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ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (WiFi 6) AMD AM4 Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 & 3rd Gen Ryzen ATX Gaming Motherboard...

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ROG Maximus XIII Hero (WiFi 6E) Z590 LGA 1200(Intel®11th/10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard (PCIe 4.0, 14+2 Power Stages, DDR4 5333+,...

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ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 LGA1700(Intel® 12th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard(PCIe 5.0,DDR4,16+1 Power Stages,WiFi 6,2.5 Gb LAN,BT v5.2,Thunderbolt...

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  1. I recently sold my old Intel based 4790k system with the intention of upgrading to something a little more future proof, and importantly, faster. After doing a lot of research I decided to be daring and make a move over to the red team! This was for a few reasons. AMD at the moment just represents far better value for money, power for pound. The AM4 platform has also matured to a level where it is robust and reliable, so no longer an unknown quantity as was the case when it first launched. AMD are also promising that the AM4 platform will be around until at least 2020, whereas Intel are rumoured to be dropping socket 1151 after the 9th gen CPU’s are launched in the near future.Red team decided, I quickly opted for a Ryzen 5 2600 processor. With Amazon’s pricing at the time of purchase it was amazing value for money. The question though, which motherboard to slot it into!Again I donned my research cap and settled on the Asus ROG Strix B450-F gaming motherboard, and with good reason. The B450 platform offers almost all the advantages you would get from the new X470 platform, but with a significant cost saving. You lose some functionality such as less USB ports and SLI compatibility, but get access to precision overboost overdrive and Store MI. That’s not to mention guaranteed support for second gen Ryzen CPU’s. If you have the cash I would recommend getting an X470 board, but if you want value for money, or a good system on a budget, then B450 is the obvious choice.The board was a pleasure to work with when building a new system. I have been self-building systems for 22 years and off the top of my head I cannot think of a board I’ve worked with that was more intuitive. Observations include:Fan headers are just ‘in the right place’. There’s a selection close to the CPU, but also close to where rear mounted fans would go. Additional headers can be found at the top (perfect for AIO solutions), and also at the bottom which works well for both bottom and front mounted cooling solutions. Also, whilst I can’t speak for others, the RBG headers were perfectly located for my needs (top and bottom of the board).All 6 SATA ports are mounted perpendicular to the motherboard, which places less stress on the SATA connections and is also better for good cable management.The IO shield is already connected as part of the motherboard; this is a small but useful feature. You’re less likely to misplace it (it happens), and less likely to cut your fingers on the sharp edges (it happens).Port selection is very good. There are more than enough connections on the motherboard, with a sufficient amount of headers for additional connectivity.Two M.2 slots. On a board of this level and price I would expect to see a single M.2 slot, but to have two is a real treat. However note that when populating the second M.2 it drops the speed of the PCI-E lane for your GPU from 16x to 8x. This translates to a performance loss of under 1% (Source – Gamers Nexus), so it’s not really anything to worry about.The Aura RGB looks absolutely lovely. The on-board RGB close to the IO shield can be set to light up all the time, or just when the system is on, which is a nice touch. My CoolerMaster AIO cooler also has RGB and synced to the motherboard automatically with no set-up required. The Asus Aura software is excellent too; it even lets me Sync with my Philips Hue lights!Overall this board ticks all the boxes. It’s relatively cheap, I’d say it hits the premium budget category, but it’s still a step up from an Asus Prime motherboard. It’s comprehensively kitted out and features a chipset that won’t leave you regretting the purchase. Overclocking is impressive too. When running 3DMark the motherboard automatically boosted by CPU to 4.2GHz, which is the level most overclockers see with their 2600’s running more expensive X470 chipsets. One thing of note, for dual channel memory use slots 2 and 4, not 1 and 3.The motherboard and CPU should see me all the way to 2020 without incident. Then unlike Intel I will be able to swap the CPU for the best one around in 2020 and continue to benefit for a few additional years.TL;DR – This is a great board, buy with confidence.

