, but you can’t see it when it’s on your head, and the red sometimes confused me since red is also associated with recording. (Again, probably just me overthinking it.)The mic itself is on an easily positionable arm, and picks up my voice very clearly for people on the other end to hear–and just me, not noises in the room around me.Weight-wise, this is the lightest headset I’ve owned with the features it possesses. This headset is significantly lighter than the older Razer Electra V1 headset, which means it is more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. And for those who wear glasses, like me, there was no negative effect of my glasses being squeezed or pressed into the sides of my head at all.A downside of such a cheap headset is that the mic and headphone cable are not detachable, which means they can’t be replaced.In short, a good overall headset I’d recommend to non-gamers, or gamers who don’t play action-oriented games that rely on bass for effect.

  104. It is really good and I find 7.1 surround sound quite useful and nice in games but it is not really necessary, the noise cancellation is decent because if you have loud pc’s or consoles it can get rid of the sound when wearing it and it isn’t to an extent when someone is talking around you or calling you so you can hear them but it will not be as clear without the headset, it comfortable and I can wear it for long periods of time without getting uncomfortable but on a really hot day it can get quite warm, the mic though can only move up and down but I find it quite nice that you can flip it to turn it on and off but the mic quality isn’t that good but you can connect an external mic to it with an adaptor, NOTE: you have to use the USB type A adaptor to get the 7.1 surround and not the 3.5mm jack

  105. I’m writing this review after using this headset almost daily for work and gaming for a little under two years now. I bought these for gaming, streaming, and work. Let me start off by saying they look adorable and seem to be sturdy, but the quality is definitely lacking and I generally wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who is trying to use them as a full headset, maybe as just headphones, but definitely not if they need to use the mic.————-Quick Summary————————————-PROS: Cute, extension cord is handy (sometimes), comfortable enough to wear all day, sound quality is decent, separate volume knob on the headphones is convenient sometimesCONS: Mic quality is god awful, the mute button broke pretty quickly and I almost couldn’t get it to unmute, headset is too loose and heavy to do any kind of physical activity or even lean forward without them falling off, extension cord is split between input and output so it can’t be used as both input and output through one headphone jack i.e. for my laptop——————————————————————–I was really attracted to these because they are cute, and there weren’t too many options for pink headphones, and I really wanted to look cute for Twitch streaming and Zoom/Discord calls. Let me start by saying I have beat the crap out of these and they still work, but a lot of the features I liked broke or stopped working well after a few months and then I stopped caring about being gentle with them.Most notably, the mute button/volume dial, it is so poorly constructed, you can feel the plastic moving around. The mute button itself often didn’t mute or would get stuck muted, or half muted where it would make a humming or interference noise for people in my voice calls. It finally stopped working entirely after a few months and almost got stuck in the muted position. It was never reliable which lead to some embarrassing situations where I thought I was muted and I was NOT. There are also ridges on the volume adjustment that often get caught on clothing and it turns itself down or all the way up and I have to double check it. Ideally it would have been better if Razer put these buttons on the headset itself instead. It was nice to have volume control separate but it was more annoying than beneficial most of the time. It doesn’t really have any amount of noise cancelling or anything, it feels similar to wearing earmuffs for the winter, I can still hear everything it’s just a little muffled.The mic on this headset is absolutely awful and I would NOT recommend anyone rely on it for quality voice input. I don’t know if it’s just built badly or if mine is slowly getting worse over time but I have a lot of complaints about the mic. First off, the mic picks up sound coming from your earphones, I feel like that should be a basic requirement for a headset to not do that…. I have to have the volume very quiet in order to avoid the mic picking up what I am listening to. This is worse while the mic is pushed in to the headset, and only a little better when you pull the mic out to be near your mouth, but it still happens so it kind of defeats the purpose of having a headset. There has been more than one occasion where my music was picked up in a meeting by my mic, so again very embarrassing situations sometimes. There is zero consistency on mic pickup volume, I have used this for Zoom, Discord, BlueJeans, Facebook Video, Twitch, OBS, and regular phone calls, and all of them have wildly differing volumes of pickup. I use Zoom and Discord the most. On Zoom the mic seems to be supersonic and can pick up sounds across the room, when I’m on Discord on the same computer I have my input boosted and have the mic literally touching my mouth and my friends can barely hear me most of the time, it is so frustrating. Annoyingly this changes frequently, a few weeks ago I was too loud on Discord despite not changing any settings and then this week I am too soft despite being boosted all the way up. If I use the extension cord it changes the whole situation again to where I am having to adjust my settings and test my mic constantly. The extension cord itself is nice but I almost never use it as it is split into input and output only, so I can’t use these as a headset on things with a singular audio jack like my laptop and phone which is 90% of my usage.Physically the headset feels sturdy, and I have dropped it more times than I care to admit, but overall the headset is heavy because the metal ear cups and headband, making it slip and slide off if I lean down to pick something up. If I shake my head with any amount of force the headset slips right off, so I can’t wear it for anything but sitting at my desk, I have to switch to my old Sony bluetooth headphones if I want to work out, which I don’t think I was looking for these to be an all in one solution for me, but it’s still disappointing to take a phone call and have to constantly adjust these on my head if I do any amount of movement. It’s comfortable to wear all day for sure, and I wear glasses so that’s an achievement.The sound quality is decent, I can’t really complain about that.Overall I would say these weren’t worth the purchase. Granted the price point is pretty low for a corded headset but it is a constant headache to adjust the mic settings on every application. I would not purchase these again if I was in the market for a decently priced headset. They are cute and trendy, but really only work well as headphones if you sit still all day.

