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  1. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for PC & PS4 – Red (KHX-HSCP-RD)I’ve had these about a week, and have used them for about 16 hours for gaming and a couple hours of music listening. If something significant worth noting comes up later I will add to this review.BackgroundI am an audiophile, I am old, and so my hearing is not what it used to be. However, I have always had a very high-end stereo system and generally the highest quality headphones. I am also A PC gamer.Fit and qualityThey are extremely comfortable: they fit snugly, but are not tight. If you wear glasses, you will barely notice the temple pieces, if at all. The leather pads are soft and conform around your ears well including isolating you from any ambient sounds in your home. There is also an extra set of foam pads to replace the leather pads. You can install these if you want something even softer.I have a slightly larger head. I wear a 7-1/4 hat size, and with a baseball cap I am usually in the last one or two adjustment holes. The phones will not fall off when you tip your head back or forward. Generally, they (feel) very light on your head, and after three or four hours of gaming, your ears are not all sweaty and hot. They breathe well, so moisture doesn’t collect. I live in Hawaii, so I am a good test case for that.The material used is high quality stuff. Anodized steel, leather pads for ears and headband, and a hard plastic shell form the ear cups. Attachment points are solid to the ear cups. The only thing I might ding the design for is the wiring to the ear cups. While it is solidly fastened, it is possible to accidently hook one of the wires and perhaps damage the connection. Of course this would be a remote circumstance. My wife likes them as well, because the oval shape of the cups allows room for her earrings. For you dudes that have large ears or wear earrings, especially those big suckers, you may be out of luck.SoundThey sound great, and with the isolation you can hear everything the soundtrack has to offer. There is a simple instruction you should follow for set up for a PC. Go into control panel into your sound app and set up for 7.1 that is included in the box. As far as “Virtual Sound” I can’t tell the difference between that and what stereo offers. During gaming I can hear things to the left, right, and center. For music, stereo placement is good and music with a good mix will place instruments where they might be on stage. Classical music: of course violins are on the left and brass on the right.MiscellaneousThis company offers a 2 year warranty, and this by itself show that the company is pretty confident about the quality. If there were a lot of problems with this product they’d lose money on a two year warranty.Packaging is top notch, beautiful, well designed and is another clue that you are getting something pretty good. The box is built like Fort Knox and all the doo-dads are packed firmly away in foam. You get a ditty bag for traveling, and adaptors for PC, Mac, and gaming consoles, including controllers.The wire is cloth covered and avoids tangling. I used ear-buds previously and those things always got tangled and fell out of my ears, or loosened. The cord is plenty long enough and the volume control for the mic and headphones is handy. The in-line control also has a Mic-mute switch, too.All things considered, this is a 5 star piece of equipment in all respects. I did NOT get any perks or incentives to write this review.

  2. Preface to say, this 4 star rating is only because I have a massive head, like literally. Not fat or anything, I just cannot find a hat that fits me. I’m absolutely sure this will not affect you, unless you knowingly have a head that does not fit any hat you’ve ever tried.The issue for this product arose that i’d feel my head being squished by the headset, which led to initial discomfort. I’d often swap back to just using my speakers because my head was aching from wearing it for so long. However, as continued use got on, either it turned my head into an meat accordion to make itself fit, or i just stretched it out with my immensely obtuse cranium use. Either way, the discomfort went away after about a week or two.Sound quality is absolutely stellar. I’ve almost overdosed on heavy bass at least 5 times since I got it.Outgoing verbal quality is also amazing, so my friends have said- although, there was a brief period where my outgoing audio was not good. I figure it was just a loose connection, so i took apart and reconnected everything and i’ve not had a single issue since- (In retrospect, my friends discovered it’s entirely possible audio was going through my webcam mic instead).I ordered this headset about two months ago, and the quality that it has so far bestowed me with is probably the best i’ve ever experienced, then again, i’ve never shelled out this much for a headset/mic in the past, so it was to be expected.Unsure? thinking of checking many a forum to find the right answer? Just buy this. I’ve extensively asked many different people/communities what they think the best for the money is, and they’re all pointing to this. It’s probably definitely worth the money.

  3. This is the 3rd headset I’ve tried…3rd time lucky!!1st was Plantronics Rig Flex, 2nd was Logitech G430 – nothing wrong with either but I have a small girly head and 1 other specific problem, I have a behind ear hearing aid. Now trying to find a comfortable solution to gaming that doesn’t suffer feedback has been a trial and a half!First mention is for the quality packaging, these bad boys arrive in a lovely box with plenty of secure foam packing and a carry bag. Oo la la!The HyperX Clouds are quite literally as light as a cloud. These headphones are plenty big enough for guy heads but also small and light enough for girl heads, they don’t swamp you. The wide flat padded headband doesn’t make your head go numb when wearing them (Yes I have mine on for 8 -10 hours a day! and it’s a big problem if they hurt) Now, I use the velour covered ear cups and they just sit happy as a bunny on my ears without causing my hearing aid to whine with feedback – RESULT finally!!! Apparently the Pleather covered cups cut out more background noise but as I can’t use them I can’t comment.The sound quality is fab, they’re simply a USB plug n play. The dongle gives you control over sound and mic volumes and when to activate the 7.1 surround for game play. The mic is detachable, so you can use just the stereo headphones plugged into your phone or MP3 player if you want or if you live stream with a static mic and don’t want to use the boom mic.The construction is plenty sturdy enough. My reply to those who say they break easily is take more care with your stuff! No rage quitting and throwing them down in disgust might go a long way ;-pI don’t think I’ll ever need a different brand now I’ve found these 😀

  4. This headset is light weight and has very good quality sound for the price and is very comfortable. Microphone works good as well. Lights on the sides of the headset make it look nice.Only complaint is that this headset is meant for PC users given the fact that both the USB cable and microphone plug in are connected very close together to the cable. Meaning, that if you are playing on PS4 you plug the microphone cable into the controller but can’t plug the USB cable into the system for the lights. I ended up buying a 3 foot USB extension cable in order to be able to use the lights. So if you are using anything other than a PC and want the lights on the headset while you play, then you’ll need an USB extension cable.This product is very good though. Very happy with the purchase

  5. They were amazing headphones until they developed a short near the jack. I had to hold the wire at just the right angle for them to work. I am very disappointed with the durability of the wire given these are $100 headphones. I’ve had tougher $5 usb cables. I won’t be buying HyperX products again as this is a huge oversight in design.

  6. I’ll start off by saying I’m a middle aged dad who purchased this for my teenage son so that he would stop borrowing his sister’s Beats for gaming. I was first expecting to pay $100, but was pleasantly surprised by the pricing and reviews for these.I just now tested these, and to me, they don’t seem too bad. The audio quality is lesser than the Beats he was using, but to me, that’s OK. They are not as comfortable as the Beats either, but they’re still fine for wearing for hours on end.Unfortunately, they were not acceptable for my teenage son. This was just one gift of the many for his birthday. We tend to go overboard, even before Christmas. He wasn’t overly thrilled, but used them immediately. Later, in a fit of rage over his other gifts, he shouts “Thanks for the $10 scratchy headset Dad!”.So, if you’re a middle age person looking for good value, I think these are a good fit. Though, if you’re a spoiled brat teenage boy who wants to hear what others will do to his mom in the best sound quality and comfortability, these may not be the best purchase.

  7. This review has broken my long standing “I never write reviews” stance. I purchased this headset in June of 2016. The performance has been great, sound, microphone, my personal favorite is the stitched covering..a nice touch. Nevertheless, this review is about the customer service I received when the USB connector broke. First, I tried the online customer service option. The representative (who’s name I did not get) was quick to confirm that this product has a 2 year warranty and my issue was in fact covered. Sweet! I typically get screwed over in these situations, so I was not expecting that. They had to transfer my online chat to tech support to create a case for me, OK no problem…But, that wasn’t a positive experience as I kept getting kicked lower in the queue. So, I decided to just call customer service…on Friday…after 5..the week before Thanksgiving. (They are only Monday-Friday until 6pm) I get Eric and I tell him the whole story. First thing this guy says? “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” Eric asks for some personal info and says that I’ll receive another email in the next couple of business days. I had a couple of questions and he was really cool about answering them. The following Monday I have a couple of thoroughly explained e-mails from Stephanie. One is a pre-paid return label and the replacement was being sent out separately. I returned the damaged part on Wednesday, my replacement arrived on Black Friday. The ABSOLUTE best customer service I have received for any product! So, if the price tag is an issue for you, consider the warranty and the great replacement process.

  8. Pair this with a mixamp (Astro or Turtle Beach T.A.C) and you have a better headset than the more expensive headsets including the likes of the Astro a40 and a50. Turtle Beach Elite 800, Sony Wireless 2.0, Sony Platinum.On there own they are mighty fine for consoles and PC. But are so much better when paired with a mixamp. You can get a second hand mixamp from the likes of CEX for £32 (Astro Pro mixamp 2013). The USB 7.1 processor that comes with the HyperX does not fully work with the PS4 or Xbox One. You can plug it in and get audio and mic working. But the 7.1 SS button or the volume buttons works. So again I 100% recommend pairing a mixamp with this for console users.For PC users it’s just plug and play and the 7.1 control works right away. Such a good headset.