  2. Within 2 months the motherboard developed a fault where it will just randomly power down the processor. Leaving a black screen and only way to get it back on is to plug it out of the wall and restart the PC. Spoke to ASUS Support. They are saying I have to arrange a refund through the seller. Amazon aren’t giving me the option to do that…. terrible service and I’m down £120. Do not buy.

  3. Plus points:- Its a motherboard- It works.- Adequate ports- Multiple fan drivers for around 4 fans- Minimal touch so far as drivers are concerned. On first boot post build it prompted me to download the tools for the motherboard which was a nice touch.Not so great:- Just adopt the Intel Front Panel pin outs! The Intel solution is well thought out and just works. Forget trying to read the pin labels unless you have a microscope!

  4. Bricked bios on update to latest. Cannot obtain 0506 on Asus support to attempt reflash. Now need to return to Amazon for replacement. Asus support total letdown. Appreciate issues do arise on new kit, it’s the support that deals with it that sets a company apart from rest. 10 year loyal customer of Asus and ROG

  5. I didn’t manage to get this board working with my new Ryzen 3.6 CPU.It would come to life, fans on, hard drive whirring but no display.Went through all the troubleshooting suggested by various forums and I’ve come to the conclusion the board has shipped with an old BIOS. The only way to get round this is to get a 2nd older CPU, then update the BIOS & then switch to the new CPU. How silly, how convoluted, especially as some boards do come with easy flash update options.Also when mounting the CPU & Fan (from the Ryzen 5 box) you have to unscrew the existing mount clips on the mobo for the fan, soon as you do this a back plate falls through at the bottom which I didn’t even notice until again forum searching because the fan would not screw into the exisiting holes. And so to tighten the fan which has very strong springs on the screws you have to juggle the board, holding the plate, supporting the board & screwing in, all whilst being oh so careful with a flexible motherboard & new CPU.Last moan, why on earth does this board not have a built in speaker for BIOS issue warnings. Like they cost 50p to add. Might have made my whole diagnosis easier & saved me hours forum searching.

  6. The motherboard seems to be a cracking one. It has great features like updating the BIOS without CPU, memory or any other component. Of course, it needs a power supply connected to it. However, I cannot say since I was not able to use it at all.I bought it from Amazon NOT the marketplace. It was delivery on time by Friday. I was ready to use my weekend assembling my system. That was the end of my joy. The box did not come sealed which I found odd, but I decided to give Amazon the benefit of the doubt. The antistatic bag was not sealed either. It was without any doubt a used motherboard. Even worse the CPU socket was damaged. I always buy this sort of items from Amazon, exactly to avoid this sort of hiccups.It looks like the motherboards was used and there was some sort of shortcut because it had a few pins in the CPU socket with something stock to it, see pictures. I felt very deflated but initiated the return process and asked for a replacement which it was approved but after all the emails with label-less return I found another one saying: “Due to some unexpected issue, we are unable to send replacement item.” but there still have it in stock. It has annoyed me terribly. Needless to say, that I do not want to buy my motherboard from Amazon.So, the motherboard might well be a very good one but beware. If the box is not sealed and look proper then check that all is well or simply return it immediately.

  7. Bought this with a Ryzen 5 3400g. A VERY INPORTANT ISSUE IS THIS BOARD IS…IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BOTH THE 3200G OR 3400G.It is a pity I found no information on Amazon but found out on the box itself

  8. So I decided to save a few bucks and buy Asus instead of Gigabyte which is what I’ve been buying for over 15 years since my last POS Asus board. NEVER again. This board just doesn’t seem to like Windows being installed on an NVMe SSD. Also, the Armoury Crate software wouldn’t install after finally getting Windows loaded on the NVMe. It just kept running in a loop bringing up a command prompt over and over. It installed fine when Windows was installed on an HDD, but not on the NVMe SDD.

  9. Works perfectly.Only warning I would give us that this board has no function to allow you to update the bios without a cpu. This means if you buy a very recently released cpu with this board, it may not work until you get your hands on an older cpu that will allow you to flash the bios (or, like me, just take it to a local repair shop who will do it for you) to work with your newer cpu.Apart from that, during works great. No complaints.