  106. I bought these based on a recommendation and am so glad I did. They are so comfortable it feels like my head is being hugged.I recorded my voice into camtasia and there is no audible noise. I don’t even need to apply a noise removal filter. I am using them with the wire connected.

  107. Sound is great (they come with lifetime Dolby Atmos for Windows). Mic is the best there is on any headset, let alone just wireless. Extremely comfortable and they look great. Battery lasts long enough for me and the charge pretty quickly. If you have a larger head, they might not be ideal, they’ll be great for most people though.

  108. I got these when they were on offer for £25. Compared to what else is available at the price they’re very good. I did read lots of reviews, both here and elsewhere and while they aren’t necessarily feature rich with some of the thing I would have liked, I’d have had to pay 3 times the amount.The fixed (non flip up) mic can get in the way if you want to drink while gaming, but it can be removed altogether by unplugging. Other than that, I struggle to find fault with them. The ear pads are breathable (which was a must) and they’re really comfortable. I can happily wear them all evening.

  109. I bought this headset when it was listed for only £75 instead of £189.00. So I didn’t hesitate for a second and went for it. Overall, I am very satisfied. I use it to play video games, mainly CS:GO or Forza Horizon 5, and listen to some music on Spotify. The operation is very simple, just plug the USB dongle into a USB port on your computer, turn on the headset and the connection between the two is made instantly. Very simple.The headset is quite comfortable (not as comfortable as my Bose QC35 II though) and remains pleasant even during sessions of several hours of play. The audio quality is good, although not as good as my QC35 either. It is the monstrous autonomy of this headset that differentiates it from all others. The manufacturer announces a battery life of 300 hours. When I received it, it was 90% charged. Believe it or not, I’ve been using it almost every day for more than three weeks now and it is still at 90%. I can hardly believe it myself. There is also a removable microphone included with the headset. The quality is pretty good, enough to talk to your teammates in game, but not enough for professional uses (which is normal).In conclusion, the headset is average in terms of audio quality, average in terms of comfort and excellent in terms of autonomy. For the price I paid for it, I am very happy. However, I find the original price a bit steep. I don’t think I would recommend it at the price of £189. Anyway, it remains a good headset for gaming.

  110. All good so far only had it for a week.

  111. Bought these for my son who says they are reasonably comfortable and work well, although his friends have noticed a drop in quality on his mic.