  9. Mother of pearl, this headset.Start with the problems, they’re a little loose. Oh well, they’re not so loose it’s an issue at all, they’re super comfy and fit wonderful, but if you sneeze hard they will slip. That’s it.The sound quality is immaculate, for the price I expected so much worse.The mic is clear as a bell.It’s so comfy and it can go to incredibly loud levels comfortably too.The range is impressive even without the extender.It looks n feels stylish n lovely. It’s lots of metal rather than plastic, improving the feel.It’s rather light though I haven’t worn for 8 hours straight yet to give it a real test.The customization is fantastic too.Buy it, no regrets, enjoy.

  10. I have been using these for a while now and they’re awesome. If you’re not too bothered about wireless then skip that entirely and go for wired. It’s really just a gimmick when you’re sitting still and gaming. However, overall I’m very pleased with them. A few notes for people looking to buy:Battery life is lower than what they state but that’s the same with pretty much all battery operated products. However, the battery life is way better than my previous wireless headphones. With the lights on and at full brightness, you’re looking at less than 8 hours. Without the lights, you’ll get 12 hours+. You can charge them overnight or every other day depending on how long you use them for.Sound quality is awesome. I haven’t experienced headphones with full surround sound before and it was actually disorienting. While watching Netflix I found myself turning around or pausing to wonder where the hell that noise came from. This is also togglable which is just fantastic. The software that comes with the headphones provides sufficient functionality but can be buggy. I’ve found this to be true with a lot of software provided by companies such as corsair, logitec, etc. The headset is also sound canceling which again was better than I’m used to. As I don’t live alone I can now game in bliss or watch movies without being disturbed.Mic quality is normal. It’s better than the cheap headsets you can get but it’s not professional mic quality by no means. However, it’s more than adequate for the use cases of the product so it’s not a bad thing. You’ll be heard clearly and the software provides sidetone which due to the sound canceling nature of the headset is pretty much required to avoid shouting. The headset also mutes the mic when you put the mic up. That’s just fantastic. My only gripe with this is that it would be nice to keep sidetone activated while the headset mutes the mic as the sound canceling causes these conversations to sound as if I’m slightly deaf.Packaging was really nice, and the shipping was super quick. In the box, i received the headset, the charging cable (Which was very long, thank you corsair), and the dongle dock thing which can also be used as a phone stand. Very useful used alongside logitecs arx app. The build quality of the headset is leagues above my previous headset which was similar in price and wireless. The turtle beach px3 (£99). This is sturdy and has metal arms holding the cups to your head. The buttons on the headset are nice and clicky too. The mic arm though flexible is stiff enough to feel hard to breakIt’s comfortable. The memory foam head cushion is surprisingly springy and comfortably holds the headset on your head. It’s fully adjustable too, I have it on the smallest because I like it tight. What I’ve found in the past with headsets is that while wearing glasses they can become very uncomfortable over long periods of time. I’ve never had the issue with this.The ear pads are big enough and comfortable too there’s enough space for your ears to sit in their natural position as squishing them would cause a lot of discomforts over long gaming sessions.If you’re looking for a high-quality headset from a trusted brand and you don’t mind paying a little extra for the gamer gimmicks then look no further. Corsair did a fantastic job designing this product down the littlest of details. A solid headset that has made a huge difference to how I watch movies and play vidya.

  11. Headphones through the audio jack alone are well built, comfortable, and have quite high audio quality.The major and inexcusable problem is with their “7.1” USB control adapter, huge frequency passthrough.When I first received it I thought it was a defective part so I contacted Kingston and they gladly sent another one, same exact problem.The USB creates a constant white noise that is exaggerated with subtle low volume sound changes, it’s completely unacceptable for a part that you literally pay extra to have. The faked 7.1 is great and I really love to use it in game but the constant boost in this white background noise is ridiculous.I’ve tested it with and without the dongle on 4 separate machines with 3 separate OS’ and all the same, it’s the USB dongle that is poorly made.For a nearly $100 headset I’m quite disappointed that they would cheap out on literally the only reason people pay an extra $20 for.On the plus side, Kingston support is really great so no problems there.

  12. I got this in a rush when I needed a new headset. In hindsight a bit more research would have had me getting something else. As a precursor to the review I feel that it is worth noting that I am very rough on audio peripherals. I don’t know why, but they usually last me about 6 months regardless of the quality and price. This is why I choose to buy at a cheaper price point more frequently rather than high-end less frequently.Pros:Price for the quality is greatDecent speaker/mic soundGood quality cable that is at least 6′ longSits comfortably on the headStereo/mic to separate stereo and mic connector includedIn-line mic mute switch and audio volume adjustmentCons:The USB is only a power source for the blue lights on the headset (it is a bit misleading in its uses, but if I had researched it a bit more I would have found this out before purchase)The in-line mute and volume knob would be better with a mic gain knob as wellIt tends to make my head a bit sweaty (I have long hair and live in South Texas, US. So it is hard to find headsets that don’t do that, but still something to keep in mind)The headset only goes on one way (The traditional right and left side is enforced by the mic only being usable one way. I know I am in the minority, but I like the mic being on the right side of my head)So this is absolutely worth the money, but if you are looking for a high-end headset this is not it. I know my cons were a bit nit picky, and I don’t want anyone to think that I regret this purchase. I knew I was getting a quick solution to needing a headset, and I honestly got more than I was looking for. The USB lighting, while completely useless, is a cool addition. The only reason it didn’t make it into the pros section is because unless you want to look cool on stream it is wasted resources.So, yea. If you want a good quality headset for a good price this is great for you.

  13. This is on paper an excellent headset, in fact, I do for the most part love it. There are however some fairly critical issues I feel it’s only fair to mention. This headset has limited adjustment, only up and down adjustment. It feels very loose and I would not say I have a small head. To the point, if you look down it tries it’s very best to get itself off of your head. It is very comfortable however and the build quality is great. with use of nice feeling plastics and metal. The ear cushions are very soft and fairly breathable. You can probably wear this all day without issue. Another great feature is that it can be used while charging and unplugging and plugging in on the fly are simple, no disconnect and reconnect, all seamless. Presumably, because it uses the wireless regardless of if it’s charging or not.Sound quality is excellent, the software iCUE is fairly good although needs some UI work. You can still quite easily figure out the main things, it’s just stuff like syncing RGB lighting with your mouse that seems difficult, however, I may be missing a trick here.For the price this is an excellent headset but if you move around a lot or require a lot of adjustment to get the perfect fit this headset may not be for you.

  14. My 9byr old son has the Xbox one S, I bought these for him after a gr8 school report. He loves them, sound and voice quality us amazing (his words) and they work on his gaming chair too, would absolutly recommend

  15. First off, the headsets are very comfortable. I could wear them all day. They sound good and all, but there’s a catch for Xbox users: you can’t use the 7.1 Surround Sound USB card. After a brief talk with the customer service (who was very nice), I found out that this piece is “incompatible” with the Xbox. It would have been nice to know that beforehand! The description says, “Compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, etc…” No! It does not work the same at all! The headphones will still function, but not at the same level as expected.

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    Benjamin Blaha-Nelson 09/12/2018 at 12:00 am

    I replaced my Siberia 800 after about two years of use when the batteries started swelling up and the charger broke. Fine, a quality fluke and a chance to get a fancier model, I thought. The Pro Wireless arrived broken, with the line out jack on the base station completely useless. SteelSeries seems to know that they put a cheap jack in there, because they first advised me to push my headphone cable in harder and try different cables. When that didn’t work (the jack is DEAD), they put me through the most ridiculous RMA process I have yet encountered. After making screenshots of my receipt “with the toolbar date visible” (like I couldn’t photoshop that?!) they required me to print out an email, break the headphones in half, and take pictures. Then I get some kind of coupon to order a new product. Lots of work. Not happy with headphones that cost this much being made so crappily.

  17. Yeah, you read the headline correct; a cable that if lost/damaged/broken will send you on a witch hunt through realms you thought not yet existed in your mind. Steelseries decided it was a ethical business idea to create some strange usb cable offspring of a USB-Micro & USB-Mini… The result is something you will not find anywhere, not even on Steelseries’ website; as it is SOLD OUT. ($10 for cable, $10 more for shipping of said cable) The only reasonable conclusion I have come to is that the company Steelseries wanted to make an extra buck and design their own cable. Without this thin, easily breakable cable; the headset is rendered useless. Good luck finding a replacement anywhere, I found my own way but I dare not reveal that here lol. Other than that, the headset is amazing; 9/10.

  18. Attractive looking headset, which has great sound quality and is comfortable to wear. The perfect headset for any gamer. A brilliant product at a brilliant cost.

  19. The headphones and gamedac broke after less than a year and Steelseries has not honored the warranty. Steelseries told me to destroy the product and prove that I destroyed it in order to have my warranty claim approved. Then, after I did so, I was given a code to use on the Steelseries web store, but the code only provided sufficient funds to replace the gamedac — not the headphones. I have received no response from Steelseries after following up multiple times regarding the claim.