  10. Looks like a decent motherboard. Unfortunately the one I received would not output a video signal. I tried several different hdmi and display port cables, as well as different tv’s, monitors and graphics cards. All to no avail. I understand these things happen, but when you’ve spent many hours building a computer only to have it fail to boot due to a motherboard fault, and you have to stripe it down again, we’ll it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. As such I cannot recommend this board. Also there are much cheaper motherboards that are almost the same specifications as this one out there.

  11. This motherboard is amazing. (Z590 Maximus XIII Hero)I’m using it mainly for music production and combined with Intel 11th Gen 11700K CPU, a WD Black SN850 SSD and 32gb Corsair Vengeance Pro Ram its ridiculously fast.No slow down or audio problems, even with loads of plug ins open in Ableton at once.The connectivity options are amazing, with plenty of USB 3.2 ports and 2 X Thunderbolt 4 ports you can connect most current USB midi instruments, External Hard Drives, Monitors etc.Is super future proof and will last me at least 10 years I reckon as I’ve left myself room to upgrade graphics, ssd, ram and CPU if I need to later on.Highly Recommended Motherboard!!

  12. Good value for money, easy to install Windows 11 compatible

  13. I always stick to asus and this didn’t disappoint. Arrive quick, anstalled ok and running like a dream. One very slight negative is that the box was not sealed but still 5 stars.

  14. Good board, but be aware of its limitations. The first board I received had a bent over and snapped capacitor and bent pins, the second was fine.HDMI out didn’t work at all (post d6 code) when I first received the board, luckily I had a simple PCIE graphics card to hand that I could quickly throw in to get the BIOS updated, running the latest BIOS version resolved the issue completely.However, be aware of its storage limitations, if you use NVMe slot 2 it takes the PCI-E slots down from 16x to 8x, using slot 4 disables SATA 5&6 and to add insult to injury using the third PCI-E slot then disables SATA 3&4. So for a board supposedly with 4 NVMe slots and 6 SATA ports, in reality I have 3 NVMe slots and 2 SATA ports.

  15. Great motherboard, has 1 PCI gen 4 slot for graphics cards, and two PCIE-1 slots available, perfect if you have multiple M.2 drives to install, and also has SS USB and USB-C on the IO and allows for a case USB-C to be plugged in

  16. I had my previous Asus motherboard for 8 years and replaced it with this one now since it was time for an upgrade, looking forward to this new one lasting just as long or even longer. Nothing to complain about, excellent performance, reliability and an excess of convenience features, just as expected from a quality brand like Asus.

  17. Motherboard was as expected and worked perfectly.


  19. Box came unsealed. Clearly previously opened.

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    Mr. M. J. Griffiths 03/23/2022 at 12:00 am

    Motherboard arrived, pre-bought as a present and put it away for 2-3 weeks waiting for a birthday.Installed into case fine then noticed there’s 5 bent CPU pins meaning the board is a complete write off.Checked Amazon to return it and the window is closed? Even though it’s faulty?

  21. Excellent working board, very nice software (armory crate) and nice look and feel of the board.Only flaw is that I could not mount the arctic fans for the cooler at the top but had to make it front intake. The heatsink was a bit too large.

  22. The first board I got had a faulty A2 memory slot which meant the computer kept rebooting sometimes before it even got to BIOS. Took me a while to work this out as A2 is the slot you are suppose to use when using single memory stick. But when I tried B2 and computer was stable (plus B2 had proper click when inserting ram) I concluded that A2 was faulty and sent it back.Second board received has been much better. I did get a mobo GPU LED error on some boots, but the computer and graphics card worked fine. It again took me a while to work out the cause and it was as simple as the monitor being switched off at time of POST. I’ve never heard of this before so assume it’s just a quirk. As as long as I switch on monitor first and PC second then its fine.Performance wise it’s great. I’ve not overclocked yet and currently using i5-12600k, 2x16gb corsair 3600 ddr4 ram, geforce 1660 super 6 GB, all on stock. 6 weeks in and everything is nice and stable. Despite the initial set back with first board I recommend this product.

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