  112. As the title says, these are probably the best bang for the buck when it comes to gaming headsets.I got one of these sets for both of my kids several years ago. My son, who is terribly hard on things, ended up twisting the cable up so badly that he broke the wires inside of it. Still, it lasted over a year with him. My daughter, who is much gentler on things, is still using hers years later. The cable on hers is finally getting bad now too. That’s what happens when you twist it up on itself dozens of times and then roll over it with your chair…So my daughter asked for some replacement headphones for her birthday this year. Since these were so good to her, I got her another set just like the first one I got her. She was thrilled because she already loves the headphones but just needed new ones.These headphones check all the boxes for us. First off they are comfortable. I’ve seen my daughter wear them all day, so they must not rub her wrong anywhere. The sound is good, they have a boom mic that raises and lowers to turn off/on the mic, they have 3.5mm plugs (and adapters to accommodate other connection types) and are basically just some really nice no-nonsense headphones for a good price point. Would highly recommend to someone looking for robust headphones. If you are looking for great sound quality, you’re going to pay A LOT more. The sound out of these is just fine for non-audiophiles and perfect for gaming.Would recommend for general purpose and gaming use. Get some better headphones if you are interested in listening to just music. And use good music sources too! Speakers/headphones can only reproduce the sounds as good as the signal being fed to them. So use high data rate mp3s or even better yet, vinyl records! Even the best speakers in the world won’t make a lousy music source sound good.

  113. I have hunted for a long long time for a good wireless headset, I have tried all the different brands and different price points and all of them ended up going back and I stuck with my wired headset because of the horrid white noise.All the manufacturers have it, dont know why but they do and you cant get rid of it, despite many hours with many support tickets and working with people on forums etc, there are many many posts showing the same issues with all sorts of brands.Not so with this headset, its silent as the grave when there is no sound coming out of them and the quality of the sound when its being used is nothing short of amazing, I love this headset, its reasonably light, very comfortable to wear and the battery life is outstanding, I bought these some time ago now and I have literally just charged them for the first time (around 4 hours usage a day, heavier on weekends) they lasted around 2 months from purchase date before needing a charge which is astounding.Really good quality product, the software works really well for setting up the equaliser and sound options and keeping the drivers and firmware up to date, the microphone is really good and the noise cancelling is fantastic as well.An all around fantastic product, great value at whatever price you pay for it, I have paid twice the price of these headphones and ended up with a lower quality product, I cant say enough good things about them, very very impressive all round.

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    Zhanay Cruickshank 07/12/2022 at 12:00 am

    I literally cannot use this wireless which is what I bought this for. In any device there’s an interference screeching sound that I can’t bear, it’s always there. Wired however, these are amazing! Decent mic, comfortable ear pads, bearable weight for long sessions, made with metal and solid plastic. ALSO THE EARCUPS TURN. YES!

  115. When your using the headset without the wire (wireless) the mic quality for the people who are listening to your is t really good but when your using the wire the mic is brilliant it’s just that you can’t mute it with the wire in overall great mic 🎤

  116. Initial out of the box experience was very poor, tinny sounding and low volume, but then adjusting my settings realised audio driver and audio controller were not properly set up on my PC (all my other headphones have been pretty much great plug and play with the standard Microsoft drivers). Once I installed the appropriate Realtek driver and controllers, sound was very good.Mic was good, picks up my voice quite clearly, is out of the way, and the flip up to mute works perfectly fine.In terms of comfort, for my head at least, it’s snug and secure, not too tight very comfortable so far.I have tried this on my Switch and my phone: for the Switch, it’s decent enough, not as good as on the PC, whereas on my phone it was closer to sound quality I got on my PC (can probably be better once I mess with the EQ)So this is overall a very good headset, just make sure your PC settings are correct

  117. Very goos high quality

  118. Great value for teenage gamers

  119. Amazing quality and amazing feed back from this item no problems

  120. I brought these for my sons birthday and he loved them.

  121. I needed a wireless headset and I’m completely happy with how much I spent.I can’t speak much to how they perform outside of gaming but they’ve been great for games.Pros:ComfyAbility to monitor the mic (so you can hear yourself, I use it to hear background noise if someone is talking to me so I don’t have to take them off)The mic is decent probably a bit better than average. I can’t speak to that too much because I have a high end condenser mic.USB C chargingBattery life is great. I game with them in 2 – 3 hour spurts and I charge them maybe once a week?I’m pretty sensitive to audio delay and I’ve noticed none at all while using this headset.Cons:A little bulky but that’s expected in a headset like thisBetter than using earbudsData is handled by micro USB and not the type C connector. I lost the micro B cable and don’t have spares. Data and power should be handled by the same port.The software is a bit clunky but you don’t have to use it.Overall: If you need a good wireless headset that won’t break the bank and actually sounds good then get this. It syncs up almost as soon as it’s powered on. The battery life is something like 20 – 30 hours? Charges in a respectable 3 or so hours.