  20. Re revised review.Kraken Tournament EditionXbox one ps4 wii u and pc tested.Nice clear speech bothwaysGood volumes nice and loud.No distortion when you crank up your fav shooter and nice quality on adventure games.The THX dongle for pc (does work on ps4 as a amped headphone) so a little louder than just plugging in the controller, although that’s loud anyway.Good all rounder tested with dolby atmos and worked a treat on xbox and Netflix atmos supported movies.Many times in online multiplayer shooters I have spun round and killed players because this headset allowed me to hear them coming. Always a plus.Comfort.Light, comfy cool gel earphones, glasses wearers these are excellent to, over head band you forget is there no over sweat issues either.Durability these will last as long as you look after them, a lot of metals in the build quality, shame the cable isn’t removable incase the wire was ever damaged but not an issue here.On pc you may find the mic doesn’t work when you plug in your USB THX dongle,Please install razers synapse software to control the headsets volumes and features and all is perfect.Hope that’s helps, anyone that reads my reviews know I’m harsh on items and know what I’m on about, I’ve been in the electronics game years and know quality wise what’s good.These are good. I give overall 8/10 as always room for improvement. A good solid buy.

  21. Re revised review.Kraken Tournament EditionXbox one ps4 wii u and pc tested.Nice clear speech bothwaysGood volumes nice and loud.No distortion when you crank up your fav shooter and nice quality on adventure games.The THX dongle for pc (does work on ps4 as a amped headphone) so a little louder than just plugging in the controller, although that’s loud anyway.Good all rounder tested with dolby atmos and worked a treat on xbox and Netflix atmos supported movies.Many times in online multiplayer shooters I have spun round and killed players because this headset allowed me to hear them coming. Always a plus.Comfort.Light, comfy cool gel earphones, glasses wearers these are excellent to, over head band you forget is there no over sweat issues either.Durability these will last as long as you look after them, a lot of metals in the build quality, shame the cable isn’t removable incase the wire was ever damaged but not an issue here.On pc you may find the mic doesn’t work when you plug in your USB THX dongle,Please install razers synapse software to control the headsets volumes and features and all is perfect.Hope that’s helps, anyone that reads my reviews know I’m harsh on items and know what I’m on about, I’ve been in the electronics game years and know quality wise what’s good.These are good. I give overall 8/10 as always room for improvement. A good solid buy.

  22. So my logitech headset died 🙁 not the first time, so I wasn’t going to spend another £50 on something like that. Thought I’d try something different. I really liked the RGB on this headset, which is a primary ready I bought it.I didnt have the highest expectations, it’s a £30 headset from an unknown brand. But I wasn’t disappointed at all. They are well built and are big enough to fit on my big head, so that’s a bonus. The mic boom could have been a little longer, but I guess they were going for the unobtrusive approach with this product. Sound wise they’re pretty good, sensitive to footsteps and weather effects and the like. I had no problem locating enemies on pubg, a massive advantage. And it’s good to have an inline volume and mic mute switch. There’s a reasonable amount of bass too, the drivers are apparently 50mm which is large, so there’s a lot of spacial awareness with this headset.Overall I’m happy with this headset so I’ll be using it as my daily driver for games etc.

  23. The 2019 edition of this (only one I’ve owned and purchased recently)… simply wow, the quality is sharp and clear, the comfort of the earcups and band that latches onto your head makes the headset feel weightless. It really is impressive for its value, feels and looks really well made and what more could you expect at this price for a steelseries headset, they are the best I’ve owned. Last but not least did I mention they’re comfortable af?! Well then. Works with every platform so lots of potential usage. I wouldn’t live in earcups as most I find uncomfortable but these are the first to not give me ear cartilage pains over long hours of sitting and playing.

  24. After ordering this product the first time and it not appearing I contacted amazon, to complain… Three times I ordered it and it was ‘lost’. I understand that this may be the courier and not HyperX.However, eventually the product arrived; after 3 days the left headphone only played very quietly, sent them back to get a replacement only for the exact same thing to happen but with the right ear speaker instead, a month after them being replaced so a refund is not available..I understand that these headphones have a fantastic reputation, however with my experience they are of poor quality, I wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturer have changed suppliers or production in some way..After comparing these headphones to the supposed exact replica my partner’s sister’s bought a year ago, the sound quality is incredibly different unfortunately (even in the working headphone)Don’t be fooled by all the positive reviews, I suspect they are for a previously better made version of these headphones!!!However, I must say a good point about these headphones is that they are increably comfortable and look fantastic!

  25. **EDITED**So I have been using a pair of Astro A40 TR’s for the last year or so and although the sound quality is amazing, they were very heavy and were very uncomfortable after longer gaming sessions.So I thought let me give these a try as all my other peripherals are made by Razer, and let’s just say I was not let down!First of all these headphones are a lot lighter than I expected, which helps for longer sessions of gaming or work. They come with a usb adaptor for the PC which works well, but also has the potential to work on consoles without this separate adaptor. I have tried these on my PS4 and was very impressed with the sound and mic quality. The mic as mentioned is retractable and when retracted automatically mutes the mic. There is a separate remote on the headphone wire that allows to adjust volume and to mute the mic for when using without the usb adaptor. The usb adaptor has those functions too.The wire of the headphones is made of a fabric type material and is very good at not tangling, unlike traditional plastic coated wiring.The ear/head cushions are a tad bulky in size/looks but they are so comfortable, like actual pillows for your ear and head.Only thing I wish is that the sides of these headphones had the razer logo light up, like the other razer products :PIf you are into PC gaming and play for long hours, definitely buy these headphones 5/5 ^__^——–Unfortunately since writing this review, I have had the mic on these headphones stop working, I then ordered a replacement which then a month later had the same issue, because of this I will have to lower it to 3/5 stars because it might just be my luck or a serious issue with these headphones

  26. **EDITED**So I have been using a pair of Astro A40 TR’s for the last year or so and although the sound quality is amazing, they were very heavy and were very uncomfortable after longer gaming sessions.So I thought let me give these a try as all my other peripherals are made by Razer, and let’s just say I was not let down!First of all these headphones are a lot lighter than I expected, which helps for longer sessions of gaming or work. They come with a usb adaptor for the PC which works well, but also has the potential to work on consoles without this separate adaptor. I have tried these on my PS4 and was very impressed with the sound and mic quality. The mic as mentioned is retractable and when retracted automatically mutes the mic. There is a separate remote on the headphone wire that allows to adjust volume and to mute the mic for when using without the usb adaptor. The usb adaptor has those functions too.The wire of the headphones is made of a fabric type material and is very good at not tangling, unlike traditional plastic coated wiring.The ear/head cushions are a tad bulky in size/looks but they are so comfortable, like actual pillows for your ear and head.Only thing I wish is that the sides of these headphones had the razer logo light up, like the other razer products :PIf you are into PC gaming and play for long hours, definitely buy these headphones 5/5 ^__^——–Unfortunately since writing this review, I have had the mic on these headphones stop working, I then ordered a replacement which then a month later had the same issue, because of this I will have to lower it to 3/5 stars because it might just be my luck or a serious issue with these headphones

  27. Was looking for a gaming headset for my brother as he is a gaming freak. Did not want to invest in big branded ones as my brother never keeps any headset for longer. Came across this head set which suited my budget and the parcel arrived very next day. Gifted to my brother and he was so pleased with my gift. Gave call this morning and said that the sound quality of this headset is outstanding! He said that the Dolby effect is more effective than the high street ones. He is a gamer and if I could get such compliments from him, then I think that this is the best one for gaming! He also said that he has this in his bag to his commute his uni as this gives complete music set up for him on the go. Proud of choosing this product and a satisfied purchase!

  28. The media could not be loaded.  Pros: Lightweight, VERY Comfortable, most balanced sound we’ve heard from Razer yet. Easy to drive, 7.1 software included for PC use, decent quality mic.Cons: Attached cable and mic, all plastic build, still struggles with volume on PS4

  29. I have had these for a day and so far are alright, not the greatest, especially for $50. I have had better $25 headsets.PROS:-Very very very lightweight, probably the lightest headset I’ve ever owned!-Very comfortable and fits well-Flexibility is decent-Microphone quality is pretty good, not the greatest-free roam mic, comes right up to your mouth-memory foam padding on headband is very comfortable-Noise cancelling-cord is long and not elastic, which is great so it wont curl up and tangleCONS:-Sound quality could use a lot of improvement-Pitchy mids, no bass, highs are screamy-mids are very static and can hurt your ears-Plastic buildOVERALL:Razer has got the build down, the build of the headset is amazing. The thing that could use some work, is whats inside. Mic quality and sound quality can use a lot of work.Build: 10/10Mic: 7/10Sound: 3/10

  30. I bought the Arctis 1 for my son who is getting into gaming and I didn’t want to go overboard with his headset (I am a gamer and have more expensive equipment but not about to have him start on that!). I was really surprised with the Arctis 1. It is very comfortable and light weight. The head strap padding is pretty good and the fit works both on my head and my sons head (12 years old). He really likes the detachable mic (personally I don’t care as I just use it for gaming, but he likes that he can connect it to different devices that don’t use the mic and therefore doesn’t have a large mic in his face). I was a little skeptical as SteelSeries makes great products, but hasn’t done that well at this price point. However, after using it and seeing my son’s response as well, would highly recommend.

