Adin Ross Urges Kai Cenat to Join Kick, Following Ban

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image 646 Adin Ross Urges Kai Cenat to Join Kick, Following Ban

Adin Ross has called on fellow streaming superstar Kai Cenat to join him on the rapidly-growing platform Kick after Kai was banned from Twitch on April 17. Adin, who has also faced multiple bans from Twitch and now streams on Kick, urged Kai to make the move and leave Twitch behind for good.

Adin and Kai are two of the biggest streamers in the world, with both boasting massive followings and dedicated fan bases. However, both have had their fair share of issues with Twitch in recent times. Adin was banned permanently from the Amazon-owned platform earlier this year, and Kai was also hit with a ban, leaving fans wondering what the future held for the streaming superstar.

Adin wasted no time in reaching out to Kai following his ban, urging him to make the switch to Kick. During a FaceTime call, Adin quizzed Kai on how he was feeling and whether he would consider joining the Kick platform.

Kai seemed hesitant, telling Adin that no platform could make him do anything and that he was bigger than any platform. However, Adin argued that Kai was worth far more than Twitch was offering him, and that Kick would be a happy and healthy home for him to stream on.

Adin’s move to Kick has proven to be a major success, with the platform quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing in the streaming world. Trainwreck, who is behind the platform, has signed a number of big-name streamers to exclusive deals, and Adin’s arrival was seen as a major coup.

Now, Adin is hoping that Kai will follow in his footsteps and make the move to Kick. While Kai seemed hesitant during their FaceTime call, it remains to be seen whether he will eventually take the plunge and leave Twitch behind for good.

Regardless of whether Kai decides to join him on Kick, Adin’s move to the platform has highlighted the growing popularity of alternative streaming services to Twitch. With more and more streamers facing bans and other issues on Twitch, platforms like Kick are becoming increasingly attractive to those looking for a new home to stream from. As such, it seems likely that we will see more big-name streamers make the switch to platforms like Kick in the coming months and years.

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