  122. i’m unable to find out how to get the mic to work. i’ve tried unplugging and replugging and it won’t work? could i have help if possible?

  123. So, this headset lasted around 14 months before the adjustable band snapped on one side. But it wasn’t fully detached yet, so I was able to slide it into the sheath and just use the adjustments on the opposite side. Two months or so later – aka right now – it fully snapped, and can’t stay in the sheath anymore. The wire, though, is still intact, and I can still hear and talk just fine, and it can stay on my head, but of course I am going to be buying a new headset. Point is, be gentle with it, and it can last you a good while.So, sound quality is pretty good, and as far as I can tell the mic quality is too. I’ve never used a high-quality headset in my life – so this was actually the best I’ve ever had personally. I’m sure there’s better out there though, obviously you’ll get what you pay for. If you’re a casual gamer this is good and affordable.Oh, and, if you think Razer’s 7.1 surround sound is “spywear” (its spyWARE, Tom)… So is your computer…. and your cell phone… if you’re an American, you have a social security number… trust me, Razer doesn’t care about your gamer rage sessions. Don’t worry about it

  124. Not the best, even with a JBL branding feels less than any cheap Chinese offering. Spend the extra on a Hyper X, which I also have.

  125. The price swings around so time your purchase carefully. No bells and whistles but seems to be solidly built & works very well. Not going to get top of range features at this price but for a basic set of headphones with a mike, especially from this brand, they make sense. No USB connection, so uses a 3.5mm combined jack, plus an adapter to combine separate mike/headphone sockets is included. Sound is perfectly fine & it picks up voice well.

  126. Only had these for a few days and only 1 day of gaming. Audio is very good. I’m disappointed that the neon lights can only be used when they are connected to the console or computer by USB, rather than be charged by USB & then used without any further connection.

  127. The media could not be loaded.  Sorry for long review but it’s detailed and honest and will absolutely help with your decision.This headset is designed for GAMING and they do just that and more, I GURANTEE you will be beyond happy with this product. ((Id like to say I’ve owned and used these almost everyday for 5 and half months)) If you’ve never owned a Razer product I promise they won’t disappoint you, you should see what your missing out on. Plus 2 year warranty and awesome customer support. I LOVE this headset and I’ve owned turtle beaches, Astro a-10’s, and I’ve tried arctic steelseries 5. Blackshark V2x is simply a better product and you should buy them.1.) SOUND QUALITY: The 50mm triforce drivers should make this headset more and $50-60. With frequency range of 12hz – 28hz you get the most dynamic sound range which is crisp, clean, and defined, plus the triforce technology that no other headset has..Most headsets in the price range are usually 40mm drivers and 20hz-20hz with neodymium magnets which is basic and nothing new. The bass hits HARD and crisp with mids and treble being very clear and loud. not a muddy/staticky sound of all three combined. They’ve got a super wide range of volume,you can just keep turning and turning the volume nob until they are so loud but still crystal clear audio.  2.)COMFORT AND BUILD QUALITY: They are very lightweight and super easy to wear for longgg periods of time. The overall quality and feel of the headset is sturdy thick plastic, not cheap creeking plastic, with metal or aluminum adjustment sliders. The ear cushions and very soft leathery material and stays nice and firm, with the material quality being superb, so after months of use you won’t have flat, hard earpads. The actual size of the ear cups and awesome not to small to here the crush the tops of your ears they go completely around them for nice comfortable seal on the sides of your head with plenty of room for your ears. This the kind of headset that you will forget you have on. They got the perfect clamping force to stay put and not feel like it’s crushing you, the memory foam keeps them comfortable and in place. The headband is nice and cushioned with leathery material. When it comes to adjusting it on your head it has a dirtent type of adjustment functionality. You can get precise adjustment perfect for you head. It’s not one singular piece to move it slides and 2 diffrent parts on left and right side to get the PERFECT position you like, with ear cups being able to swivel to help even more to seal around your ears and countour of your head. 3.) NOISE CANCELLATION: Razer did a very good job with noise cancellation because of the memory foam ear cups that get a good seal on side of your head as I said above. My mom hates it because she can’t yell at me from living room when I have them on. They make for awesome immersive experience, only being able to hear the sweet sounds of gaming,with no background outside noise. The memory foam ear pads really help keep outside noise out. I’m assuming if they were some fabric material sound would seep through. 4.)MICROPHONE QUALITY: I’ve gotten multiple compliments about the clarity of the mic, always asking what mic I have and their surprised by the answer. It’s pretty damn impressive for this headset in this price range, the mic is just as good as some “streamer mics”. I Never have problems with echoes or like static background noise. It’s literally dead quiet until you speak and it only picks up your voice. We all know if you have a ceiling fan on it can be heard when you talk. This mic doesn’t pick up that sound literally just your voice and you don’t need to have the mic super close to your mouth, can have it decently away and you’ll still sound loud and clear on the other end. Like I said it’s pretty damn impressive for the price of this headset. 5.) CONS I DONT LIKE: •Microphone doesn’t flip up(blackshark V2 has removable mic).•The cord is a rubbery material and no matter what it never seems to straighten out completely, braided cord would be better.•The headset cable is not removable, so if you break it the headset is toast. The cable is stupid long so it won’t get caught on something a rip/tear. Perfect length and stays out of your way.