  31. If you are buying this mid-July and have chosen this specifically because the Blue Mic sounds so good think twice. Logitech still has not released the proper software for this to work. Whereas they will work as normal headset and mic, there are no drivers or software support to take advantage of the microphone. Watching some reviews on youtube you will see that reviewers have the software and I had confirmed that Logitech provided that to them in a sort of beta version not to be shared with anyone, so normal consumers like you and me just sit here with a sort of useless headset,Contacted logitech but the only thing I got back was them saying it was still not out and they didn’t have a clue when it was going to be out. Great…

  32. After looking for a cheap headset after my old one was on it’s last legs I bought at least 3 £20 cheap alternatives before getting savagely roasted by other pc gamers over how crap the microphone quality was, after that I decided to go for this one while praying to whatever deity exists that this one isn’t a piece of crap and hoo boyThe sound quality is amazing, like too good, I have to turn my pc down to 20 so I don’t deafen myself, the 7.1 surround with 3d audio is great for games that require hearing more than anything (Biggest example being battle royale games) and the microphone is so crystal clear it’s given me the pass to s**t on others with bad micsthank you for ascending me to godhood Tronsmart and Yuefa

  33. I’ve spent much time researching gaming headsets: reading the many reviews; watching the numerous video reviews, touting how wonderful a certain product is, followed by the comments not exactly corroborating the reviewer’s enthusiastic commentary. I bought one headset based on the adulation thrown down on it by a number of positive reviews only to return them in disgust wishing I’d adhered to the negative feedback. Thankfully, Amazon is wonderful at accepting returns…I’ll be honest; Logitech hadn’t figured highly in my hotlist of gaming headset manufacturers. Don’t get me wrong; I love their products, and I own a superb webcam, mouse and keyboard. It was on the off-chance that I looked at these, based on a friend’s recommendation of his experience of Logitech gaming headsets (he owned a different model, but pointed me in the right direction, thankfully). Satisfied by the praise and largely positive/5 out-of-5 reviews, I took the plunge and purchased these from Amazon.The item arrived much sooner than anticipated (thanks, Amazon!), and I was curious, if not, a little indifferent about what I would expect to find and hear.The packaging and presentation of the headset inspired confidence that what was enclosed was of a high quality. With the contents fully unpacked, it was clear that Logitech had produced something truly exceptional and worth the modest price tag.The headset feels of a very high build quality, definitely surpassing what you’d expect for this price bracket. There are several attachments, and ear pads, accompanied by a nice bag to ferry the headset and said accessories in. The clamping force is reassuring and comfortable, and I didn’t have to worry about the headset slipping off. The headset was very comfortable and I can imagine long gaming sessions not to be marred by a sore cranium. The headset doesn’t have any functional switches on the ear cups, enforcing the desired minimalistic design, other than the inline volume control dial, and mute switch. I find this design very pleasing and it means not having to scramble around with your hands looking to flick a switch, or adjust a dial mounted on an ear cup – this can be so distracting in-game.Now in a state of excitement, but still reserving my judgement, I plugged the headset in to my PlayStation 4 Pro. I didn’t make any adjustments to the audio quality using Logitech’s software, which by the way, offers a myriad of customisation to both sound and mic. The out-of-the-box audio was stunning! I could tell from the off that this headset meant business and I was in for an audible feast. The sound is extremely well balanced, the soundstage vibrant, the bass punchy and present. I played CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered, and the headset breathed a new dimension into the game for me. As cliche as it sounds, I really could hear details not heard before, and I felt I was at an advantage now.I am someone with very high expectations, and I can honestly say that this product meets and surpasses them in many respects. If you’re a little put off by the price, I’d say, take the plunge and invest in a high-quality, worth-every-penny product. I doubt you’ll regret it.

  34. Final Conclusion after returning first headset for replacement… Don’t bother. Second headset worse than the first. SteelSeries support are very polite but act as if you are the first person to ever have a problem.Replacement headset has random disconnects from Xbox and sometimes turns itself off completely. Using the SteelSeries software I was able to stop Bluetooth turning on with headset power up which sort of fixed the no mic issue.They are appalling.Premium products should not have these problems. £35 you’d put up with it; £150… get f……..Pros -Comfy.Sound good. Especially like the ‘Focus’ EQ setting to really get that sense of immersion in the game environment.Only headset I’ve tried with Red Dead which accurately reports direction of animal sounds, gun fire.Simple connection with no drop outs.Mic is good. Doesn’t pick up ambient sounds, burps… or noises if you dare move in your seat.Cons -If used whilst charging a constant hum is audible to other players but not you.My ears get hot after an hour or so.If used with other devices (iPad, phone, PC, etc,) turning the headphones on also turns Xbox on.Expensive…Edit – Day three…There is an annoying static blip as if connection is briefly lost and restored every 15-20 seconds.Sometimes the mic doesn’t work. Turning headset off and on again ‘fixes’ it but these are a premium product… it shouldn’t happen.The chat/game mixer dial is easily moved by putting headset down. Take a loo break, come back and wonder why no one is speaking to you anymore 😂These annoyances should not exist on a premium headset especially now the price seems to have shot up £20.Edit – …..Having to turn the headset on twice each time for the mic to work is getting tedious.

  35. Definitely the best headphones for the price range, my old headphones the turtle beach z60s had a problem with the head band snapping in places from repetitive flexing. These headphones definitely dont have this problem.Pros:Sound qualityVersatilityBassRGB (if you like that sort of thing)Cons:PriceNot wirelessSo first of all i should start off by saying it comes with a piece of software for you to alter the sound to how you like it and set different profiles for music, games, movie watching etc. Ability to adjust mids, bass, dB and much more including the colour of the headphone’s light. It can be set to scroll through set colours, every colour, fast or slow. Or as i have it just plain red to match my pc.The cons are pretty self explanatory; it could be cheaper. In a perfect world it would be, but we arent in a perfect world. And it could be wireless; they of course do offer a wireless version but if i didnt include that in my cons then i only would have had 1.

  36. Jan 2021 Update (original review removed):I can no longer recommend these due to questionalble build quality. Such a shame because everything else about them was pretty much perfect and I was set for these to be my daily driver for years to come!After around 18 months of pretty much daily usage, the right ear cup has snapped off. Not due to mistreatment or bad handling. I removed and replaced these carefully as I would treat any of my gaming equipment. However one day I noticed there was rattling from a loose piece of plastic in the right ear cup. A few weeks later the right ear cup snapped off completely when I removed them.I can see another reviewer has had the same issue and it appears to be well documented on Reddit. The rigid metal headband seems to transfer the twisting load to the ear cup mounts, which is just made of weak plastic. A design flaw which means I cannot recommend the Arctis Pro or any Steelseries headset with the same design.

  37. I’ve gone through exactly 3 headsets (The official Microsoft Xbox One headset, PlayStation Gold Wireless headset 2018, and a Razor headset) looking for a viable option that had both DECENT audio and mic quality, as all the headsets I’ve purchased have had build quality issues and terrible mic quality. I’ve given up on picking up a wireless headset as from what I’ve seen, are incredibly expensive. I saw the ad for the SteelSeries Arctic 1 headset and it seemed too good to be true (very cheap price for a wireless headset, and interchange between 3 consoles) and to my surprise, it lived up to pretty much all its claims. Wireless connectivity works seamlessly with its included dongle, and I have had zero dropouts or latency issues with it on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. I originally purchased this headset primarily for the PS4, as I imagined wireless headsets were completely incompatible with the Nintendo Switch, but the headset does in-fact work effortlessly and all the buttons on the headset (Mic Mute On/Off, Volume Dial) work on both systems. Mic quality is excellent as well as audio quality, it’s perfectly balanced and not ridiculously skewed towards bass, and the volume can be raised very high on both consoles if you want. Battery life so far has also been great, it’s something I haven’t had to worry about when using and I only had to charge them once every week out of habit. The headset itself doesn’t feel flimsy and seems decently built, It’s pretty light and is surprisingly comfortable to wear, so much I use it also when I’m on my laptop. The only thing that slightly annoys me is that when I switch playing consoles and want to use the headset on it, I have to get up and unplug the headset dongle and connect it to the console I’m using (say, from the PS4 to the Nintendo Switch). This is pretty much a first world problem, but it’s something I’ve come across every once in a while.Overall I have to say I’m really loving this headset, if you were on the fence for this thing I really recommend you give it a try.UPDATE June 2020: It’s been 8 months since I’ve bought this headset, and I just wanted to report back that it has held up ROCK SOLID. This thing is by all means not flimsy, and the battery life has held up incredibly well. I’ve been gaming really long sessions, roughly 5-6 hours long each with friends online, and this thing just keeps going with no issues whatsoever. One of the few purchases I’ve made that I can say was absolutely worth it.FINAL UPDATE April 2021: Managed to get myself a PS5 and happy to say the headset works flawlessly with it. The new thing I love about the headset now is that the PS5 has a USB-C port in the front, which means you don’t have to use the included cable that comes with the headset dongle for USB-A, you can plug it directly to the PS5 and it sits flush and is almost unnoticeable.

  38. Love these! I have a tiny head so buying a headset was a stressful experience. My old headset used to ache after a while as they’d press my glasses against my ears or squash my piercings. However, these have completely removed this problem from gaming for me. The extendable mic is also a nice touch as it means you can move it away from your face when you’re not in a party. The comfort and sound quality are both high quality 🙂

  39. This headset will hurt your ears and head after a few hours of useThis headset mic is not noise canceling, it in-fact picks up the sound from the headset speakers itself! So, you get reverb through voip which makes it a requirement to use push to talk.For almost $60 and a brand name you would expect some better padding on the ears, would fix the issue of noise going to mic as well.Overall this headset fails in comfort and functionality with a premium price.