  128. Son used this for both xbox and playstation and its very easy to connect! Can use wireless and wired when the battery on headset dies which takes days!!

  129. Bought to replace some cheap headphones i really liked.Already noticing my mic cutting out due to wire issues

  130. You couldn’t get a better one for this price, is confortável enough for a few hours of gaming, plus it has good sound quality. The downside is the volume control not controlling the volume on windows, but rather on the phones itself with no indication on how loud / quiet it is. But rather than that, I can recommend this for a budget gaming hs

  131. I have been using hyperx headphones for while and I am really happy with these ones too

  132. I like these a lot. Take the cons with a grain of salt. No where near negative enough for me to return them.Keep in mind these are noise isolating, not canceling. Noise isolation when compared to Audio Technica is 3 out of 5 stars. Good enough for use at home. But in a noisy environment I do not think it’s sufficient.Pros:Build qualityComfort (have a huge noggin, larger ears)Sound it top notch, bass is not over powering, mids-easily picked out and highs crispNo drivers for basic functionality under Windows 10Great microphone qualityCons:Microphone feels flimsyNo audible tone when microphone mutes and unmutesVolume dial is not connected with USB or Wireless volume in the operating systemHeadphones auto power off with a little aggressively, not sure what the timeout is, but seems to be between 5-10 minutes without audio playing

  133. These headphones are good for gaming and you can connect them into your sound card with 3.5mm or into your computer with usb.I run the 3.5mm into my sound blaster card and they sound brilliant for the money, I don’t run the usb with it so the rgb lights are off, the volume control is very nice and easy to use and provides a lot of adjustment.Overall these are a very nice and easy to use and they don’t break the bank.You will not be disappointed

  134. Bought to use on Xbox Series X. Overall, I like this headset. I like that you can hear things based on the direction of the sound. In front of you to the right, you hear it in the headset. Behind you to the left, same thing. It is a little bit jarring at first that no sound from something on one side of you has absolutely no sound on the opposite side, but once you get used to that in your games, it’s fine. I think my only complaint is that when you turn the headset on it automatically connects to the Xbox and my phone. I would rather the blue tooth not automatically pair to my phone unless I press the blue tooth button. But overall, it’s a good headset to use in my living room while playing games. Leave your headset in your room with your console if you have to go to the kitchen or the bathroom, tho. This headset does lose connection if you go in a different room.

  135. I was slightly hesitant of buying headphones at such a low price but thought I’d take a chance. I’m glad I did! Hard wired so no hassle of having to charge them. I have had them a couple of weeks now and the sound has improved the more I use them. Very pleased with them. Simple programming personalising them on the pc what’s not to like. Great product great price.

  136. Sidetone simply does not work as it should. Nowhere near loud enough and after emailing them they treat you like you don’t know what you’re doing. Believe me I do as I work in the film industry. And a big part of that is the technical aspects. So I know when something isn’t working properly – yes the volume slider is up…… Beware potential buyers who want sidetone. Just buy a good set of analogue phones and I highly recommend the Yamaha AG03 external mixer which literally has everything you need including the ability to monitor your own voice properly, has inputs for other things, is also a high quality USB soundcard and affordable.

  137. I like these and use them constantly… on and off for over 12 hours a day. For normal use (telecom) they are great. But for music or loud gaming I find the distortion distracting and I simply can’t use them to play.If you don’t need it loud, they are great. Comfortable, weight is reasonable, noise canceling is as good passive cancelation as I have personally used, though my experience is not broad (maybe 4 headsets that were noise-cancelers). For my main use, voice coms, they are excellent. But I took away a star for lack of versatility overall, and 2 stars for lack of high-volume support.

  138. Good quality and value for the money

  139. What I liked about the headphones is they are good for my games. If there is bass or low tones, the headphones feel like they shake a bit. However the headphones are only OK when cancelling noise. I can still hear some vehicles drive by outside. It is my own fault for not reading the description carefully. But what I do not like about the headphones is that they need a USB attachment and you have to plug it in for the lights. The USB thats attached to it as a cord is really short. But over all I like them

  140. My other razer’s were dying. I don’t know, wire loose? Something- but it was fading out. Like the audio wouldn’t play on the left side. So I was like, whelp… let me get some new ones. Not cheap ones. But not like $100+ headphones. Got these. For whatever reason, my old ones were working again… so I didn’t install this right away….eventually my old razer’s started fading again. So I was like.. ok, let’s go ahead and install these! That’s why I got them.I didn’t realize these were a higher quality headphonse than the ones I had.The design was already better -> the mic can like… disappear into the headphones. Super convenient. The wrappy thing around the wires is attached to the wires so you can’t lose them. Like, these are little thing I didn’t even think about that impressed me because it showed how much detail and care went into this product’s design.But the thing that got me… was when I plugged them in and put them on. The previous one I had used “surround sound”…. but if that were true.. these ones use “surround sound god-tier plus”. Like.. I had a nice zelda medley playing on my computer… but played through these headphones…. it was such a heavenly delight in my ears. My mind was blown. Think I cried a little. It was beautiful.And then IN GAME. Oh man. The tracking of where things are… like a character would be talking.. and it’ll be so sensitive in terms of where they are in relation to my location. It was so dynamic. Someone could whisper into my left ear- and I’ll feel that whisper in my left ear.Great work on these headphones!! For the price point, I was really satisfied!

  141. I’m not really an audiophile, but I recently picked these up for half-price, and I’ve been liking these so far. The setup is pretty easy, and using the drivers makes the surround sound really pop in gaming like in League of Legends or Genshin Impact, which utilizes the 7.1 surround sound pretty well. The headphones do time out if you aren’t using them, but holding the power button turns them on instantly. The only cons are that there is no RGB lighting, and they don’t pair to iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth so if you’re planning on using them without the adapter, you won’t be able to. Honestly so far so good, it’s pretty good for the price (49$ on sale) and works for an entry-level headset that’s wireless and does everything you need it to do.

  142. Arrived as advertised in good packaging. Easy to set up. Sounds great.The mobile app is a must because they removed features that use to be button presses and put them in an EQ app that works well and helps provide a sound that I enjoy. I use for primarily for gaming on Xbox (Sync) and PC (via Bluetooth).Battery life didn’t seem as long as the 600’s I owned before these, but it’s enough that it’s not a problem. As others have said, the headset is tight out of the box, until broken in then it’s just fine. The ear phones feel amazing compared to the fabric covered ones on the 600. Memory foam and imitation leather makes it wearable for hours without your ears burning up.I would order again.

  143. Not the most sound intensive guy, I had a pair of very good Sony over ear headphones for a very long time so my bar is a bit high for over ear headphones.These headphones sound a bit “distant” but you get used to it fast. I’d say that for what I got for the price was very well worth it. The lights are funny, but the 3D audio is very useful when playing games like Fortnite.It’s also a generally good headset for calling with friends, I’ve been using it to talk to my friend to watch Jojo’s bizarre adventure on discord and it works fine for that. I like that the mic is retractable.The software for this game is garbage though. It’s very intensive for literally no reason.