  40. Love these! I have a tiny head so buying a headset was a stressful experience. My old headset used to ache after a while as they’d press my glasses against my ears or squash my piercings. However, these have completely removed this problem from gaming for me. The extendable mic is also a nice touch as it means you can move it away from your face when you’re not in a party. The comfort and sound quality are both high quality 🙂

  41. First of all, this headset is the best I’ve ever owned, by far. The sound is high quality, the microphone works perfectly and comes with a free windscreen, and it has very comfortable ear pads with an extra set of velvet ones included. BUT, the microphone WILL BE DEFECTIVE upon arrival, and you need to do something to solve the problem and restore the headset to functionality. By default, the headset comes with firmware version 0030, which contains a microphone-breaking glitch. To use the microphone on this headset, you will need to go to the official HyperX download page for the Cloud II headset and get the latest version, 0010. I’m not sure why the number is lower, or why they don’t ship them with this preinstalled, but this was an IMMEDIATE solution for me, so make sure to keep that in mind before buying these.

  42. At first this headset worked like a dream, sound quality was great apparently the quality from the mic was crystal clear & I had no other complaints. This was until I put the headset on a few days ago & was suddenly greeted to the left ear cup going deaf. I’ve tried everything to get the sound back & it returns for a few seconds before going deaf again. I’ve been as gentle as can be with this headset, my old HyperX Cloud Stinger I spent £35 on still works now 3 years later but this £100 Logitech headset breaks in 4 months? Ridiculous for the amount of money paid for this, even if I just happened to get a defective headset this is just stupid for the money I paid for this product.

  43. When I needed a headset for work — for conference calls and such — I first looked at all the “professional” headsets. But they all had lackluster or even terrible reviews. I also wanted over-the-hear headphones for noise cancellation, but my ears get sore if something sits on them very long. Brilliant idea: Gaming headphones that are designed for 24/7 wear! And I love these so much! They are so comfortable, I sometimes forget to take them off when I’m finished with a call. And sometimes I put them on just for the noise cancellation. And the price was unbelievable. I would have paid 3x for these. I’ve told all my colleagues to buy them.

  44. This product doesn’t work unless you download and install their spywear (oh right, it isn’t spywear because you agreed)The mic wouldn’t work, periodThe 7.1 doesn’t work without installing the aforementioned spywearWithout installing the spywear you left with 1 left 1 right spear pointing at the top of your eardrum so it sounds like everything is coming from the skyThe pivot for the mic doesn’t have a hing, or a protective durable rubber bendy thing… It’s just a wire out of a sharp hole, I’m sure it wouldn’t take anytime at all for that sharp hole to cut through the mic sheath and wire, planned obsolescence on a $12 mic, seariously$40 isn’t enough revenue on a $12 product, you’ve also gota take advantage of unwitting parents buying this garbage as gifts for kids or kids friends, so you can profit off selling their privacy in perpetuityNever buying any razer product again, tbh I thought I never would after burning through 3 death adders in 9 months (horrible quality, but dang that mouse fit well in the hand) , but I needed a work headset because of corona and this was one of the few items in stock and I returned this garbage!!BestTom

  45. UPDATE: I had to return these headphones and lucky for me they were just inside warranty. The reason they had to go back was the hinge had broken loose from the housing. There was a piece of plastic rattling around inside the cup and the headset became a little uneven when place don my head. Really disappointed in having to return them. I would also like to mention I have never dropped these, neither have they ever been thrown down. I have no idea how this fracture came about as I try to look after all my kit. I am reluctant to get another pair, so keeping my eye on the market for a replacement ,tried 2 sets of ASTRO A50 were but they were rife with issues on the series X. The Base station kept freezing and switching off at random (was fine on PC though).Purchased these so I would have a dedicated pair of wireless headphones for my XBOX X. Previously used Sennheiser Game One (wired). But time and time again the jack port on the controller would end up cutting out the sound. So wireless it was. I looked at numerous products, bought a set of Plantronics RIG 800LX, they were DOA so returned them. Then I looked at gaming DACS to use with my Sennheiser. No dice as feedback was they were great but didn’t work with XBOX chat (unless using on your phone?) So naturally ended up looking at top of the range solutions. So AS50’s were my next port of call. Numerous reviews with people trashing them and others saying they were interstellar sound. My finger must have hovered over the purchase button numerous times. I thought no, 300 quid for some headphones just not paying it.BUILD QUALITY & AESTHETICSSo I looked at Steelseries. Various products and many reviews later I opted for the 9x. For my first steel series headset must say very impressed with it. Build quality is excellent, A metal headband frame, with a velcro adjusted elastic support band (this comes into contact directly with your head). Almost like a ski goggle band. I think these can be swapped out for other designs if you like to change things up.The ear cups are closed cup design (I’m used to the soundstage of open back) I prefer open back but these are great at reducing sound bleed so if playing in a room with other people it prevents others hearing them. The microweave cushion is very very soft and so comfortable long gaming sessions and no ear-ache from headphones pressing on your ears (you can buy velour or pleather replacements) . I imagine that depends on the size of your ears. But as a whole my ears fit within the ear cups. As per the headband you can change up the design on the outer part of the cups (purchased separately). Closed cup also prevent external sound getting in, not completely but enough. The earcups swivel so they can be laid flat on a table/shelf when packed away, which is a nice design feature.The battery life states 20 hours which is pretty accurate. I do have quite long gaming sessions at weekends, 3-4 hours during the day and possibly another 5/6 in the evening. So a single charge will hold. However you will need to keep on top of it. The XBXOX dash has an icon on battery along with the controller.SOUNDThe sound itself, at least to me is very good. I’m no audiophile but for gaming they work well. I use DOLBY ATMOS (sonic works just as well) with them and no complaints. There are 4 presets; Flat, Bass Boost, Smiley, Performance. I tweaked these to my liking, as we all look for something different in sound. A lot of people say the sound is poor on these until they tweak the profiles. In all honesty the ‘Smiley setting’ is a happy medium. You will however need to plug these into a Laptop or a Computer to adjust EQ within the ‘Steelseries Engine software’. If you don’t have a computer to do so the smiley setting is the all round setting. Nice clarity and not too muddy bass. I have sensitive ears from years of diving so keep the bass quite neutral. Which is also why I prefer open back headphones.MICROPHONE & EAR CUP CONTROLSThe Microphone has an adjustable wire neck which coils up into the ear cups. Unlike other gaming sets where you flip the MIC boom up to mute the mic you have a button on this set. The mic has a red LED which illuminates once muted. If I am totally honest the MIC works and is very sensitive. However I think it could do with a foam microphone cover as it can be a little too sensitive. You can adjust this in the Software as well as the side tone. The sidetone allows you to hear yourself through the MIC, this is great so you don’t end up shouting whilst using the MIC. As mentioned close cup headphones reduce the sound around you this includes your own voice.The Headphone volume is a small dial on the right earcup. The layout of the dials is clear and after a few uses you will navigate to them with ease. It is functional and works but from a design point of view, the actual dials could be bigger and less sensitive. More like click on each volume level would be better. Every time I take off the headset it is always at a different volume. So it is easy to move it by accident. A minor gripe but a gripe none the less. The EQ presets are on the right ear cup these are a single click of a button. You get a clear beep in the ear ranging from one to four to indicate the appropriate profile.The headsets works on the same tech as the XBOX X controller and pairs the same. It also powers the XBOX X on when the headset is powered up. The bluetooth works parallel to it so you can receive calls or listen to music via phone or ipad. This is a feature I didn’t think I would use much but have actually really started to use it more with Lockdown. I stream music from my phone whilst training. Works really well, connection wise it is seamless and have no issues at all.The Chat volume/Game volume ratio is on the left earcup and this is a great feature. You can adjust the balance of the two on the fly. So if you have someone in your chat who is really quiet you can increase the chat bias or vice versa.Overall I would say this is a really good headset, now and then when powering on the connection can be a little funny. But nothing a headset restart doesn’t fix. This isn’t all the time maybe one every ten times I use it. The sound quality has a fair bit of depth and can be adjusted to your liking, coupled with Windows sonic or if you wish to buy ATMOS. There isn’t much between them really. But they do make a difference and some games specifically support ATMOS. The price point, hmm I would say yeah maybe a little steep but they do have some decent features and wireless is great coupled with bluetooth. If you can pick them up for £150 even better,

  46. Overall the headset is great and I like the sound quality better than my hyper x cloud. There are a lot of options to tweak the sound settings to get it how you like but I find the surround sound is clearer which is great in fps games.The sound quality has a nice richness to it and makes listening to music very enjoyable. A nice deep base that doesn’t drown out the rest of the sounds.Based on sound quality alone I’d recommend.The downsides, I wouldn’t say I have a big head but my god this thing clamps down hard. One thing I hated about the hyper x was it felt so weird and loose on my head and now these ones are the complete opposite. I find that long gaming sessions are uncomfortable due to the way it sits on my ears and head. I did have a similar issue with some logitech headset in the past but overtime it got better so I’m hoping the same happens here.The mic is retractable into the headset, although you do have to have it quite close to your mouth when in use, but apparently the quality is pretty good.I like the dial that comes with it, it’s not a volume dial but a mixer (not sure if that’s the right word for it) it allows you to hear more of the game or more of the chat for example like discord. I find it really useful when playing games that require teamwork but also listening for audio clues. I use it all the time.It’s a fantastic headset but a little uncomfortable for people with larger heads.Pros+ great sound quality+ lots of tweaks+ sound priority dialCons- uncomfortable out of the box- lighting options are a little on the scarce side- requires some work initially to get the sound how you like it