  144. These headphones are still working after 3 years of extensive use. Very good economic headphones when on sale, and no issues wearing it with glasses. Audio quality is good for both gaming and music listening, although the bass is a bit on the lower side. Lightweight as well.Main issue – Microphone is very sensitive, and can pick up audio from the headphones itself.The paint on the foam padding also started to strip off after 2.5 years of use.

  145. The sound quality (both playback and recording) is fine, however I find the earmuff portion of the headset to be a bit too small, as it does not fit around my entire ear (and I don’t have particularly large ears afaik.) This probably wouldn’t be a huge issue for most people, but if you have earrings it might be a bit uncomfortable.

  146. For reference, the headset I used before this one was a wired HyperX headset i bought for like $100. This new headset was more expensive, but so worth it!!Amazing headset, especially for those who have difficulty hearing/understanding others talk! I’m partially deaf in one ear and my brain doesn’t like to interpret what people are saying sometimes. A gaming friend bought these for me for my birthday because he knew it would help me hear him better… and let me tell you. I can hear people SO MUCH BETTER NOW 🎉🎊

  147. If you accidently drop these headphones on a hard surface, they will break and you cannot repair them. For some reason that defies my imagination, I cannot figure out why they break so easily.I don’t know a person who games and watches movies and shows on their computer that has never dropped their headphones by accident. It happens.These headphones are a great product for the money. I am on my second pair and I would by a third if I had to (LOL).

  148. I was NOT expecting it to require a dedicated USB dongle. Although it likely uses a Bluetooth signal it is proprietary through the included USB Dongle. You can’t just pair it up with your existing Bluetooth and will need to have a open USB port (Type A) to plug it into.However, I kind of like this approach as the dongle loads as a HID (human interface device). So for me, that means I don’t have to turn on my Bluetooth. From a computer standpoint this has some marked performance improvement.So it worked for me, and I considered taking away a star for this but decided not to.One thing that is good is you can use it wired. But this can be complicated if you don’t have a combined stereo and mic port (4 segment plug). My computer has these separate which requires you get the proper adapter cable so it “Y” connects to the Speaker and Mic jacks. But again, I like the dongle wireless connection.Sound is fantastic, Full and Rich.Mic is outstanding, very directional so you don’t pic up a lot of stray noises and what people hear on the other end is simply great quality.Very cushy headset, comfortable but likely be a little hot on a hot day. That is something that is typical of any headphone… but overall these are super comfortable.The mic is removable, just unplugs from the headset or you can mute the mic with a button on the headset. Both are great features.I used them for 3 hours with zero issues, not sure how long the battery will last as this was as long as I needed. However if the battery is low you can always plug them in (standard usb cord) and charge them while you wear them.I was disappointed in the fact that you can’t USB cord connect the speakers/mic. Seemed something they should have done… Maybe I will deduct a star.But I am very happy with them for what I use them for, and would recommend them to others. Just need to understand the limitations… and that should be clearer in sales promotions too.

  149. I like this headset. The sound quality is great, exactly what you’d expect out of a high-end gamer headset. The volume controls the physical output level of the headset itself, it’s not a soft control for the volume levels on your device, which I personally like. It’s also the most comfortable headset I’ve worn, while also managing to fit tightly on my head. You can move around, do light exercise, lie down, etc. and it will stay snug. No complaints on the battery life. The mic quality is whatever, but that’s to be expected.However I write this review to explain an issue which, although not at all a big deal, is frankly inexcusable in current year. 1 month after getting the headset, on a morning right before a meeting, I found out that the headset wouldn’t turn on. Normally you hold the power button for a few seconds and it turns on, but this time it just wouldn’t. I tried charging it for a while, no luck. Naturally I thought the thing was defective so I contacted customer support to return it. After the usual, they suggested that I try resetting the power on the headest. Huh? Not turning it off and on again (which I obviously couldn’t do), but resetting the power. I remember that was a thing you did with like, old electronics. I looked up how to do it online, removed an ear cover (which is easy to do and replace, unlike on some other headsets, so that’s a plus), and inserted a paper clip into the reset hole, and boom it worked again.It’s nice that this mechanism was in place. It’s nice that it was easy. But for an electronic made after 2010, this shouldn’t have happened. How often do people have paper clips laying around nowadays? And I checked, I was using the latest firmware.So in summary, great headset, just remember that we’re still not in the future yet.

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