  47. I’ve purchased about 6 different headsets in the last year and none of them have worked with my PC. These don’t either so I’m sure at this point that it must be something about my PC and not me repeatedly getting dud headphones, because these work great on every other deice I’ve tried them with. I plug them into either my XBox One controller when I’m playing late at night and don’t want to keep my housemates up, or into my phone or laptop when I’m playing d&d and I’m sitting in a discord VC with the rest of my campaign. Every other headphone set I’ve tried has too much feedback on my end, so the rest of the players have to listen to a wind noise every time I move, or they constantly cut out, so I go long stretches of time without hearing anything from the other players until I figure out my headphones have stopped working. I used these for 6 hours straight this past weekend for d&d and never had even a moment of problems. The audio was clear the entire time and I didn’t get any complaints of rustling noises every time I moved. You need to plug in the usb port if you want them to light up, but it makes no difference to sound quality if you do or don’t.

  48. While I didn’t buy the headphones for gaming, my son who is a gamer agreed these would be great to use, and as usual he’s right. I needed headphones with a mike since I am working from home during COVID 19 and was having a hard time finding any. These have fit the bill, they are lightweight, great sounds, and easy to use. once I’m through with them, the boy can use them at my house when he visits. I also have to say the box they came in is really nice and is perfect for storing them when not in use.

  49. When I first got my G432 headset and plugged it in, I have to be honest, my first impression was not great as I was not impressed with the sound quality at all. Eventually I managed to get it to a state where I am happy with it, but it took some work…First off, I would recommend avoiding the aux cables and going with the USB adapter wherever possible, otherwise you’re just looking at a pretty underwhelming stereo headset. The 7.1 features are essential if you want to get your money’s worth out of your G432s, but they only work if you use the USB adapter and download Logitech’s G Hub software.Just installing G Hub wasn’t enough to get my headset performing the way I wanted it though; after enabling surround sound in G Hub you’re given a variety of Equalizer pre-sets to chose from, however none of them sounded quite right to me so I had to take some time to set up a custom Equalizer and only then was I able to get the sound quality to where I wanted it.Unfortunately, my woes with setting up the headset didn’t end there though, as the microphone was not registering any sound while using the USB adapter, so I had to do a google search to troubleshoot the issue (going by the number of results it’s a common issue) and it took a fair bit of digging around in Control Panel, testing various settings and options before I was finally able to get the microphone working through the USB adapter. I haven’t tested the mic too extensively but it seems fairly high quality and the flip up to mute feature is very convenient.Now that I finally have everything up and running the way I want it, I must say I am quite happy with the overall performance of my G432s. I got them to replace a mid-range Sennheiser headset which unfortunately lost sound in one ear, and I’ve found the audio quality of the G432s to be at least comparable to the Sennheisers in most areas, and they even outperform them in some regards, particularly when it comes to bass and lower frequency sounds. I will say I’m not overly convinced by the surround sound aspect of the 7.1 features though; even in the test in their own software it’s not easy to differentiate between whether a sound is supposed to be coming from say, the front or the back right for example.The build quality of the headset seems solid. The materials are nice quality and it feels sturdy without being overly heavy. The headset is comfortable to wear (though the swivelling ear cups take some getting used to) and the noise cancellation seems a lot better than my Sennheisers, with less audio leaking out if you have other people in the same room with you as well.Overall I am happy with my G432s now, and I hope they last me a good few years… but it’s hard to say whether I would actually recommend them given the amount of hoops I had to jump through just to get them working the way I wanted. It’s definitely not the best option for less tech-savvy users, but if you have the patience and the know-how to set them up properly, I think the G432s are a decent headset for their price range.

  50. I bought these headphones for use of gaming on my PS4. I was brought into buying these are they are cheaper than most gaming headphones out there and they promised to have “7.1 surround sound gaming for PC/PS4/XBOX One/Nintendo Switch”. Well I can happily confirm that this isn’t true. I plugged these into my PS4 controller as expected and it gave me stereo sound ONLY. No surround sound. I am returning these with a bad review as it was not clear from the start. There are better headsets out there for slightly more which would do a much better job. DO NOT BUY THESE FOR PS4 OR XBOX USE!I would like to also add that you do get surround sound on PC however you have to install loads of drivers and you have to manually add the surround sound to the headphones, they don’t do it automatically.

  51. A very comfy and great sounding headset.The headset is adjustable and has padding on the head and ears. Both are really comfortable.The headset lights up when plugged in via the USB port and looks amazing.All wires are included and the headset can be used with most consoles, computers or devices with an audio input. It works perfectly on my PC and PS4.The headset has great sound and microphone quality, it crystal clear both when gaming or for use on web meetings.The wires have a nylon wrap that makes them extra durable and less likely to damage or break. On the wire there is a remote that gives you the ability to quickly change the volume and turn on/off the microphone.Overall this head set offers fantastic sound, looks amazing, is really comfortable to wear and can be easily used on multiple device. A really great headset.

  52. i managed to get this on amazon warehouse deal at half the price so was happy with that alreadybut to the actual headset – amazing.sound quality and the feel/comfort to it is great. really light and doesnt hurt my ears on long gaming sessions (PS4- Warzone) like the one i had before.its universal aswell so can work on all consoles aswell as pc – another plus.highly recommend.

  53. I was surprised at how good theses gaming headphones are, the Base found is very good with good mid range sounds. The volume control is precise and the sound levels are good. The microphone mute is nice to have and works as it should. My grandson absolutely loves the the green led lights (green being his favourite colour) so he was well pleased. The long lead for the USB connection and power lead are just about the right length so no tangling or knotted cords. All in all these gaming headphones are excellent quality materials and seem very robust. Time will tell just how they will fare against a 9 year olds constant use but do far so good. For the price they are I am pleasantly surprised at how good they are.

  54. The media could not be loaded.  Sound quality is pretty good, can hear people clearly and they can hear me.I have stretchers and piercings in my ears so it does hurt them a little after a while. Not the comfiest things. Quite wide too so don’t fit snug, maybe they were made for men.Very bulky and the wire is so so long which is a little annoying when you’re just plugging it into your controller. Wish you could take off one of the attachments as it just dangles and gets in the way.Honestly I wish I’d looked around for something sleeker and less bulky. But they do the job.

  55. Brilliant quality and great sound

  56. If you’re looking for a gaming headset I would absolutely recommend the SteelSeries Arctis 3 – the overall sound, mic and comfort are great and you won’t have any problems hearing and communicating during your sessions. That said outside of gaming the headset fairs differently for different occasions. For watching shows and films the headset again is great with a solid sound space, but music is where headset really struggles – the audio never reaches those highs and lows feel rather muffled, you eventually get frustrated by how much you’re missing out on. Those frustrations coupled with a lot of sound leakage when the volume is loud enough to hear the sound space makes you really wonder why you don’t just listen to the music without the headset on. Overall it’s a great headset for gaming, and consuming shows and films, however, if you’re looking to listen to music with these, be warned there’s a lot of sound leakage and the overall music experience isn’t great.

  57. I purchased these to use as a gaming headset however when ever I used it to talk to friends they would always say their was an echo. This was the case with multiple different friends on multiple occasions. I thought it might be my Xbox or controller (even though this wouldn’t make much sense) however I have since purchased a new gaming headset which works perfectly and has NO echo. I wouldn’t recommend this product at all!

  58. We have had these for a year. The first pair broke very soon after first using with the microphone stopping working, it then became loose. Amazon replaced them although there was a bit of confusion.With the second pair, the microphone just stopped working and became loose again. And now the sound has gone funny, with some of the internal speakers not working so only certain times are hard not giving a great experience.I’d expect this to happen to cheaper pairs of headphones not £40+ ones. Although our son has a cheaper pairs and they’ve lasted a lot better.I wouldn’t recommend.

  59. I know most of you look through reviews of these expensive products just to try and convince yourself that it’s worth it. Trust me when I say; this particular product isn’t. I bought this headset once and after 2 weeks it would start cutting out. This means that midway through a game you would have to hold the off button, wait for it to turn off and then hold the on button and wait for it to turn on. Now imagine yourself 3 times a match having to wait 8 seconds per time just to hear any footsteps near you.So now you’re thinking “ahh this is probably a one off…” no, I asked Amazon for a refund and I got the product again. (Obviously because I hate myself). 1 month after receiving this headset, it started again.Do yourself a favour and buy a different product. In fact, you’re better off using headphones off a Nokia 3310.*drops mic*

  60. So this is definitely the best headset iv brought hands down, i brought one 5 years ago which my son snapped, (he superglue it back together still worked perfectly) iv brought 3 different more expensive ones since which were not very good, so I then went I brought another one of these, absolutely brilliant

  61. It’s quite good everything is good but when you first wear it for like the first week it hurts your ears but once your used to it it’s fine

  62. The headset design is great and the retractable microphone is a novel but interesting feature.The headband material means that your head is not resting on the plastic at the top and the ear cushions are of a good size so that your ears don’t become sore after a while so very comfortable to use.However the volume in this headset is extremely low on all devices and overall sound quality very poor when compared to other headphones cheaper or in similar price range. It’s not just the loudness which is low but the actual frequency curve. The cable is also far too short. Yes I know it’s a console headset but even with an adapter to connect to your PC it’s too short to use on anything other than your console which is a major negative when you consider other headsets in this pricepoint come with adapters and longer cables so you can use it with any device.If you are willing to sacrifice audio quality and practicality for great comfort and a good looking design then this is the headset for you.

  63. Platform: pcUsage: Headset with y splitter plugged into the front panel audio connectors on my pc which in turn is plugged directly into my soundblaster z audio card. So basically its plugged directly into my audio card.First off, 4 stars because I hit some limitations with the 7.1 software when combined with my audio card. The software wont work and the earphones wont work if I set my audio card above 48khz. Also my audio card sees the 7.1 device as a 5.1 device. I’m stuck at 5.1. I cant run them in 7.1. However they do work and well at 5.1. Im able to run the 5.1 channel test and it all works as it should.All that out the road, the drivers and mic on these are bloody amazing. It’s like theyve took the best drivers and mic they had and stuck them on a cheap headset. Take it from an audiophile. For music they are decent. But when you take them in to a game, that’s when they come alive. I tried d2 and skyrim. Not only did it sound amazing, not only did the surround work but I could hear all these samples and voices and noises and effects that I just couldnt hear through my speakers. So this £35 headset is doing a better job at gaming than my £500 speaker set!Mic wise I did a little test. I set furmark and prime 95 running to ramp up my fans as much as possible. I then used my audio equipment to record a quick test sample of me talking into the mic. I then played this back through my media player. I could hear my voice clear and sharp. It was good. But the best part was I couldnt hear the fans. It cut the noise of the fans out. So that means if you’re playing a heavy game online, the people your playing with wont hear the noise of your fans.I cant believe this headset was only £35. It’s not the best set I’ve ever played with but they are amazing value for the money.

  64. USB needs to be connected and 7.1 turned on to get good surround sound, you won’t be able to tell if the sound is coming from the side or behind you without it. Bit annoying to have to run a cable to your console instead of just plugging em into the controller but what ya gonna do. The cable is about 2-3m so at least it’s got some length.You might need to install an update for the headset to get it to work properly on the console as well.Ps. if you’re trying to use the headphones with your (android) phone and they aren’t connecting – plug in the mic first. You can unplug the mic again once it’s connected but (some) phones get confused as to what they are connecting with if the mic isnt connected to the headset.Solid build with what seems to be a metal frame. They’re pretty comfy but will clamp the sides of your skull after a while. Too clunky for anything other than home use. Noise cancellation is pretty good, audio quality is good.Some background static that is louder than i’d like when turning on the 7.1 but you won’t notice it once the shooting starts. Mic is good, just a little too eager to pick up your breathing and background noises. Has mic mute switch and volume control for both input and output on the usb thing.

  65. Absolutely love it. Its simple. Granted, yes having EQ’s to customize and whatnot is a good thing, having a headset where you can just plug and play is awesome as well. Yes its all plastic but that is to keep the weight down. These headphones have a low profile so it doesnt look too “gamer.” No RGB. Just sleek black. No bells and whistles like other more expensive headsets. These are just simple. Control for volume, mute, Type-C port for charging (Thank God!!), a 3.5 jack and a microphone jack. The mic sounds decent. Normally I’d recommend a standalone mic regardless of what headset you have. The sound is great. Bass is full, mids are clear and there is nice roll off in the treble. The TriForce drivers from Razer are present in this headset, the same one on the BlackShark V2 line. They are not open back so the soundstage is a bit smaller but I had no problem identifying audio cues in game with these. The clamp force is very very minimal and they just sit on your head. The earcups are pretty deep for a headset this small and the drivers DO NO touch my ears at all. The headset is very similar to the arctis 1, that headset the drivers touched my ears. Overall I totally recommend this headset over the arctis 1 or if you are on a budget. I have my go to Astro A40s still but will be using this headset when i sit on the couch playing single players games. Its that comfy. Ive tried many headsets such as Astro A50, beyerdynamic (most were too uncomfrotable to me), Sennheiser, Steelseries Arctis pro Line, Logitech g733, Logitech G Pro/wireless, Corsair Void, PS5 3D pulse, and many more. Again, overall I think this headset beats, for the money, all those others listed. Buy it now!!

  66. Reply
    commodity reviewer 07/16/2021 at 12:00 am

    The time has finally come for me to transition from a wired to wireless headset. I decided to pick up the Barracuda because it was relatively cheap and new and I figured if I didn’t like it I would always be able to return it. After a full days use – I am now sure I will indeed end up doing just that. Let’s get into it:Sound – Huge improvement over my previous headset. Playing Overwatch is much more immersive and I found myself hearing aspects of the game I’ve never even heard before. Listening to music is also a much more enjoyable experience with super rich bass. It wouldn’t satisfy an audiophile but if this headset gets one thing right – its the sound quality.Comfort – This headset isn’t going to win any awards for comfort, but it certainly isn’t bad. It is definitely a little tight around my head and I don’t have a big head, but I think after some use the fit would break in a little more.Mic Quality – This is where the headset truly became a game breaker. It is a similar story to the comfort. The mic isn’t necessarily bad – its just definitely not good – and for me and my friends, noticeably worse than my other headset mic which at this point is going on 5+ years old. For me there is just no excuse for having mic quality that can’t even compare to tech from half a decade ago. It shows me that Razer is more than willing to sacrifice quality to push more units. I personally don’t want to be a part of that and will probably avoid their products in the future.Conclusion – this would be a great headset for a casual gamer but not much more. As someone who spends multiple hours on my computer / discord daily I require something a little more high quality, and I think anyone in the same position as me would also be left wanting more.

  67. I bought them for work, since I’m calls a lot and a wireless headset let me do a lot at home without being tethered to the PC. Was thinking I can replace my Logitech G733 with something more professional looking (the Razer look better than the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless which they are a “copy” of). But unfortunately these fall short despite having some advantages on paper.My biggest complaint is that these are a hair too small for my large head, and they run memory foam pads in an “on-ear” way. This means too much pressure & heat on my ears about 45-60 minutes into the call, when it’s a warm day. That’s not good enough. It’s not entirely the fault of these, but that combination of “on ear” and memory foam will always result in this happening sooner rather than later.The second complain I have is that the microphone needs to be properly oriented to the mouth in order for the sound to work well. If it’s not, you’re going to get L/R biases and people on the other end may not hear you well. Furthermore, the mic stalk is black and symmetric with the filter on, so you can’t tell visually, practically speaking. The mic has two sides, so the “front” has to line up with your face. I had this issue on a call where some folks can hear me fine, while others can’t, and it came down to this. To me this is a show stopper. At least make the stalk easy to visually identify the right orientation.In terms of sound quality, these are really good for $100. I mean even as wireless headphones, they probably are worth that much.Hopefully Razer will not just shoo this in and make a proper version 2 that fix these issues.

  68. Pros: Affordable, Lightweight/Comfortable, Mute Button, Plug and Play, Long Battery Life, Classically Simple DesignCons: Average Sound, Cheap Microphone, Low Wireless Range, Not Very LoudThe headphones are great if you’re looking for a modern wireless headset with all the necessary features.It’s got a noise cancelling mic, a wireless receiver, a mute button, a volume wheel, breathable earcups and a sturdy lightweight build.The earphones don’t get super loud, the volume wheel is extremely limited and the wireless signal does not go anywhere past the room you have the receiver in unless you use the extension. Which is fair but some other headphones on the market do a much better job of reaching other rooms.Still it’s easy to forget these headphones are £99 which is the perfect price in my opinion. Some things like the sound quality, the simple design and not so premium microphone hold it back. But it’s a great bang for the buck. This is a very solid headset with no frills and gimmicks.Well except one gimmick, they claim you can use these with your smartphone, not iPhones however so bear that in mind. You can plug the USB C receiver into your phone and enjoy them like normal headphones, there’s no carrying case however so the microphone and cables stay at home.If you need a decent pair of wireless headphones with modern connectivity and comfort as the focus. Buy them.

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    A & S Bespoke furniture 09/16/2021 at 12:00 am

    My son is an avid xbox player and spends day and night on it as it’s his job, he has been through a plethora of headsets recently and I have been quite fair in my negative critique of them, however this one is ama,ing. He says it is exceptional sound quality, very realistic gunfire etc. The headset has 2 very comfortable earphone things and after 8 hrs still feels every comfy. He can’t hear his mother shouting him which could be selective lol, so it reduces foreign sounds out. Cable has a good length and cable is made very sturdy so if its bent or twisted, it shouldn’t break. Very and surprisingly happy with this item and would recommend to absolutely anyone.Hope this review may help

  70. Purchased to replace a pair of similarly priced Logitech headphones, read lots of good reviews and expected good things. Was thusly disappointed.The good:-lots of connection options, bits and bobs. Wireless dongle with adapter for regular usb ports, a 3mm cable and a removable mic.-comfortable and light, grips head fairly well-cheap enough to not expect a symphony sat next to me, but with the reviews I expected the quality dip to be acceptableThe cons:-MUFFLED SOUND. I’ve compared videogames, music and youtube videos, and the sound feels like I’m listening through a towel in all three. There’s a slight fuzziness to it that I can’t tune out, and the levels feel way off. I’ll be deafened by the bg music of a game and barely hear the audio; the crispness of my last headset is missing too so it all feels strained.-the power button takes an AGE to turn on/off, 3 seconds or so. not a long time but just irritating enough in use that it bothers me-doesnt work with 3mm on my phone? cheapo headphones from the bargain bin work fine but my phone refuses to even pick this thing up and plays through its speakers instead. And I’m not taking it out of the case to use the dongle or using the adapter; i really dont want an entire cable sticking out of my phone.maybe i got a bunk unit, or I have been spoiled by my last headset (which again, was similarly priced and has identical specs). but this is not something i’m happy with for the price. returned and will be looking elsewhere.

  71. This is the best headset by far that works with the PS5 and is very very comfortable not like the PULSE! You can have this headset on for hours without feeling any fatigue at all.It is excellent for FPS and it also features 7.1 surround sound but tbh your better of not using that for gaming, but movies sound excellent with it on. This headset is definitely way better than the SONY PULSE HEADSET that is made for the PS5, it also works with the 3D sound on the PS5 and this is cheaper, you don’t have to worry about charging it as it is wired.The wire is just over 3 meters long and has the sound card built into it with headset volume and mic volume and has the 7.1 surround sound button right in middle for easy control.It also comes with spare cloth earpads for the headset and a bag to keep I all in.I would definitely recommend this to any PS5 owner as it is a minefield out there atm and until the next gen headsets are out this is definitely the best choice.

  72. These work. They aren’t the best at anything, but they work well and for the money, they are great value.Everything is a little less than great, comfort was for a few hours before I needed a little break. There is no volume adjust on the wire, it has to be done on the PC which for me is a nuisance when you want to make a quick adjustment but are playing a game you don’t want to come out of to fiddle settings. Noise cancellation is okay but it isn’t the best. For a casual user like me, these are great because I don’t put them under any pressure and once again, they are very very affordable.

  73. Firstly I don’t like using headphones/Headsets but needs must as with a family i needed to start listening to music and gaming on the quiet.These fit my head very well and sit nicely on ears and top of head and feel great for hours.The sound quality is amazing in games and the THX surround is perfect for working out sound direction. Stick some music on….. no prob sound fantastic.You DO NOT need to use Razer Synapse to use these, they work straight out of the box.These are very smart grown up headphones that do exactly what any grown up gamer needs 🙂

  74. The media could not be loaded.  My son is in love!!! These headphones are just the perfect thing for my teenage son!!!! He uses them for a few different things…including school work while he’s at home! But he mainly uses them for his GAMING ADDICTION!!! HELP!!! These have really great sound quality!!! Much better than expected!! And the sound is very clear!!! I have to confess…My husband has stolen this headset a few times to use while my son isn’t home… Don’t tell my son! Ha ha Ha!🤣 This gaming headset is well-made & durable & will probably last for a long time. Definitely NOT cheapskate headphones!!! my son has even dropped them a few times and they totally survived! The headphones are very comfortable on his ears & my son can wear them for a long time without any discomfort ..unfortunately!😅😅. These are great for kids and adults! He told me he highly recommends these headphones….Your GAMER will love them or anyone else that just needs an awesome noise-cancelling headset!!!♥️ Great Product! These would be an awesome Christmas gift!!

  75. The media could not be loaded.  I got this headset for my son for Christmas. He’s really been wanting one recently and he loves red so I figured this would be great. The more I looked into it the more I knew this was absolutely perfect. These are noise canceling which was one of his best requests. The headset is also compatible to his different devices. And comes with the cords for the different devices. He has a PS4 which not all headsets are compatible with but this one is! He is able to chat and listen. I was able to try them out and the sound quality is amazing, with music and television. They are very comfortable and lightweight. There is ear muff and headband pads so it’s comfortable everywhere. These have a super fun sleek design and I can’t wait until he opens them! I know he is going to absolutely love them. I was really happy with the price, it’s absolutely unbeatable and they exceeded my standards! Highly recommend.

  76. These headphones were great for a time but after about 3 months they broke. They are comfy, sound quality is good, though i’m no expert. Noise cancellation was very effective, missed the doorbell many times! I took good care of them but they are rather flimsy and can break easily across the head band. Mine have unfortunately bit the dust. Overall I would recommend if you really need a cheap pair to do the job for a little while but they are not a long term solution.

  77. Initial impressions of this headset are good. Sound quality is impressive, the mic functions are clear and easy for other people who you are gaming with to hear what you say.It is comfortable, with plenty of adjustment for the head band part of the frame. The controls are easily accessible to mute the mic, or turn volume up on the ear pieces.Too early to tell on longevity and life of the product, but so far, it has been a happy purchase

  78. Bought as a gift for the hubby.He was over the moon.Brilliant quality well made and worked perfect with his ps4.Would recommend to anyone.Plus you get peace whilst he’s wearing his headphones

  79. These headphones are exactly what my granddaughter wanted for her gaming . She didn’t want just any old headphone it had to be these . She is made up with them and says they do everything they say they will do , so these gaming headphones are the business for me and especially my granddaughter .

  80. Excellent quality for the money, clear even sound from both sides and the built in microphone. The light effects are amazing and really sets the gaming scene. Online gaming without any issues, listening to music top quality, I would highly recommend these gaming/music headphones.

  81. Gaming headset has good sound quality, they are big enough to cover my ears, microphone works well.I play ps4 so when plugged in to the controller the lights arnt powered but they are if you plug them in with the USB cable.I would recommend. Good value for money!

  82. I got this as a Christmas present for my Dad. He needed a headset for work, so I got him the best one I could find. It has great reviews, so I hope it’s as good as it sounds. My Dad says it is comfortable and has great sound quality. The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is because he still needs to test the mic and it is still new, so I will probably update my review later after we test the mic and see how it is after being used for a while.

  83. A1 Gaming Headset.We Have Had Lots of Headset like Turtel Beach.And All have had same Problem. With The Mic Not Working after a Fue Months.So have Taken them back to GAME SHOP.SO this Headset so far seem Good Quality 5 Stars

  84. Here is a list of headsets I have gone through before finding these and loving them.Logitech G Pro X WirelessHyper X Cloud 2Steel Series Arctris Pro and dac (wired)After using all these headsets I always found something that I didn’t like from the sound to the comfort.This headset for me has everything, the sound quality in game is very nice and seems very balanced.This headset also comes with a USB C charging port and beta access to Sonar which is the new EQ software which is very good in my opinion although it can bug out sometimes.If you are looking for a headset I would suggest trying out this one.Positives- Sound quality is very good- Very comfy compared to others I’ve tried- Sonar software is very good (comes with the headset and works with the Arctis Engine)- Better wireless length then others (I can go in the kitchen and still hear)- I don’t charge this headset as much as I did the g pro x wireless which is nice- USB C Charging portCons- The Mic doesn’t sound the best but it’s passable (I don’t use the mic anyway)- Sonar software at first was buggy but it seems to have settled down for me

  85. It looks good but as the headphone jack for the mic didn’t work for me it made in game voice chat a hard and annoying, this is the reason I got the product so it is now useless to me.

  86. Okay I will keep this very short and to the point.Brought these as a replacement for some ps4 specific turtle beach that was very good except for the charging port messing up on multiple head sets.Did a lot of reading and if the majority where to be believed I’d have a choice of the Arctis 7+, Astro a50 or Logitect Pro X.I decided to take a chance on these as they where the newest and also had usb c and fast charging with double the batteries life than the astro and a lot more than logitech.The sound quality on these sounds very nice with the ps5 3D audio, it’s clean and you can definitely hear all the sounds ranges and foot steps etc in games.The one problem for me and for me its a big issue is the bass.The bass is low and even when attached to a pc and changing the settings to bass boost its still on the low side and I really like to hear guns THUMP when they are fired on games.Also there is a little stuttering from time to time from the dongle connection! Nothing serious but a minor annoyance that may not prove problematic for most.I’m not sure I will keep these yet as headphones need to be left on when first brought for like 10/15 hours to get the true sound of the headphones (a bedding in period)For the price of £120 I think it was a good deal but if your a bass head then you won’t be that impressed.I will update the review if there is any significant change over the next few days.They do look really nice too

  87. The left hand can on my old Arctis 7s began to play up after 4 years, and I saw these on sale so grabbed them without really reading the details.They’re a but more comfortable than my old set, sound seems little different (very good though).The best thing about my old 7s was the dongle- you plugged the 3.5mm jack for your desktop speakers into to, and it would automatically switch between speakers and ‘phones when you turned them on. This sounds petty but I found it a massive quality of life feature that set them apart from the competion- no more need to mess around selecting outputs from the task bar etc. I was dismayed to find the feature has been dropped for the 7+ model. Crazy, loses a star for this.

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